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They are is flying to Yangon

now since several years and they significantly improved their services and operations. Actually this is Thai Air Asia, they are mostly on time now and don't make fun with the passengers when there is a delay, before they usually just ignored the situation, not informing passengers and they are absolute reluctant to change a routing even when it's their fault because of extreme delays, this is mainly for the Thai branch, the other Air Asia branch operating out of Kuala Lumpur KLCC which is the low cost terminal at the International Airport has no major problems. But as indicated before it improved.

The flight from Bangkok to Yangon

even dropped in price over the years and is now (2013) hovering at around Baht 4500,- for a round trip already including taxes and their strange fees to pull more money from the pax. Sometimes they fly in the morning and afternoon, sometimes only in the afternoon, it needs to check. If you want to book also another flight out and into Bangkok it makes sense to book the flight more early on the internet, book always at least 2 weeks before since booking at Air Asia counter at Suvarnabhumi Airport the rate will usually be higher.

They fly new airbus aircrafts

and never crashed until now, hopefully it will stay so forever. The always very young cabin crew is usually at a good level, they try to sell all kind of stuff including meals and beverages in the plane. As a basic rule, book on the internet its fast and reliable, the ground counter staff sometimes have a problem with English (in Thailand). E.g. some time ago when I started in Phuket and wanted to buy the extension from Bangkok to Yangon they were not able to figure out if my Myanmar visa was valid or not, so they refused to issue a ticked for the second sector which was later issued at Suvarnabhumi without any problems.

If you get the visa

from the Bangkok Consulate at Pun Road that's a side street of Silom and Sathon Road calculate 2 days for because when applying for the visa in the morning, opening is at 9am, they will give you the passport back after 3pm, sometime they deliver the passport at noon check, if not at noon it's impossible to catch this flight which usually leaves around 4.30pm, the alternative is to take MIA which depart later at around six. To find out the current status go to the internet find their phone numbers and start calling. Usually the never answer the phone on any number, but try.

Be aware that the

are very strict there is no tolerance on anything and rebooking is relatively expensive, it's usually around the same price as a new ticket. If you are in Yangon and want to use them they have a ticketing office in the Park Royal Hotel, in general if you book out of Yangon have a look to Vegas Travel at the Central Hotel just opposite Bogyoke Market they always have some good deals.

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