Chin pictures, peoples, festivals and countryside

Here are images from a trip to this remote corner

of Myanmar. The terrain is very rough and quite inaccessible but people are friendly and relatively open minded. It’s not so easy for people who virtually have been shut out from the world to cope with modern times.

Since  a few years they try to bring some tourists into the region at least for the famous New Year Festival but when trying to book through a travel agent in Yangon or Mandalay this agents never replay. It’s a problem in the country in general always when there is one step in between anything the whole is likely to collapse because the people are just not moving.

It’s often really frustrating to see this, such a lot of opportunities but people just don’t want to work or if they do they usually get blocked at the first time they stumble. This are interesting destinations since its hard to find such untouched places this days, it reminds to some very remote islands east of Indonesia.

If you enjoy a adventure destination on the rough side try

Chin cooking place inside the house
Cooking inside the house
 adventure tour.

old Chin men with Tattoo in front of House
Old men with Tattoo 
house with buffallo scull
Living room with buffalos scull decoration
Chin fashion guys have a pipe smoke
Fashion guys have a pipe smoke
 and adventure holidays
native adventure
Native Chin village
Chin Tribe
Chin Tribe
Adventure holidays Myanmar trip Chin People

Around 30 different Chin tribes

form a very interesting and exotic environment , just the right  adventure experience.

This area bordering India is one of the least developed in the country, it makes it very interesting for an hiking  trip, since this is are real adventure days.

The topology is very rough, almost no infrastructure, no electricity and most of the people walk over unpaved and muddy road when they have to go somewhere. Looks like a paradise for some greenies.

This adventure tour also let you explore the borders area with Bangladesh and India at the west and Rakhine state at the south, Magwe and Sagaing divisions are at the eastern front. Mountain,  hills, deep valleys and no plains or plateaus are visible.

Elevation is up to 3100 m at Nat Ma Taung or Mount Victoria in southern part of Chin state. The border can only be crossed by local people, no way to go through by foreigners.

All rivers in Chin State are full of rapids with very strong currents navigable by small boats only, a real adventure river cruise.

Reh Lake near the Indian border can be accessed from Falam by a four wheel drive off-road vehicle only.