Buying Burmese Ruby Gemstones

Buying Burmese Ruby Gemstones

This gemstones, sapphires, emeralds and diamond are the top precious stones. They are almost always worked into a fine jewel since the diamond produces the “fire”. There is no strong reflection in the red stone no matter how the cut and polishing is done. They are very rare, especially bigger rubies over approximately 8 cm diameter are very valuable and as a set hard to find. The gems always come either from Mogok north of Mandalay in “upper Burma” or from the more resent mines at Mong Hsu east of Mandalay.
There the raw rubies are washed out from the earth (Mogok) since at least thousand years or cut out from marble veins (Mong Hsu), the only difference is today they use electric powered pumps, after its again the same, the earth and gravel are visually inspected in if someone might find one he or she could get instantly rich.

Most gems are washed out from the earth and have a slight blue tint which is rather normal since a sapphire is actually the same except just the color. Sometimes these precious stones come embedded in crystals.

The most popular use are rings. Usually the red stone is the centerpiece set into gold as base material and some diamonds are around to give some sparkling. Engagement rings are probably the most popular type in the configuration these days others are pendants, bracelets, earrings and more. This precious stones are also used for body piercing jewelry.

Many of this precious stones will end up in Bangkok andChanthaburi, the gem capital of Thailand and south east Asia to be resold or manufactured into jewelry. Over time ruby has become one of the most popular gemstones to be used injewelry.

The jewelry can also be symbolic, as in the case of Buddhist people wearing a jade Buddha pendant or Christians wearing a crucifix in the form of jewelry, or, as is the case in many Western cultures, a diamond or ruby ring is given to the girl and married people wearing a wedding ring, what can symbolize love and, of course, at a wedding ruby jewelry can be just the right gift.

The gems are graded by four characteristics: cut, carat (weight), clarity, and color. All four of these properties determine how much a precious stone is worth, designer jewelry gain popularity.

Cut – That is the proportion of the precious stone and different forms are cut such as round and rectangle.

Carat – That’s the weight, larger stones cost more per carat. 5 carats are one gram.)

Clarity – Different ranges from flawless and down the range, the parameter are inclusions, if there are no inclusions at all its probably a synthetic stone.

Burmese ruby gemstones in a star variant

Various ruby rings in a shop at Bogyoke market

Burmese rubies in various forms

Jewelry at a ruby shop in Bogyoke Market Yangon

Rings at the market in Yangon

Buying Burmese Rubies

Is not so easy and it needs some knowledge since there is always quite some money involved and who wants to pay to much. They come in different variants one of this is synthetic, they have the lowest prices, another one is a heat treated stone, a bit more expensive and after naturally the real gem with not to many inclusions and a pretty red color just somehow like the color of blood.

Typical gems for sale in all variants can be found at Chanthaburi in Thailand there is one of the biggest precious gem market in the world. People from all over Asia even Europe and Australia come to this Thai Town south of Bangkok to make a deal. A stone over about 6 mm already has a high valued no wonder why they are called “King of Gems” already in ancient India.

Buying Burmese Rubies at Mogok Myanmar A real great gemstone should have a deep red color just as blood. Usually they have a slight blue hue, this is rather normal but don’t look so good.

A sapphire is the same material, corundum or aluminum oxide, as they are, only with different color that somehow explains the slight bluish hue.

The gemstone is only a bit less hard then diamonds,

the red color comes from the chromium which found the way into the stone probably under high pressure somewhere deep in the earth over millions of years., the name comes from the Latin word for red which is Rubra.

Pure corundum

has no color there are trace elements such as chrome, iron, vanadium and other which find their way into the stone under high pressure.

This process is repeated artificially to enhance below average quality stones by applying extreme heat which will melt inclusions and increased the red color. There are another semi precious stone with the same color this are spinels they are even used in the British Crown Jewels. Other red stones are tourmalines.

The Chanthaburi gem market about 300 km south of Bangkok is one of most important gem trade center in world, most rubies and sapphires plus other pass through this town,more.

Buying precious stones at Chanthaburi Gem Market
The Ruby Shop

Ruby jewelry has always been fascinating items

of body decoration and more, a few hundred years ago even magical powers have been interpreted into them such as to cure various body problems and bring good luck, all only imaginations but many people like that, the best is go in the shop, by them and get happy with this pretty thing.

They are also known as “king of gems” and together with diamonds finest pieces of jewels are created from them. The value of the gemstone is determined by its color, size and inclusions, usually the called “pigeon blood red color is the most valuable, it’s not easy to find since most rubies have a slight bluish hue, it is also highly fluorescent in almost any light. In a very good quality and sizes of around 7mm and above these stones are very rare. Since they are only second to diamond in terms of hardness it makes it easy to wear continuously. In large sizes they are even more valuable than diamonds!

When buying jewels always make sure to have cleared 3 subjects, first check and have it certified that the stone is not heat treated, second make sure they don’t sell you synthetic stones, the latter are easy to recognize because they have no inclusions, although every natural ruby has inclusions and third make sure it’s not a spinel which looks very similar, even in the

Ruby Diamond Necklace

Various Ruby Jewelry

British Crown Jewels they used spinels instead of rubies and were not aware of it.

This beautiful piece of body decoration will impress anyone; the stones usually come embedded in yellow gold and very often together with diamonds, the diamonds give the sparkle.

This are rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelet, the splendor of jewelry is in the gems and often used for wedding and engagement rings because of the red color. The reason again is its unique color which is always associated with passion and love.

There are many designs available and it is a good idea to browse the online internet dealer to get an idea what’s available. If you can’t find a design suited to your style have it specially designed, it won’t cost much more, this jewels are suited for both men and women.

Ruby Diamond Necklace

Ruby Broche