Yangon Nightlife

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Clubs in Yangon Nightlife, KTV, Bars & Nightclubs


Yangon nightlife can be very diverse, action is on at nightclubs, restaurants, bars and clubs. Most are concentrated at Chinatown, there is real entertainment with discos, karaoke and life music plus dancing and fashion shows with plenty of pretty women.

A typical entertainment

is the Zero-Zone Rock Restaurant, with music, reasonable priced food, pretty ladies and kind of fashion shows which are performed between 8pm and 10pm. This is at the top of the Ambassador building, there are several more places like that in this building.

Closely are night markets at the main streets with all kind of goods, food and open air street food, with catastrophic hygienic conditions. At the first look it wont give a bad but the likelihood of stomach problems is about 80%. The basic parameter is, drink only from the bottle insist that the beer bottle or other is opened in front of you. At the bigger hotels no need for that, they usually are ok, which doesn't mean they are perfect.

But probably the real interesting subject are the pretty women, dozens of them hang around in many nightspots. They come from almost every "corner" of the country to make some cash,

19th street at Mahabandoola

19th. street at Mahabandoola reminds a bit to Khao San Road in Bangkok but everything is on a smaller dimension. This is a place in Chinatown with restaurants only entertainment is about 10 minutes walk away.

Everything is a bit flimsy and unhygienic, it just looks, feels and is like it was about 30 years ago in Thailand, although this definitely has it's charm, read more.

yangon nightlife at 19th street at Mahabandoola
Dagon Bar at Summit Parkview Hotel

Around the Yangon International Hotel

is a rather modern entertainment cluster such as Pioneer Disco, Pool Bar, Singapore Kitchen and Coriander Indian Restaurant.

At the other side of Ahlone Road is My Garden which includes a lounge with life music in the back.

Yangon nightlife at International Hotel

The lounge is a slow burner but if you like a romantic evening this could be a good choice because the sitting arrangements on the sides guarantee a private atmosphere, read more.

Yangon Gambling
Gambling machines at Theingizay

At the nightclubs an discos are mostly nice and pretty ladies. There is a gambling hall at street level with slot and other machines with a bit of an Las Vegas style.

Yangon gambling

there are also some games at first floor. gamblers are sitting around and try their luck. The place is actually quite small but by using mirrors is gives a much larger impression.

Pretty ladies at Yangon Myanmar model girls
Pretty ladies at Yangon nightlife


Here are a couple of other places,

they becoming more by the day since people see a future now. This is one of the better dinner spots in a pretty environment, ideal for a romantic time, birthday or a great party. There are quite a lot venues placed into old colonial style buildings, this is genuine.

Inya 1 Restaurant & Bar No. 1 Inya Rd, Yangon
+95 1 527 506 http://inya1.com

Inya 1 Restaurant

Zero Zone Restaurant at Theingizay
at the roof top of the Ambassador building. There is a elevator just ask, it is about at the same level as the palace disco on the other side of the road.

They have a interesting BBQ buffet and and some shows with fashion show ladies from 8 - 10pm.You can eat this buffet food usually without problems but refrain from fish - and meat balls. At the same floor was a exotic restaurant until a few years ago they served snake, anteaters, monkeys, cobra whisky etc. after some intrigues from expatriates they had to close down, read more.

Zero Zone Restaurant
Here is street food at night

at 19th street off Mahabandoola which is also in Chinatown. Be very careful with this stuff, it's cheap but dangerous. Just look at the fishes they lay there the whole evening and nobody knows where they have been stored before.

This kind of food is attractive because it's very cheap, well this is exactly what you get, low level stuff which makes you sick. In general when you eat something use a place which looks somehow good, usually a quick look will tell most people, can I eat there or not, read more.

Typical streetfood at night
Zero Zone Entertainment  -  Power Light Entertainment  -  Chinatown  -  Ahlone Road  -  Street Food

JJ Entertainment & Asia Entertainment City 
-  Exotic Nightclub Ladies
Dining had some real improvements

since about 2011 because more quality restaurants run by local people come up, before it was necessary to use the hotels or the few well known other.

The scene is not only increasing diverse but also becomes much safer and the possibility to make it through the night without stomach problems has definitely increased.

That makes it much more convenient to try local cuisines, but be still very careful with street food at night in places such 19th Mahabandoola and other places in Chinatown plus similar places elsewhere in the city.

Here is street food during daytime which needs to be careful in the same way as the other during night as pictured left. There are two major problems with the food, first at many places hygienic circumstances are real bad and the other is they keep seafood and other without ice, this cant go good, see the picture at the right and read more

Almost all is served with rice, a typical local menu contains a soups at least one curry dish, maybe salad (try to avoid), some condiments and various meat, many people are vegetarian means there is quite a diversity in this direction.

The degree of spiciness varies but there is still the trend to throw too much chili in, just as in Thailand. If visiting this places tell them not spicy. Curry powder, pepper, fish sauce, tamarind and some other add on are available, curries are divers and also often quite hot.

Ngapi, a condiment made from fish or prawns come with almost every dish, it is dissolved in a green sauce and mixed with some chili powder, maybe some pounded dried prawns and some secret recipe are added.

There are various other ways to prepare and serve the past such as with onions, garlic, chopped peanuts and whatever. This are the starter the rest is chicken, pork, vegetable in various forms prepared at BBQ, fried, backed etc.

The city is a real, old fashioned Asia metropolis where not much changed since the British colonial troops left, this has its positive and negative sides, positive from a tourist point of view who come here in search for a piece of

Street food dinner at 19th street

pretty skewer
Tasty BBQ

untainted South East Asia and negative for local people who have real trouble to live orderly.

Probably one of the worst is that most of the day there is no electricity unless having a power generator on standby and in the night it also breaks down continuously. I have been stuck several times in the elevator to move up to the Zero Zone Restaurant, since then I always use the stairs, its good exercise anyway, no entrance fee is charged.

Prices are low but most discos charge a entrance fee of around five thousand kyats and more which usually includes one beer. If you order another beer its usually around three dollars, some places also have draft beers and big bottles with 0.6 l. 

A crossover of restaurant, bar, nightclub, somehow karaoke with ladies came up, its "Power light Entertainment" near Kandawgyi Lake.

Although this place looks very "handmade" but its interesting to spend a evening there, eat something and watch the ladies singing at this Yangon club.

The difference is they have a crew of around 30 girls which are there the whole evening, singing and entertaining. Its not the usual in and out by the fashion show groups, but this is not a obvious girls pick up place as there are plenty in Chinatown and at JJ Entertainment.

As it is visible the heat is on in the night at former Rangoon, this city is not a dull place at all or boring as it is always represented. Sometimes I get the feeling that most people who write about it in certain websites have never been there and just copy the stuff from other websites.

I also sometimes read about strip shows and go-go but this is definitely not the case here. The only place in the country where they have this stuff is around Muse at the Chinese border in the north east.

Clubs in Yangon Nightlife
Clubs in Yangon with pretty women
Yangon Nightlife at China Town

At China Town Zero Zone Rock Restaurant
Power Light Yangon Club
Power Light Yangon Clubs
Yangon Club and party nightlife

Dinner at Chinatown

is for sure a good idea, in the side streets of Mahabandoola Road, especially around 19th street are plenty of restaurants serving sea food, chicken and other.

Just see the pictures, for sea food they don't even use ice, which in this tropical heat will almost for sure end in disaster. This is for the open air restaurants, it's a bit better in places in the houses but not much.

The best is for sure either eat something in a hotel or one of eateries in the buildings since very easy disaster strike and after your holiday in Myanmar is off, read more.

Fashion show ladies
Myanmar entertainment

Yangon Nightlife Scene
Fashion show
Yangon girls

Rush to a show performance

Fashion show ladies

or Myanmar model girls come in starting from around 8pm, make two catwalk runs and disappear this was only different at the Asia Plaza Club which is closed down. The owner, a real choleric opened a new one.

The place is idle now which is difficult to understand since this was the best nightclub in town and a real cash cow.

This shows are the equivalent to go-go shows elsewhere. If you like some of the nightlife girls either at the fashion shows or the others how are singing, no karaoke, its real singing, spend some flower garlands for them and they will come to your table, what’s happening after is up to you and the women.

Don’t be shy they know what’s going on and the hotels are tuned for, just pay a add on fee for double occupancy and it works. Actually the Trader Hotel and Central Hotel won’t allow, but most other do.

As it is clearly visible the biggest city in Myanmar has a lively nightlife scene, no need to hang around and try to fix a date, the ladies will come to you to handle this, maybe buy some flower garlands to get a bit closer. If you are out for speed dating the best is to visit some of the discos, there are plenty.

Two are just opposite the building the Zero Zone is in, that is Emperor Disco and Palace Disco with dozens of cute ladies around, this are pickup

Yangon Girls
Yangon Girls at Power Light

At Power Light karaoke bar

Yangon Nightlife Girls Zero Zone

Nightclub Girls at Zero Zone

girls working at night

Girls working at night

places a other is JJ Entertainment near Kandawgyi Lake with plenty of women, most of the ladies support a whole family. Burmese women in the night shift are special and quite attractive beauties and they definitely aren’t dull. They can charm you and get you a positive feeling. Since they try to understand you to make the whole encounter somehow more interesting this is for you to explore. It wont need lots of pleasure skills to make you feel special, the ladies from the nightclub know how to handle you.

This is what most men loves about this exotic Asian beauties, they are somehow erotic, sexy and spicy enough to turn you towards them. They try to make you happy by turning on the heat on. When traveling to Burma as a single guy it is for sure a good idea to have a look into the Yangon nightlife scene and checking out what's going on.

Sexy Fashion show group
Sexy Fashion show group


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