Myanmar Construction

In Myanmar construction business is somehow limited.

If there are any technically difficult constructions it is necessary to consult foreign companies.

Doing construction in Myanmar is a profitable business and there are many companies claiming they are able do, but it is necessary to be very careful and investigate if the ones they say they can, really can do constructions. The companies you find in our site can do construction in Myanmar.

Many parameters have to be checked before granting a project job to a company who claim to do construction in Myanmar .

What we also do: Architecture design 3D picture rendering,3D fly through, 3D walk through, animation,3D visualization, virtual tour, Myanmar. A excellent work in architectural three dimensional design, 3d design either static or dynamic (pictures and walk -and fly through) for very low costs. We only need the computer files of
the normal plan your architect or you made or we make it for you.

Pls. check the pictures below….. try us.
For Contractors and Property Developer:

You will benefit from our excellent 3d visualization / design either as
static pictures or animated movie, because you can show your client realistic what he will get afterwards

For Architects and Interior Designer:

Your client can see the 3d visualization / design in a realistic way, eliminating mistakes and misinterpretations from the very beginning.

For Designers with heavy workload, as subcontractor. Why us’ 15 years in the business of visualization internationally.
We use global – lighting parameters for a real to life excellent 3d visualization / design.
Perspective Rendering: We use global – lighting visualization for absolute convincing still images as if it looks like its already been built.

architecture 3D design rendering

3D Modeling:

Our optimized design allows a quick and very compatible rendering on any user computer. We have plenty of pre-made images and objects to make it real good.

Interior 3D Rendering and Design:

For home, offices shopping malls, etc. By using the Global Rendering method to make sure for convincing 3D images and animation, walkthrough, flythrough.


Pun Hlaing Golf Estate        The Tokyo Enterprise


Architectural Design:

We also do complete architectural design, from concept to marketing. Since we have done plenty of this projects which actually have been built. A complete accomplished design portfolio can be presented on request.

World – Wide Services:Since all this is done based on standard file format used by everyone in  the business it is relatively easy to handle compatibility, we can read your files and you can read the finished files we send you usually through our internet infrastructure, which is similar to yours. You can have the 3D pictures on your computer screen or have it printed or

Architecture design 3D picture rendering,3D fly through, 3D walk through, animation,3D visualization, virtual tour, Myanmar.

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