Burmese Jade Burma Jadeite

This is jadeite,

the better half, the other is nephrite. Current Chinese products are mostly Burmese jade. The demand for green jewelry got a tremendous upturn since more and more Chinese people want to buy. Most material comes from Burma or Myanmar since the good mines in China have been exhausted long time ago.

There is plenty of jade trading going on in resent years, the Myanmar government inked a deal in 2011 with the Chinese government and supplied several dozens of tons of prime raw jade boulders for several hundreds of millions dollars.

The immense influx of dollars drove the dollar – kyat level to heights never seen before. Now (mid 2011) the local currency = kyat is so expensive that the country has a big to export goods, especially in the agar and fisheries market.

Jade is mined in “upper Burma” at Mogaung

and other places in Kachin state. It is said that before the British colonial times Burmese jade was so abundant that chunks of the rough mineral were used by Shan noble families as door-stoppers. Some people think the mineral and tattoo complement each other. In 2001, a giant stone was discovered in Ptiakant a city of Kachin State. It was found at about 13 meter below surface and the estimated weight is over 2.000 tons. This days plenty is smuggled into Thailand and China to feed the never saturated Chinese market.

Burmese Jade Pendant The mineral is either bought at the biannual emporium at Yangon or from trading companies in the country or  smuggled into China and Thailand across the Moi River at Mae Sot on the western border of Thailand, another smuggle route is to the north into China.

The Friendship Bridge has a constant stream of pedestrian, and at least as many people are crossing the river on inner tubes or in small boats. And in the dry season the two months both sides of New Years many just wade through the knee-deep water, so no problem to smuggle over some valuable Myanmar jade to make some money.

The funny, or not so funny fact is that jade items is cheaper on the main road in Mae Sot as in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon. They also have carved items and plenty of other beads, pendants, bangles, bracelets and rings. The Thai see them carrying the items over the border but are tolerant to them, the know in what a dire situation they are. The Thai immigration net starts with a check point nearly 10 kilometers (six miles) inside the country on the way to

Jade Buddha Pictures Tak, at that point they are more concerned with people entering illegally than the movement of goods.

Pictures tell as it is always said more than thousand words it is almost not possible to harness this great gems into a frame of words beside of some historical and technical texts. Pictures use the raw material, beautiful jewelry, sculptures, statues, figurines and other.

The pics also are the medium to know and understand the colors of the different variants all is easy to understand.

One of the most beautiful items probably is a Jade Buddha and other jewelry plus rough and carved jadeite. All come in different colors from white, looks very similar to polished Carrara Marble, to lavender, green jade and all shades in between. The more translucent the stone gets the higher the price it fetches, most is made from jadeite.

from Burmese jade,
Mae Sot street trading Thailand
At Mae Sot street trading in Thailand
Mae Sot trading
Raw jade and carved jade at the main road in the city center
The pictures show beautiful crafts and jewelry. Jadeite is used for many purposes such as , sculpturing and decorative items. Some are expensive some are rather moderately priced this has to do with several parameter.

Those are color, purity, translucency, inclusions and flaws, size and the workmanship of the item. In general, emerald green is considered as imperial jade and with the right texture, transparency and free of flaws fetches the highest prices. Colors are plenty as it is clearly seen at the pics here, they show rings, jade Buddha’s, pendants, statues chains and necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, various sculptures such as horses and other items.

Prices are very unpredictable since this green stone has no uniformed parameters to depend on which makes it very difficult for a casual buyer to figure out what is a more or less correct price, best buy is for sure at the Bogyoke Market in Yangon Myanmar where the largest jade market is integrated there are at lest around 50 shops selling jadeite in various forms and qualities.

Jade Buddha Images

Jade Buddha jade buddha
and rough stones is another matter

A lot comes into Thailand, but more is going straight to China, with a growing market for the stone in the expanding economy there and the jadeite mines in northern Myanmar are conveniently close to the 2,204-kilometer (1,370-mile) border between the two countries. It doesn’t seem how tight the generals in Yangon tighten the net; colored stones will continue to travel their well plod routes out of the country and into the world market. For more information on gemstones & jewelry visit www.gemdreamz.com. Author from where it come from and how is Tony Brooke, he is the proprietor of GemdreamZ.com which is based in the vibrant gem district of Bangkok.
Here is a video on Yangon Bogyoke Market or Bazaar the primary point of sale.

Jade Images
Green Chinese Jade reclining Buddha.