Myanmar & Asian Elephant Pictures

The most famous beasts in the countryin the past are white elephants, they where kept for the kings only they had the right to posses them.

There are still plenty of them in the country they are used in the forest for logging and trekking where it gets difficult to penetrate the jungle. It’s different to Thailand where they are now more or less only tourist attractions. But sooner or later this Asian elephants will follow their Thai counterparts.

One of the adventure trips with them is into Alaungdaw Kathapa near Monywa the biggest national park in the country, some of the pictures below were taken there.

This is one of premier tour destination in the country, it is only a bit difficult to reach this place.

Asian Elephant PictureMyanmar Elephant Picture
Elephants at Alaungdaw Kathapa National ParkMyanmar Elephants Round Up