Dawai project business possibilities

Dawai project business possibilities in Thailand and Myanmar

Great hopes are projected into the first

Megaproject in Myanmar. Since practically all financing come from Thailand it is realistically a Thai project on the Andaman Sea it needs to look carefully into it since Thai have a long record of carelessness on top of it this is in a other country which decreases awareness of the environment.

There are many negative examples in Thailand where big industry did a lot of harm to others and just don’t care since with their big pockets they can silence everything.

Anyway, let’s see what will happen because there is no doubt that this is a great opportunity for both countries economic advance pooling Thai financing and other resources with Myanmar’s vast tracts of land resources which are not really used beside of growing paddy.

Proposed Dawei Business Possibilities

Steel Production Furniture Production Leather Production
Secondery Rubber Manufacturing Food Industries footwear production
Myanmar Jewelry Manufacturing Garment Manufacturing Wood Industries
Dawai Project Overall View
Dawai Project Overall View

Dawai Industrial Estate
Industrial Estate