Flights to Yangon Airport International

There are a few basic parameters for flights to Yangon from anywhere. First, don’t use any of this booking services you find in the internet, expedia and related are notorious to sell you always the highest prices because that’s the way they make most profit.

Try to take a flight to Singapore from anywhere, there are hundreds every day, and from there use either Tiger Airways or Air Asia, this is good for Myanmar and also for any other destination in Asia.

If you do multiple destinations in South East Asia it could be a good idea to make a combined booking, including all sectors at Thai International. The reason is when you come from oversea lets say EU or US the highest amount of the ticket is in the long range, you must pay this anyway.

The regional add on in Asia is relatively cheap which means after you are in

Thailand all add on costs are much less as if you by separate tickets but as indicated before this must be a combined ticket you buy at the beginning.

If you are in South East Asia once only use Air Asia or Tiger Airways, don’t use Singapore Airways, Silk Air, Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways, he later will always charge you around 2 – 3 times as much as the first two for the same stuff. Coming from Europe the option to use one of the Arab airlines through Dubai and other Gulf States could be a good choice but it needs to go to their website and check don’t use any of this online booking services they don’t know what they are doing means you always pay the normal, highest, regular fee.

Don’t try to use any booking services at all for flights within the country, if you intend to do some travel in Myanmar use either Yangon Airways or Air Bagan they are the most reliable and you can book them through the internet. Pls. note that the country has some workable bus and train services throughout the country coming and going every day but it needs to book that once you arrived, don’t hesitate, it works and is much cheaper than air travel.

A good alternative could be, especially when you are a group to hire a van including a driver and off you go, the driver usually also function as tourist guide and you will see much more of the country as be any other means of travel. Don’t worry about the driver, most hotels have special accommodations for drivers and they handle this with the driver, no need for you to think about.

If for some reason you could also use this method to travel to any destination and on the way back just take the flight to Yangon. Another option is to use the ships in the delta region, e.g. for a trip to the beach destinations of Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung instead of the car, car travel is around 6 hours out of Yangon, the river vessel takes quite longer but is more interesting.