Chanthaburi Gem Market

This small Thai town is one of the main gem trading hubs in south east Asia and maybe Asia at all. The geographical position close to one of the major raw gems producing country such as Myanmar or Burma and other mining areas in Cambodia and Thailand itself such as Kanchanaburi, Phrea and Trat made it an ideal gem trading place.

Most visitors to Thailand who are buying precious stones of various types don?t know the place. But people in the business know this very well. At any days there are plenty of them from India, Pakistan, China, and Europe and recently even from Russia.

Seller and buyers just sit down at the open air tables at the main gem market road just behind the river and make their deals with a trader in between who takes a commission if a deal is made.

This makes somehow sure that no cheating is going on since this are all different parties which won?t come together  often, probably only for this one time deal.

There are almost any colored stones available in the center of trading are rubies and Chanthaburi is a town where plenty of heat treated rubies are changing hands. The city made a name not for trading stones but also for cutting and polishing there are plenty of small companies who do this business. One of the interesting is when buying rubies they even tell if it is a heat treated or natural gem.

Chanthaburi Cathedral
The famous cathedral
Chanthaburi Monastery
and a Buddhist Monastery

Chanthaburi Gem Market

Chanthaburi gem market
Chanthaburi Gem Market Sapphire
Chanthaburi Gem Market Sapphire
The gem market days are at the weekend but also during the week selling and buying is going on. A majority of all traded

Rubies and sapphires in the World

pass through this town and Bangkok. The gem business is usually handled by families since decades. Passing the expertise from generation to generation assures a high knowledge to handle the precious stones. Since the town is only about 300 km from Bangkok to the south it could be a interesting day trip out of Bangkok, there is a four to six lane motorway all the way down which assures a fast journey, best visiting days are weekends.

Chantaburi Gem Market Ruby
Chanthaburi Gem Market Ruby
Chanthaburi Buddhist Temple
Chanthaburi Buddhist Temple