Myanmar Beaches

Myanmar beaches at the west coast and islands

This are mainly Ngapali, Chaungtha, Ngwe Saung and south Myanmar beaches, just the right place to relaxed in a tropical and exotic environment. This stretches of sands sometimes with granite or limestone boulders in between around the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal are something exotic, feel the touch of the sun and the hot sand. Located in a beautiful tropical zone with great weather, except monsoon time, a bit of a old fashioned environment plus great outdoors, a rather perfect place for relaxed vacation.

When travel two tour ideas could be combined, cultural vacation visiting pagoda and temples, monasteries and other places and after relax at the warm tropical waters of the Andaman Sea after exploring the ancient magnificent temples of Bagan and other places such as Mandalay, Mrauk U, Yangon and more.

At Ngapali, Chaungtha, Ngwe Saung & the south

(Ngwe Saung means Silver Beach, because the sand has a silver like color), enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling and fresh seafood in a splendid resort in somehow colonial style. Many of the unexplored und untouched waterfronts in Asia are in the country but there is nothing around such as Patong Beach and other Phuket Beaches in neighboring Thailand. Plenty of exotic waterfronts with the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea in front and lush tropical jungle behind are there to explore.

Doing so could be the pristine dream vacation you always have been searching for. There are thousands of pristine sand strips on the main coast and on hundreds of islands in the Myeik or Mergui Archipelago and all the way down to Kawthaung which is the southernmost city in the country opposite is Ranong, Thailand and 300km further south is Phuket. The problem is its not possible to exit the country here unless with a special permission from the ministry which take about 2 weeks processing.


Chaungtha and Ngapali Beach

are the most popular, all this are good destinations, Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung is a car ride of about 6 hours from Yangon. Ngapali has a daily flight and better don’t use the car for Ngapali. There is no scuba diving or cruising available, snorkeling can be done, more.

The top resorts such as Hotel Max at Chaungtha or Treasure Resort at Ngwe Saung and some resorts at Ngapali Beach can easily match any beach resort in south east


Ngapali Beach

Ngapali reminds a bit to a pristine Cambodia beach, also there all the big hotel structures are missing.

hotel and resort

Myanmar beaches at Ngapali beach hotel.

Asia. This parts of the country are some of the real untouched places in Asia, if you like it less remote try Thailand and Thailand nightlife.

There are luxury hotels and resorts  with beautiful panoramas just in front of you, stimulating local flavored designs and excellent food. Everything is still authentic, the tourist hordes haven’t  come yet and no “western” influence is there, the EU and USA do everything they can to keep the country closed down and isolated. The hotels are maybe not very trendy, western  trends are remote here, but they have their charm and can compete easily with any other hotels in the world. Most hotel’s architecture is a fusion of local architecture and foreign style hotels.


Ngapali Beach, Islands of the south and a pretty resort the Ngwe Saung Treasure Hotel

In several high end hotels teak wood is heavy used for interior which gives a special touch. Since almost all other items used are imported hotels are not cheap. Several are owned and run by Europeans giving another push up to the price.

Watch the fisherman at Ngapali and elsewhere, bringing their catch in, sorting the fish, dry the fish and selling the fishes, prawns and other seafood directly to the hotels. If you like, have a look around buy a suitable fish and have it prepared in your hotel.

With pristine beaches and superb scuba diving, Myanmar beaches draw tourists from around the world who are looking for something new and exceptional. There is luxury; midrange and budget accommodation means a perfect destination for a wide range of demands.

There are hundreds of kilometers waterfront with excellent sand strips stretching along its breathtaking coastline and the islands.  Relax beneath the shad of palms and casuarinas and other trees with large leaves. Swim in emerald waters of the Andaman Sea in front of the golden sands with limestone and granite cliffs in between and enjoy the lush tropical vegetation.
This endless expanse of light yellow sand is just the right destination for great holidays, there are also some rather white sandy beaches and a special one is Ngwe Saung with it’s is silver color.

A stunning unspoilt coastline of over 2000 km plus endless beaches at the islands plus Buddhist temples and fresh seafood makes it a perfect exotic oriental vacation.

Beaches at Rakhine State’s

third  pleasant resort Kan Thaya is situated in Gwa township, 82 miles from Ngapali beach. Yangon to Gwa is about 174 miles by road, and the route from Gwa to Kan Thaya beach is 17 miles. Gwa has an airfield and the flight from Yangon to Gwa takes only 50 minutes but there are no regular flights.


Ngwe Saung or Silver Beach

A newer destination on the tourist “radar”, Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach) offers its visitors unspoiled waterfronts and tranquility on the coast of the Indian Ocean. A few entrepreneurs have developed some great hotels and other accommodation for local and foreign visitors, more.
Ngwe Saung is a five to seven hours drive by car from the Yangon. The journey is over a bumpy road across the Ayeyarwady – Irrawaddy Delta region. A alternative to the road is to Pathein by boat, a journey of around 15 hours, partly through rivers and channels of the delta.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Beach Myanmar Ngwe Saung Treasure Resort.


Ngapali Beach resort open air bar


Ngapali waterfront

Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Resort

Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Resort

Bayview Beach Resort Ngapali

Bayview Beach Resort Ngapali

Max Hotel Chaungtha

Max Hotel Chaungtha at the waterfront

Sandoway Resort Ngapali

Sandoway Resort Ngapali

Hotel Max Chaungtha

Beach Hotel Myanmar Hotel Max Chaungtha

Doze at the

swimming pool and if it is needed this internet only a few steps away and satellite TV plus videos. Is this complemented by nice people who are dedicated to give you a pleasant time. All type of massage are available, such as traditional Thai massage, oil massage and western style massage. Just relax in comfort and have a good time. If you are bored with it just walk down the beach and watch fishermen bringing in the daily catch, buy some lobster or fishes and have it prepared at the grill in front of the beach resort. If you like adventure travel to south beaches of the country at the islands in the Andaman Sea, that-s great beach Myanmar.

But there are no real top notch beach resort at the islands in the south, only beach cottages and bungalows. The only exception is the Andaman Resort at Kawthaung. A other version, usually for scuba diving excursions, is take a liveaboard tour out of Phuket, they move with a yacht into the country via Kawthaung

into island world of the south and dive around the islands of the Myeik Archipelago.

This beautiful waterfront let everyone forget the gray, cold winter and enjoy exceptional tropical wonderland blessed with perfect beaches. No matter what part of the coast you visit there will be a a lovely beach to enjoy. You can encounter palm fringed beaches and beaches with pine tree’s, palm trees lined beaches are the majority, more.

Myanmar beaches are plenty.

With about 2000km shore line and about one thousand pristine islands, mainly in the southern Myeik or Mergui archipelago the country has thousands of great beaches, big, small, long, short, dotted with limestone rocks, some with granite boulder but since there is no infrastructure, the islands are out of the tourism “radar”. The islands of the south are the domain of the sea gypsies, called Salone in Myanmar and Moken in Thailand. The biggest settlements of them in Thailand are on the Surin

Islands about half way between Phuket and the border at Ranong – Kawthaung. For a beach adventure enthusiast it would be possible to fly to Myeik, rent a boat for a few days and play gypsy or maybe Robinson, this is not possible without a local person coming with but its the dream of many people seeking real

seclusion and being somehow sure not to run into some made “terrorists” or pirates. Actually this area was a real “pirate hole” until about 150 years ago when the English colonialists started to sell opium and alcohol to the sea gypsies in exchange for pearls and amber.

The sea gypsies are excellent pearl divers and sold all pearls to Chinese traders before the British came.

The British started a trading post it the small town of Mergui, t beach parties unless you make one but the islands are pristine, the sea gypsies’ nice people and the Andaman Sea is pure emerald sea. There are no hordes of tourists since there are no hotels only great beach experiences, its pure adventure travel.

Sunny beaches with monsoon winds during the season and romantic sea shores, there is also no night life unless you make it, sometimes boozing and dancing, the sea gypsies like fiestas on the sandy beach. Its amazing how happy everyone gets with dance and music at the beach, spirits rejuvenate senses run high no need for pot like at an Koh Phangan full moon party in neighboring Thailand just pure pleasure without drugs unless considering alcohol as a drug, which it is. There are no beach sports, but it might be a great idea to join the pearl diver and amber hunter on a ride tomorrow. Scuba won’t be done since there are no scuba centers to fill tanks etc. if one like it needs to travel to Phuket first and come back on a live aboard trip, that’s the way it’s done now. Actually this is the prototype of what people call


Myanmar Beaches Andaman Sea

Myanmar Island Beach

Myanmar Islands Beaches

Island Beach

Chaungtha beach sunset

Chaungtha Sunset


quality time. That means if you like it very smooth, use Ngapali Beach by the aircraft, if you don’t mind a 10 hour drive the hotel or travel agent will supply transportation.

All other beaches listed here are about 5 -7 hours drive west of Yangon behind Pathein or in south Myanmar. There is a possibility to reach the places west of Yangon by a river cruise through the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy delta but the best way for this beaches is, take the car,

Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung Sailing


Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy delta during your journey to the west coast beaches.

At the hotels you can rent rooms, suites and villas with air conditioning or fan. Sometimes there is a problem with electricity in particular on the low end hotels.

The high end hotels usually won’t give you this kind of problems since most have their own generator. Some also have internet access, minibar, hairdryer, bath, refrigerator and International IDD telephone. As you can see you can stay a while on the beaches without being totally cut off from


Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Hotel Entrance

Ngwe Saung Treasure Hotel Entrance

Myanmar Beach Ngwe Saung Treasure Hotel

Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach


the outside world. Do you enjoy golfing as a hobby’ If you do. This placses are maybe not the right place for a golf vacation but there is someMyanmar golf.

At some beaches are small golf sites behind the hotels, so if you can’t stay away from the swing and hit, you can give it a try. Or just jump in the swimming pool and / or enjoy the garden just in front of the beach.


Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Hotel Pool

Ngwe Saung Treasure Hotel Pool

Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Hotel Rooms

Ngwe Saung Treasure Hotel Rooms


Doing a vacation or holiday tour you should focus on the traditional travel arrangements to contact the Myanmar beach hotels on your own and make the arrangements, a travel agent could do the same but it goes wrong very easily, it might not go wrong if you maybe try Diethelm Travel Myanmar the operation is run by Swiss people, which gives some confidence.

Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Bungalows

Waterfront Bungalows


If you intend to do the journey to the on your own don’t try to rent a car, this will almost for sure end in disaster since the environment and infrastructure in Myanmar is not made for foreign road travelers. A alternative is to rent a car plus driver for about $ 60,- a day, he will carry you anywhere and keep trouble away.

Ngapali hotels

are located in Thandwe  (Sandoway) about  an hours  flight  from Yangon. This  clean beach  stretches  over 3 km. Ngapali Beach is an ideal  place  for  everyone who loves sea, sand, sun and swimming, snorkeling or carefree loitering on the beach, or just sitting amidst whistling wind, here are hotelsread more, Hire a local guide to show you the places off the beaten track, away from the typical tourist areas. Enjoying a picnic lunch -arranged by the hotel- with frequent dips in the warm tropical water of beach Myanmar.Ngapali Beach with perfectly clear water, a soft bed of sand underfoot and schools of small fish around plus breathtaking views.

Ngapali Myanmar

Ngapali BeachKan Thaya

Chaungtha Max Hotel

Chaungtha Max Hotel.


Chaungtha is located 40km west of Pathein or Bassein

(Bassein)  in Ayeyarwady division. It takes about 6 hours by car from Yangon, hotels. There are plenty of beach hotels at Chaungtha Beach where you can walk from the cottage or bungalow right to the beach, there is no road between. But most of beach hotels and resorts are very simple, actually there is only one hotel with a very good standard and the is the Max Hotel, read more.

There is also a bus service from Yangon right to the Chaungtha beach. Buses are leaving at the Yangon bus terminal. The best is ask the hotel to get you the ticket for the bus and you must insist to get a seat in front of the bus since the buses are real rotten and they

will shake you through if you sit in the back, you will be K.O. for 2 days. The Andaman coast and the islands is a travelers dream.

The Andaman coast

and the islands are a travelers dream, long white sandy beaches only sometimes a few fisherman are seen, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, green forests behind the beach, exotic plants, creeks, bays and hills. Burma is the ideal tropic vacation destination for beach, adventure and cultural vacation. Explore the warm emerald colored tropical waters by snorkeling or live aboard out of Phuket Thailand, with an abundance of fish and other sea creatures, its all there but rarely seen.

Stretching from the Bay of Bengal to the south for more than 2000 kilometers to the southernmost part which is ending at Kawthaung, formerly known as Victory Point. At the Isthmus of Kra a little bit north of Kawthaung is the Pacific Ocean at closest distance. There have been several studies to construct a channel through Burma and Thailand which would shortcut the distance from Europe to east Asia by several thousand kilometers, but it was never started, probably for political reasons.

It’s thought that the Andaman Islands in the Myeik or Mergui Archipelago have been inhabited for more than 20,000 years. The first reported contacts were made more than 1,000 years ago by Chinese, Indian and Arabian travelers. The British made the first significant contacts with the indigenous Salon tribes of the archipelago during colonial times

South Beaches

South Myanmar beaches Andaman Sea Mergui Archipelago,


South Beaches

are probably the most exotic, they are along the coast from Mawlamyine or Moulmein all the way down to Dawai, Myeik and Kawthaung the former Victoria Point. The most interesting beaches are probably on the islands in the Myeik Archipelago, more.

With over 2000km coastline plus the south beaches behind Mawlamyine down to Kawthaung and the Myeik Archipelago is a great tropical vacation destination. A amazing variety of places to visit and a collection of all variants of great strips of sands. It’s the ideal place for all kind of holidays. It only takes less than an hour flight time to reach

exotic islands or do trekking in the eternal ice and snow in the high mountains of Kachin state in the north. Visiting the beautiful islands of the south is not as easy and comfortable as if you travel to Hawaii, but most people don’t like these crowded and expensive areas anyway. What can be better than a great beach, sunny shoreline, spectacular sunsets, some swimming, snorkeling, a boat trip, jet ski and a pristine waterfront with grilled seafood in front of the water and some wine and beer or whatever.

You can expect world-class service and knowledge, most of the better hotels are run by European management who educate the local people in the right way. In the evening enjoy a delicious cuisine maybe with a dinner show with an Burmese orchestra and some exotic dancing there are plenty things to do at Myanmar beaches and even more things to see in Burma, you need it started. If you have any special occasion such as anniversary let them organize beach party or even business meetings, none of any modern amenities must be missed, this are some of the most idyllic destination for tropical holiday in an exotic ambience.

There are luxury Myanmar beach hotels,

midlevel resorts and low priced beach cottages everything is possible according to the budget.