Exotic Flowers in Myanmar

Exotic flowers from Myanmar Burma Birma, flowers from Myanmar

Myanmar has huge recourses on exotic flowers and not only exotic tropical flowers but also flowers of a temperate environment.

Either tropical flowers like orchid or flowers growing in a more temperate environment like lilies etc.

Due to the moderate temperature on the Shan plateau and the tropical environment on most of the other part of the country a wide
variety of beautiful flowers are available or could be grown.

Since the labor costs are very low in Myanmar or Burma the
prices are also very low.

exotic flower from myanmar burma

exotic flower from myanmar

exotic flower from myanmar

medicinal flower plant from myanmar 1

medicinal flower plant from myanmar

Myanmar Orchid

Myanmar Orchid

Lotus flowers Myanmar Burma

exotic flower from myanmar burma


At Myanmar or Burma (Birma in German) exotic flowers are widely available. Flowers from Myanmar come in all exotic colors and great shapes, the real good thing is they are very cheap, all the flowers together in one of the vases shown above were only about $ 3,-. Also orchids are offered in many flower shops and nurseries.


Orchids Are One Of Nature’s Most Beautiful Flowers

exotic cattleya orchid flower

Exotic vanda orchid flower


Tropical and temperate climate exotic flowers.

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exotic vanda orchids

Exotic cattleya orchid flower


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