Burmese Jade Art Myanmar Jadeite

This is not only used for pretty jewelry the material created a form of art by its own with skillful and attractive appearance plus variable texture and colors, perfect to express something. Also the color spectrum is wide giving a good base for creation of various items which needs some vibrant and crystal luster with a level of transparency. The higher the transparency, the better the color and the cleaner the texture, the higher is the price.

There are real artists

out there who are able to produce real art creations by using the drilling machine (also people always talk about carving, actually there is no carving) the material is formed by drilling. This also has something to do with the extreme hardness which is just a bit lower to diamond.

Creation of this art are usually born in both countries, the rough material comes from Myanmar and the biggest industry to make jewelry out of it is in China.

For the lower price range nephrite is used from many sources this makes it much cheaper, but the variety of shades and colors are much less wider beautiful art is created from this stones as it is clearly visible at the pictures.

Jade Fruit Composition
Jade Fruit Composition
This is true fine art since it needs a high artistic value. Of course if people consider art only as abstract, surrealist or whatever in this direction its not for them. 


Jadeite jade is also kept as a collector item since prices are steadily rising; especially now after China opens the borders and people have more money.

Precious stones resources

 wont dry up in the near future, there is still enough of nephrite which is mined all over the world and jadeite mined in northern Myanmar’s Kachin State.
Jade Art

Jade Flower Sculpture

Jade Art Composition
Jade Decorative Art