Ethnic Jewelry from Myanmar

Ethnic Jewelry from Myanmar this belongs to various ancient traditions, cultures and materials which are available in the country. Until a few years ago this kind of body decoration was mainly known by the locals and some travelers only. The internet changed this; today it’s pretty easy to find precious creations from all around the world.

Here is a rich tradition for all kind of jewelry such as ruby, jade, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver gold and more. In addition creating jewelry also has a long tradition because of the abundance of these materials, minerals and metals.

Women are always after new body decoration there is a thriving business in plain and cross over creations.

The best place to see all this combined and compacts is to visit the Bogyoke Market in Yangon, there are dozens of shops selling this items and other such as gold, silver, ruby, jade, pearls, sapphire, mother of pears and various semi precious stones.

To wear ethnic jewelry became fashion

and mainstream because of the rapid advance of the internet and who doesn’t like some exotic is items to adorn the body. Many of these items are really beautiful and exotic in terms of design and raw nature of the materials of the compositions, materials like beads, precious stones, metals, pearls, mother of pearls, jade and other are used.

The creative hands of local artisans

produce “eye candy” designs of handmade jewelry most designs are really unique because surfaces, texture, colors and materials are always a bit different, this is definitely no industrial design and won’t look boring.

Since this became mainstream demand started rise for beautiful crafted items with an exotic touch. Since ever women already had some kind of boring gold and silver necklace, bracelet or bangle it’s time for a new approach to adorn the body.

These traditional ethnic jewels had significance in the past at occasions like weddings, births etc.

Stones used in Myanmar jewelry are often associated with astrology such as birth-stones and certain combinations promising luck. Actually logical thinking uncovered that the only stuff this minerals and metals really have is a money value and whatever anyone is telling this is the real thing.

Myanmar Ethnic Jewelry
Myanmar Ethnic Jewelry at Bogyoke Market
Hilltribe Siver Bangles
Hilltribe Silver Bangles from a shop
Burmese Ethnic Jewelry
Myanmar Ethnic Jewelry
A gorgeous Burmese lady and great local creations at Bogyoke Market
Glas and mother of pearls mother of pearls and silver
myanmar hill tribe fashion ethnic fashion with semi precious stones

More people across the world are consistently searching for a new kick and among them are myriads of women trying to look for something new, exotic and just different. In the internet age everyone can have everything with the necessary money provided. So it’s time to get local and native to find the real thing the neighbor don’t have yet, a real challenge.


People try to stay ahead of the dogmas of the fashion industry

means get creative and find out what they don’t know, or maybe only know next season when the present is already gone and here finding the best ethnic jewelry comes in, buyers out there are willing to cross boundaries to get the ultimate last kick and make money with the latest collections.

Because of the immense wide consumer market it gets a bit difficult to stay up to date and how buyers get the best of results in the online world.