Chindwin River Myanmar

This waterway

delivers about 40% of the Irrawaddy water. It’s very important in the life of people in the North West part of the country. Its sources lie in the midst of snow touched peaks and unexplored mountains in the far north west of Burma.

Together with tributaries a substantial size it reached when the stream enters Hu Kawng valley in the 27th degree of North Latitude. The water passes wild tracts of mountain and deep valleys which have never seen any foreign traveler.

River Sources
Chindwin Sources in the north west mountains
river sources
Traveling Chindwin river sources


River sources

are in the remote tracts of Tibetan Himalaya offshoots at the border India. A great scenery.

The blue shadows of the mountains give the optical depths, logs floats by, a buffalo waddles slowly down to the river’s edge a black spot on the landscape. On the distant eastern horizon, clouds like white puffs move over the north west Myanmar mountains where the source of the Chindwin river is which are hundreds of small streams and rivulets gusting over rapids and having some bamboo poles across as a walking bridge.

This remote area on the border to India hasn’t seen any foreigners since the British left Burma. The mountains have blue-green patches on the slopes and small houses made from leaves and wood.

After leaving this forest-clad cliffs and peaks with wooded valleys there is no more chance to see

Myanmar mountains
Myanmar high mountains of the north
river sources
Mountain streams of the north
elephants crashing through the forest, maybe even rhinoceroses and panthers and herds of wild buffaloes who found a retreat in the wilderness. Unfortunately there are merciless Chinese poachers who kill them to the edge of distinction to sell their body parts
Chindwin near Monywa Burma Asia
Chindwin River at Monywa

Continuous navigation starts after emerging from the defiles which for a natural bar its between the 26th and 27th degrees of North Latitude. From here bigger ships can navigate all the way down to the junction with the Irrawaddy. The stream enters via two streams with around 30km in between.

One of these waterways is an old royal canal cut by a bygone king of Bagan. It silted up and for centuries it remained unused, until in 1840 a great flood came and cut a new passage through it. This arm enters the Irrawaddy at an angle, and the land between is low. Hence, for some distance from the two rivers look as if they ran parallel to each other.

The town of Mingyan gleams on the far eastern shore ten miles away, and the farthest bank can be traced from the mid-current of its feudatory. At high floods the narrow peninsula between them is submerged, and tree-tops and hamlet roofs alone mark the division between.

Chindwin Irrawaddy Junction Map
Chindwin Irrawaddy Junction Map
Chindwin river at Monywa

Chindwin river at Monywa

Chindwin river at Monywa
Chindwin river
Chindwin River Myanmar at Monywa west of Mandalay