Dawei – Tavoy  Myanmar

Dawai project and downstream developments

in Tanintharyi division with industrial zone and deep sea port, content includes inputs from DDC.

Now work is already under way but only after a long delay, since Thailand couldn’t deliver as proposed and poor planning. The idea in the beginning was private companies should shoulder financing which everyone know is impossible of a project of that size but at Bangkok there was too much wishful thinking, as usual.

After a few Myanmar companies also pulled out which is rather normal, where should the money come from? Burma is one of the  poorest country in the region. Although there is lot’s of drug and other money around no private company is investing under this circumstances.

It’s seems that the Thai government got the message and started to funnel money into the operation via some detours now after some idling years it looks as if things are moving. It needs to tell that this project is primarily a Thai project, the Myanmar were more keen to develop the Isthmus of Kra Canal with a similar final outcome, but they have no funds available. Also Singapore did everything that this canal wont come up since it will dry out their harbor operation.

Proposed Dawei Industrial Estate

Port & Heavy Industry
Steel Mill, Fertilizer, Coal Fired Power Plant

Oil and Gas Industry
Oil Refinery, Tank Farm, Gas Separation Plant, Combined Cycle Power Plant

Upstream and Downstream Petrochemical Complex
Upstream and Downstream Petrochem Plants

Medium Industry
Manufacturing of Car Tire, Paper, Gypsum, Rubber, Automotive Assembling Plant and Steel Fabrication Yard

Light Industry
Garment Factory, Cosmetic, Computer Parts, Food Processing Plant

Township Center
Township and Commercial Complex and other Facilities

Supporting Utilities/ Township Communities/ Commercial District

Dawai Project Proposed View
Dawai Industrial Estate Overall
Dawai Industrial Estate Overall