Laughing Jade Buddha Statues & Sculptures

All sculptures big or small are made from Myanmar jadeite, they are either directly imported from the country from China where most of the mineral ends up anyway. It’s the same as with rubies, most of them are mined in Mogok and end up in Thailand. The items can be considered as art since most are looking quite good, just as they should

Jade Buddhas, laughing Buddhas and a Jade Buddha.

Jade Buddha at Kuala Lumpur Central Market
Jade Buddha Statues
Some more white j
ade buddha statues from the Bogyoke Market
Imperial Jade Buddha pendant
Imperial Jade Buddha pendant for sale
Laughing Jade Buddha Jade Buddha with Ruby Jade Buddha Statue Jade Buddha Pendants
Laughing white one with ruby and gold dust and plenty of pendants and bangles
Jade Shop Jade Buddha
This sculptures bring quite some money in. In particular since 2011 when the business got a real boost by Chinese buyers.They really push up prices by buying jewelry like there is no tomorrow. Actually a clever marketing tells everyone buy now Jade Buddha Sitting Lavender Jade Buddha Laughing Jade Buddha
because resources get depleted which is nonsense but the people believe it. In China it took them about 3000 years until their nephrite got exhausted but geological exploration revealed quite substantial deposits. But people from across the northern border want the good stuff and this is at Kachin State.Since there are not only jade mountains, there are jade mountain ranges there is an abundant supply of the green stone.

The second biggest source is British Columbia, but they produce nephrite which is exported to China in large quantities.

Jade Gold Buddha Jade Buddhas