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This are mainly trips into the mountains and visiting the island world of the Myeik Archipelago in the south to say hello to the sea gypsies and enjoy pristine island beaches.

Interesting destinations are not only in the north, or south of the country, there are plenty other destination, one is the area around the border to India in the north west where Naga and Chin people have their remote villages. Also the biggest National Park and wildlife reserve, Alaungtaw Kathapa is there, close to Monywa. Plenty of rough rides are waiting, so saddle your horse or maybe mule.

The old Burmese outdoor vacation

has evolved into adventure trips, ecotourism and nature-based travel. It means old stuff, new marketing, a new trend are eco tours into the wilderness.

If you like river rafting, waterfalls and great nature a trip to Umphang, very close to the Thailand border south of Mae Sot could be excellent option when you don’t like this Myanmar visa proceedings and at this border region almost all the people working in the tour business are Karen.

Spending time in a natural Burmese outdoor setting or participate in adventurous activities is not a new idea, its going on since at least when the English started to conquer the country and brought with them scientists, botanists and nature lover, that means only the names have changed. If someone feels this is too remote Thailand travel could be combined with a Burma trip.

Travel to Myanmar needs some preparation and a insurance, don’t forget this.


Burmese adventure tour

Nevertheless, the creative marketing power behind private travel & tourism groups has pushed outdoor recreation into the consumer consciousness. The many facets of including the dynamics of the tour market in Asia, the motivations for trips, beside of the continuous requests from different groups not to travel to the country, which has stopped now.

People make holidays for fun and entertainment and to get away from the stress of work and the tedium of daily life. The desire to do something healthy or to add to one’s self-image also may be motivating factors. Vacation often include all of these travel  motivations, but thrill seeking plays a unique and important role. If you want to find some interesting city life you are also at the destination. Hunting with

Salone or sea gypsies

Salone or sea gypsies,

are the peopl living in the island world of the eastern Andaman Sea.

They are collecting amber and pearls, go fishing with the harpoon and hunting with dogs on the islands.


Northern trekking

Northern trekking

in the country is probably the best for people who already have been anywhere and need this special kick to have been in unexplored territory. This ia something really new by any means. In this areas the last time foreigners were seen was during English colonial times.


High in the Myanmar Mountains

High Mountains of Kachin State

Mountain tripsinto the extensions of the Tibetan Himalayas are real trekking, the best is to so this via a guided tour since there is no infrastructure.

Someone must know the route, prepare some food, set uo the camp and be there when something goes wrong and because of the remote location plenty of things can go wrong. They also know where are shelter  for the night, since there are no monasteries it’s difficult to find a place to stay.


Myanmar Island Tour Picture

Tour pictures

of exotic places at remote corners in Asia are real “eye candy” just look at this perfect shapes in the island world of the Myeik or Mergui Archipelago with over 800 islands, great people, the Salone Sea Gypsies and more.


Myanmar Chin

Chin PicturesThe Chin are in a remote corner of the country towards the border with India. From a tourist point of view the most interesting is their new year festival for which several agent in Yangon and Mandalay offer package tours. The problem is when trying to book a tour they never respond.


Trekking at Alaungtaw Kathapa

Naga Adventure 

Son areas. This is almost real untouched “green” and includes one of the best waterfall in Asia, actually there are many in the limestone stone hills along the Thailand Myanmar border.

Here are plenty of great outdoor trip waiting but all remote areas are quite difficult to access, there are also stunning waterfalls and other beautiful nature spots, a top spot isAlaungtaw Kathapa wildlife reserve west of Monywa.

Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve   Alaungtaw Kathapa wildlife reserve elephant trekking

 At the Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve


Another one is Hukaung Valley Tiger Reservepicture right in Myitkyina, Kachin State. This is the world’s largest tiger reserve. Estimates are that 35 kinds of mammals such as tiger, bear, leopard, elephant and other species are around plus about 370 types of birds and 13,500 plant species.

There are around 50 tigers left in the jungle, the biggest danger is poaching to sell the animals to Chinese middlemen who bring the “active” parts over the border.

The activities during a trip are as broad as the imagination allows. Virtually anything that is done outside conceivably might be part of great holidays.

Activities on land, like exploring the old temple and pagoda city of Bagan, where you get a feeling to be Indiana Jones , on water, like on a leg rower tour on Lake Inle, in the pristine waters of the Myeik – Mergui archipelago or in the air, like hot air ballooning in Bagan provide things to see and do for nature-based travelers.


soft adventure trips

A Burmese adventure tour

around the eastern border is a very similar nature pattern  in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, Mae Sot and Mae Hong

Ecotourism activities on your trip are often a combination of low impact outdoor recreation activities and intense educational experiences in natural and ecology. Some ecotourism includes service projects designed to benefit the environment being visited.

Sometimes a distinction is made between “hard” and “soft” adventure trips, this are those with low levels of risk usually sold by a tour operator to different kinds of groups.

These trips are usually suitable for family involvement and offer an introduction to new and unique activities. Examples might be whitewater rafting or hot air ballooning with a commercial outfitter.

Climbing and trekking the Myanmar mountains

Myanmar adventure travel Kachin State

By contrast, hard adventure trips require real skills in dangerous situations and the target is mostly climbing and trekking the mountains of the north which are extensions of the Tibetan Himalayas.

Participants usually join together because of an intense interest in some activity outside the confines of commercial interests. Examples might be a climb in the Himalayas, rafting wild rivers or exploring the Myeik or Mergui archipelago in the south.

From elephant trekking in the jungle, camping on islands, whitewater rafting in the wild rivers and more, outdoor recreation activities are nearly numberless.

The idea of  ecotourism

is certainly somehow romantic since in most places no foreigners have been there since British colonial times. Images of exotic locations, great weather, emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, liveaboard scuba diving trips cross the mind. Exotic locations are not so far away and not difficult to get to. Due to the division in monsoon time and off monsoon time the weather is usually very predictable.

Myanmar Adventure Trip Myanmar Adventure Trip Myanmar Adventure Trip



Extremes in cold,

heat, and especially  rain can bring discomfort and misery to many vacationers, but is very predictable due to the well known weather patterns. It is useful to make a good travel insurance since exciting activities can be turned by injury or sickness into tough situations. Aside of being the biggest country in South East Asia it’s also the country in this region with ice and snow, glaciers and the biggest mountain which is Mt. Hkakabo Razi South East Asia’s highest peak at 5,900.Burma is the only country in

Hkakabo Razi Peak Myanmar-Burma

Hkakabo Razi Peak in Kachin State

Southern and northern Myanmar

Most activities require no specialized gear as you can see it in the pictures here.

A good lightweight rucksack filled with what someone needs for the period of time, photo and video equipment are basics, let the travel agent do the rest, they know how to handle the environment and you pay for it, they will take care of you.

The only thing you should bring with you is a very good filled wallet and some basic good health conditions to make sure that you don’t collapse after a few few hours. A major issue in ecotourism that of sustainable development. Whether this relationship develops in a good way for everyone is a matter of debate, but the theory that nature-based tourism ought to be developed in a way so that the natural and cultural environment will endure is intuitively appealing.

Myanmar trekking   tour operators

Trekking tour north of Putao                    Tour operator preparing food at camp


In the rural and developing areas of the country, nature-based tourism provide an important economic support. This often function often as the only economic sector to get real cash to the people in this regions.

Since tourism is labor intensive and creates a high numbers of small businesses, it can be an excellent economic development tool. Rural and developing areas often contain the best settings for travel and ecotourism.

The tour operators

and outdoor specialists for your vacation are equally important to ecotourism operators’ success. Specialized skills and ecological knowledge such as whitewater rafting, bird watching, do the right trekking path.

Mountain Tours are booming even beside all of this political problems brought in mainly by the US and England, that means -among others- this is a Credit Card free country, only dollars and euro in cash are accepted, don’t take other stuff with you, they don’t want it or change it only to a very unfavorable exchange rate. The best is take lots of small dollar bills with you and before you travel upcountry go to the Bogyoke Market in Yangon to change enough dollars into kyats, you cant change money upcountry, unless for very unfavorable rates, read more.


street food   pilgrim destination Kyaiktyio

Street food prepared in Yangon             A Myanmar pilgrim destination is Kyaiktyio

A good place to start is Yangon (once called Rangoon), which assimilates you into the countries every day life, one of this is no or very limited electricity. Don’t use the train unless you are a masochist. Some days in Yangon can acclimate you to the strange sights and sounds and prepare you for your travel. One thing you should know is that crimes against tourists are almost not existent. Taxi drivers are honest if you negotiate the price first.

Be extremely careful when eating food

at roadside stalls, eat only in the hotel you are or at bigger restaurant. If you go on a trekking tour over some days the tour operator will bring the necessary infrastructure including food with.

Drink only bottled water and avoid ice, listen to the the natives when they tell you shouldn’t do certain things. The providers of trips, like Myanmar Explore, follow the realities of travel. The best time to visit is November through April, before the monsoons in June, July, August and September.

Actually at certain places such as Kyaiktyio, which is one of the top pilgrim destination in the country, they even take care of this completely, if you cant handle to walk the steep road up to summit of the Pagoda Complex, they carry you up in the sedan. 4 guys usually do a good job to lift you up. it costs some money but you have a lot of fun.

When in Yangon and you ask yourself what to do, a excellent idea is a day trip, or maybe 2 days, which is a kind of adventure trip by itself. Its about 140km from Yangon via Bago to the east and after southwards.

Even if you are not a Buddhist and just do it for fun without pilgrim in mind, its worth is. This trip opens up spectacular insights into the countryside and Buddhist mind.

The nature is a typical factors that motivate people to take a tour to the remote areas of our planet.

A typical destination is Chin State, one branch of the Chin tribe are the Naga, they have great tribal tattoo as you can see in the pictures including scull tattoo’s. There is no need for any special gear or tourism fashion gears just the usual backpacking stuff, the other will be supplied by your guides or local tour operator. If you want to go on a mountain tour it naturally needs some more extra gear for this get in touch with.

People are asking why is travel important, the answer is it expands your mind, to see totally different things with your own eyes is a very educational process, not this half hour stuff from the TV screen with some commercials in between. This might produce some nice pictures, but this is flat one dimensional experience.

Discovering the jungle or maybe a wild bird tour in the upper reaches of Kachin State or just simple trekking into the wilderness of Nagaland, this are kinds of great tourism activity. There is no need to consider eating ethics to much just look how the others are doing it and follow.

Adventure Tour   adventure tour

Myanmar Islands Adventure Trave

Myanmar mountain adventure tour     Adventure tour Myanmar mountain     Myanmar Islands in the south

Myanmar Adventure Travel Cruise Trip   Myanmar Adventure Elephant Trekking   Myanmar tours Inle Lake leg rower

Irrawaddy cruise at Bagan             Elephant trekking at Alaungtaw Kathapa wildlife reserve        Float with Inle Lake leg rower 

Myanmar Adventure Travel Pagodas of Bagan   Myanmar Adventure Travel hot air ballooning in Bagan   Canoeing with the Dugout

Pagodas of Bagan                                           Hot air ballooning in Bagan                       Canoeing with the Dugout

Myanmar tours climb Himalaya summer in the snow   Adventure Tour Andaman Sea   Myanmar Adventure Travel Emerald Waters of the Andaman Sea

Climbing and summer in the snow          Adventure Tour Andaman Sea               Emerald Waters of the Andaman Sea

Adventure Travel   northern Myanmar

Trekking in Kachin State