A Kawthaung photo always shows exotic scenes

This scenic small harbor town

at the southernmost tip of Myanmar. Kawthaung was also known as Victoria point during colonial times. The city is really rotten, but the area around with the islands, the pagodas, the mosques and the bustling sea travel is a optical pleasure.

Its somehow a glimpse into the old days during English colonial times. It reminds to  Joseph Conrad and Maurice Collis. See the great Kawthaung photo and we also have a video here. Its a very old real oriental city where life has not changed since hundreds of years also most native people got replaced by Indian, Pakistani who came in during colonial times and Chinese. In recent years there are plenty of Bangladeshi who come down from the north in search of a place to stay after leaving their totally overcrowded country. The most interesting scenes is the sea traffic, the people and the islands with pretty pagodas, jungle and beaches.

Travel to Kawthaung
Travel to Kawthaung
South Myanmar Border at Kawthaung
South Myanmar Border at Kawthaung
Kawthaung Casino
Kawthaung Casino opposite the city
Kawthaung Myanmar
Island monastery and pagoda
Kawthaung Trip
Trip leaving Ranong for Myanmar
Kawthang Harbor
Kawthaung Harbor is a rather rotten place

If someone wants to travel anywhere

outside the city it needs to enter the country via Yangon and go south from there. This is this paradox and weird situation since the immigration at Kawthaung is on the same computer as Yangon Airport means the have the access to control the people coming and going.

If they would get rid of this border nonsense a big push for the local economy would be the result because the countryside above and under the water surface is beautiful and very attractive.

Probably the best shooting is done when entering the town with the boat and do the turn behind the first immigration office at the island before the city. This sea traffic is a real great visual experience and reminds to Joseph Conrad and Maurice Collis, see our e-books.

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Kawthaung Waterfront
Waterfront is a very busy canal with big and small ships
Kawthaung Pagoda
Several pagodas and mosques show the feith.
Kawthaung Visa Run
Kawthaung Visa Run, one with the longtail boat and the second with the white ship from the casino in the back
Kawthaung Bus
Kawthaung Bus is not a modern one, that’s real rotten stuff
Kawthaung Ship Myanmar Sea
Ranong Thailand fisheries harbor is where the visa run starts
Thailand Sea
Thailand Andaman Seaphoto gallery, 
Kawthaung 2 BoatsKawthaung Boats 3

Kawthaung Boats 1Kawthaung Boats

Kawthaung Immigration on Sea
Kawthaung Immigration on Sea

Kawthaung JettyKawthaung Jetty waiting for clearance

Kawthaung Jetty with Passenger ShipsKawthaung Tidal Fisherman
Kawthaung Jetty with Passenger Ships and tidal Fisherman
kaw thaung/Kawthaung waiting for custom clearance Thai sideKawthaung waiting for immigration clearance Thai side
Waiting for custom clearance Thai side  and waiting for immigration clearance Thai sideall at e-books

Kawthaung Water Front
Kawthaung Water Front