Buddhist Nun Myanmar

An elderly Thilashin (picture further below) who has renounced the secular life and like her male counterpart leads a life of austerity, chastity and purity. Nuns are not ordained and few women choose to enter the Order.

Buddhist Nuns Yango Rangoon Myanmar BurmaBuddhist Nun Rangoon Myanmar Burma

Two Thilashin , literally meaning ‘keepers of the precepts’, these two young Buddhist nuns with shaven heads and garbed in the typical light-yellow robes of their Order, shield themselves from the noonday sun with an umbrella as they proceed on an errand.

Buddhist nuns selling traditional medicine
Nuns selling traditional medicine

Buddhist Nuns Myanmar - Burma
Buddhist nun also know as Thilashin, this is one of the backbones of Buddhism religion

Buddhist Nun Yangon Rangoon Myanmar Burma