Bagan shopping

Myanmar lacquer ware are some of the most beautiful items produced,
usually within a cottage industry around Bagan. Similar things are only
also manufactured in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Lots of items are on sale in Bagan, most have a local component such as ceramics, figurines and lacquer since shops are rather small and the area rather big it could be difficult to find something. When searching for some exotic things check the walkways to the Shwezigon Pagoda there are plenty of shops.

A other idea could be get to the Ananda Temple, there are also many

Bagan Shopping Ceramics

Bagan Shopping Ceramics and more.

shops around the temple, a ideal place for shopping . Among this shops is a small one where one of the most famous photographer in the country is selling copies of his pictures, it is possible to buy some of the best pictures ever made in the country, just ask for the shop of Mr. Bagan Maung Maung.

Bagan shopping

A trip to a lacquer factory should be made, its really worth it. It is possible to see how to make lacquer items are made and they always have beautiful and very decorative items for shopping.


myanmar shopping lacquer plate myanmar shopping lacquer table and plate
Lacquer ware table and plates at Bagan shopping
Bagan Lacquer Tableware
Bagan Lacquer

How to make Lacquer

How to make lacquer
How to make lacquer in Bagan
How to make Bagan lacquer
How to make Bagan lacquer How to make lacquer