Myanmar children pictures

The country is very poor and this is reflected in the children

how they look like and what they do. Most of them have to start early with some work to supplement the family income. This is particular visible in the countryside where they already work in the paddy fields in very young age.

But what’s even worst is when they are commanded to heavy works as you can see in the pics below at this road works camp, it doesn’t look good at all and the government should really act to stop this. On the other hand if they wont do the job some vital resources in form of money they get paid for will be missed by the family. Now what to do? I guess the only way out is to try to get the whole society into a better shape and distribute the wealth of the country in a more equal manner.

The main ruler of the few last decades, Ne Win, a mad military who was under treatment for schizophrenia tried this with communism but as we know that is nonsense. One of the particular silly things this guy did was to partly abolish English teaching in the schools with the result that many youngster had no chance to learn it. Some did and the result is that at Yangon are

several recruiting centers for young people

to get a job on ships and in hotels, especially in the Middle East, this is a real brain drain because the ones who apply are the better educated. Others went to Canada, New Zealand, USA, England and elsewhere to get out of this mess of the past, hopefully this will get better now.

children working at the road
Children working at the road