Living In Myanmar

Myanmar Living & Burmese Times

Myanmar living is not so easy although everyone can put a satellite dish anywhere and receive anything he or she likes. This is in strong contrast to other ASEAN countries like Singapore etc. who keep their people under tight control. The Herald Tribune, some Singaporean Newspapers and Bangkok Post are distributed every day in Yangon. The newspaper guys even run around the cars at the intersections to sell their papers plus local ones and magazines.

Most bigger hotels offer up to 30 satellite channels in the TV, just the same stuff you get in Thailand and elsewhere in the region, actually Myanmar living in this terms is more liberal as than in other countries in the region where it its forbidden to install satellite dishes, here anyone can do it, there are no limitations.

The problem is the infrastructure which makes living in Myanmar or Burma sometimes difficult. In the down town area of Yangon there is  electricity power breakdown almost every half hour and in any other place its worse living in  Myanmar without a own electricity generator is almost not possible, but only a few people can effort this.

The roads (with very few exceptions) are not good at all. Most of the roads outside the big cities are only about 3 – 4 meters wide and the surface is very often real bad.

Almost all consumer goods you can get in the neighboring countries you can also get here (they are mostly imported),

look for expiration date, because there are people (mostly Thai and Singaporean) who dump their expired products in Myanmar since the Myanmars have no experience with this. If you are rather interested for a tropical living at the beach with everything around you better try Patong Beach at Phuket Thailand.

Also bad coca cola from Thailand one can find in the shops regularly, it sometimes really tastes strange. Many unscrupulous Thai companies using Myanmar as a dumping ground for their junk. Myanmar has no system in place to protect the consumers from this crooks.

A nice living compound is here    Apartments are here    Real Estate is here

If you want to change money go to a money changer (go to the Bogyoke market, ask around and only change at a shop, there are many guys hanging around telling you ..change money.., they will cheat you ).