Exotic Nightclub ladies

Asian beauties are working in many nightlife spots, very popular are karaoke singer, Thailand and Myanmar is well known for this. It’s evening entertainment which usually is spread into the night and maybe until the next day when the “chemistry” is right and / or there is enough cash changing hand.

When taking one of the girls home a usually question is are you only one in the place or are more? The reason is, Myanmar guys often try to pull one of the nightspot women and when back at home some more guys appear to want to have fun, naturally most women don’t like this.


It needs to discuss some basics first to avoid problems after, but in general everything runs smooth.

If you venture out in the evening and intend to take one of the pretty babes with you back to the hotel talk first with the reception if they are “a girl friendly” hotel which means that they allow to take a lady with you, most hotels do, but some don’t, and the ones which allow usually take a supplement charge of $10,- for double occupancy.

Hotels also will take the ID card from the ladies, so make sure she has

one. Talk to the receptionist to call you back in the room before they hand the card over when she leaves, usually around 6am, and quickly check if everything is ok. If you want some more fun take one of the “family run: hotels at Windermere or similar but again, you need to talk with the people first.
Be aware that there are places where you can pick up girls and places where you cant, the best chances are in any disco and JJ Entertainment plus Asia Entertainment City. Another positive place is Pool Bar at Ahlone Road at the nightlife complex of the Yangon International Hotel and thePioneer Disco in the same building.

Most popular are Emperor and Palace Disco

just opposite the building where the Zero Zone is. Come early because by around 9pm all pretty girls have been taken. This 2 places and the one at 2nd floor, just below Zero Zone are real virtual treasure troves. All this places are not in very good conditions but that’s the way it is, we cant expect a top notch environment in a country which was was until two decades ago by a lunatic communist who was under treatment for schizophrenia in Vienna Austria.

Exotic ladies at Yangon Chinatown
Exotic ladies at Yangon Chinatown Theingizay
Zero Zone Entertainment  –  Power Light Entertainment  –  Chinatown  –  Ahlone Road  –  Street Food

JJ Entertainment & Asia Entertainment City  –  

Yangon Nightlife   –   Exotic Nightclub Ladies
More exotic and sexy nightclub girls

exotic ladies
Pretty exotic Myanmar nightlife ladies are a pleasure to look at
Pretty exotic Myanmar ladies
More Myanmar nightclub ladies from the Zero Zone in Chinatown
exotic nightclub ladies
sexy bodies means hot stuff in the night

Oriental nightlife fashion show in Yangon

More exotic nightclub ladies from various places in the city, this is hot stuff. Real Oriental nightlife

often comes in disguise because certain authorities wont allow anything which wont fit their own blocked mind. It’s a pity that the people are not capably to adapt to modern times but what can we do? Once like that, always like that this are the authorities who always idle on a status quo until they are gone,read more.

Many places in Asia have a very lively nightlife scene

with parties, fun, bars and girls, there are plenty of fun-loving ladies, ready for any adventure at pubs, nightclubs, lounges, karaoke, KTV, massage shops and more. Myriad of entertainment spots are catering to every taste, a Asian metropolis never sleeps.

Different clubs and discos, catering to a specific crowd. The number one clubbing spot is still Chinatown, crowded every day invoking a sort of vibe since all is in walking distance and its easy to hop from one bar to the other.