What about a real nice jade necklace for spring?

Its green, it’s fashionable, it’s trendy, it fits and it looks gorgeous. There is also no need to thinks about prices since the items are available in almost any price category, even as ethnic jewelry items which fits excellent to a bigger neck and is definitely an eye catcher.

The latest necklace style for day use are for sure of ethnic styling, a bit rustically maybe blended with some other material, its real great. This fashionable necklaces in the mall are really alluring and could easily fit anyone.

They have expensive jade items

and it’s trendy, some relatively low priced items which are rather fashion jewelry but still genuine, who likes fake? Usually jade items are not in a combination with other materials or precious stones but the green together with silver is very trendy and gorgeous.

Jade Necklace
Jade Necklace at Bogyoke Market in Yangon. This are deep green pebbles in a frame of gold with diamonds.
Jade Pendants
Jade Pendants with carvings are one of the most used used pieces of jewelry, they are beautiful and a good body decoration.