Long Kneck women of Myanar wear Brass Rings

Kayan or Padaung Myanmar Women with Brass Rings

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The 15 different sub tribes of the Kayan or Padaung have their villages in the western parts of Kayah State, south of Inle Lake.Most women are also known as long neck women – wear brass rings around their necks, arms and legs. The women – wear this brass rings to remind them of their ancestry to the nagas (mythical dragon / snake).

A group of them is kept in a Thai town – Mae Hong Son – nearby over the border. They fled a few years ago because of the continuous fighting between government troops and rebel groups at that time, actually the fighting has calmed down.

The Thai people supply housing and food

to them and the Padaung – long neck women – quickly became a important economical factor for the Mae Hong Son area since lot of tourist come to have a look. This created a lot of quarreling between the different cities and villages in the area, because only the city housing the group get the windfall profit, the other “look through the finger”. The problem is now, many of them want to go elsewhere to resettle in Australia or New Zealand or simply going home. Since they are a real economic factor now the Thai make difficult for them to move, since if they are gone, the tourist money is gone too.

padaung lady and girl myanmar kayah state

Kayan or Padaung lady and girl at Kayah state

Kayan or Padaung women also - long neck women
also known as long neck women

Kayan or Padaung Women Village Work