Boys Monastery

Boys in the Monastery, Novices & Novitiation

After novitiation it is common to send the the young boys to a monastery for a week or so to get them a taste of some basics in Buddhism which is the main religion in the country. There are also Muslims, Christians and Animists.

The process of novitiation and first time monastery

is a very important event for the boys. Parents spend plenty of money to make this a highlight in the life of the boy.

That includes special clothing and a lavish procession, most of the youngsters actually don’t really know what’s going on but they start learning from that day on. This is also somehow like a ritual similar when the kids start school in the west, because in the past the monasteries run the schools. Even today as most kids enter public schools many monasteries still run their schools.

Procession near Mandalay

Novitiation Procession

Buddhist NovicesBuddhist Monastery School

Buddhist Novices

Buddhist NovitiationBuddhist Novices

Buddhist Novices

Buddhist novitiationBuddha Children


Buddha Children

Buddha Children

Buddha children at novitiation