Jade Market in Yangon

In the city center is the Bogyoke Market and integrated there probably the biggest and most interesting jade market. This is a virtual treasure trove for jewelry connoisseurs and the many variants of items and colors is amazing, this market is a must-see attraction for anyone coming to the former capital.

In the alley labyrinth dozens of shops are spread plus at the north-eastern corner is a large hall with jadeite only and impressive collections. The only problem currently is (2013) prices are becoming prohibitive.

Within the last years prices doubled and triplet, e.g. excellent imperial green bangles which with a price tag of around $ 4000,- was about $ 2000,- a year ago and almost all other items went up in a similar way.

Shop owners agree with it, they don’t try to find excuses, the simple comment is, a buyer Tsunami from China came over and they still find the prices reasonable. This is understandable considering the prices ask in Singapore, China, Taiwan and elsewhere where Chinese people live.

On top of it the material itself here is usual of better quality than they find at home.

Jade Bracelet
Imperial Jade Pendant
Imperial Jade Pendant for about $ 17.000,-
The green stone, in China it’s Nephrite, has a mystical aura for many and all kind of behavior is interpreted into this stone, such as luck, longevity, health property, protection etc. it’s all superstition but a true believer is not thinking that way.

All this together make jade one of the most expensive and popular gemstones.
The market is open from 10 am to 5pm except Mondays and there is a lot to see such as jade bangles, bracelets, fingerings, earrings, pendants, necklaces plus sculptures, Jade Buddha carvings and more.

Many people think the green stone

only comes in green color which definitely is not the case, the whole spectrum of the rainbow is available plus white and black. The most expensive items are always with a high degree of translucency, opaque or transparent appearance.

Just look at this superb imperial green pendant at left, price tag is not a yoke.

Black Jade Pendant
Carved Black Jade Pendant