Myanmar Entertainment of various kinds

This is not very developed but it has its charm In the night its more or less Yangon nightlife with nightclub shows, cultural shows, marionette performance, theatre, cinemas, plenty of karaoke with, discos, nightclubs, bars and exotic restaurants sometimes with dinner show and a nightlife fashion show here and there.

A nightlife fashion show is the local substitution of a modern show elsewhere, since there are strict limits set by the government, this is mainly as a add on in various discos and restaurants.All this is not on a level with Thailand or Kuala Lumpur but it is constantly improving. This is not because they are not capable to handle this, this is because they are not allowed to do it. Actually at the end of the day what does it matter. The reason why we refer to Thailand is because the Myanmar’s always try to copy Thailand in many ways, most of this happen in Chinatown, actually that’s the only one in the world where no Chinese language writings are  visible, comparing this to Hat Yai Thailand, or Kuala Lumpur Chinatown etc. it’s really strange.

An interesting nightlife is going on near and opposite the Shanghai Shopping Center complex after 8pm. This is at Theingizay.

entertainment girls

Models fashion show girls in red at a Myanmar nightclub


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It’s interesting night entertainment

at places such as Emperor Nightclub, Palace Disco in Chinatown at Theingizay, Zero Zone Entertainment Chinatown, the cluster around the Yangon international

Hotel at Ahlone Road  and JJ Entertainment & Asia Entertainment City and Power Light Entertainment  near to Kandawgyi Lake.

myanmar entertainment

Fashion show here is a video

folklore dancing

nightclub dancing

Folklore Dance Show at Myanmar entertainment


At this places pretty girls are around, videos and movies are in our video section. There are videos and clips also on different subjects like on Bagan, the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy River, Mandalay, Mt. Popa on nightclub fashion show and more. Myanmar entertainment is not as sophisticated as in Thailand but they have a certain charm.At cinemas Bollywood movies are shown plus local productions, Chinese films and other. Plenty free videos and computer games are available in many shops at different shopping centers and at one special shop close to the Trader Hotel, almost opposite Bogyoke Market, right in downtown, they sell DVD with the newest computer software but the quality is sometimes poor.

Start your private party in discos and nightclubs in  and add a new twist to increase the fun quotient, its as usual a night of drinking and adventures with the women, depending on the size of your wallet.

However there are no strippers, there are no strip clubs in the country, trust me, even if some other websites try to tell this, they lie. What is existent are women, food, music, exotic cocktails, plus sometimes folklore dance shows as a dinner show in one of the big hotels. Pubs and bars are also in the big hotels e.g. a Irish style pub in the Sedona hotel and a hot disco in the Kandawgyi Palace hotel both with pretty ladies around, its just more or less the same as elsewhere in Asia.


A Pwe

Traditional pwes are the dramatic entertainments inseparable from the many festivals. No charge is made to watch these open- air performances. They are paid for by public subscription, or out of the generosity of some citizen and in this way acquires social prestige.

Nat Pwe

Nat Pwe Myanmar entertainment


At nine o’clock in the evening the celebrations began. On a raised platform two clowns were giving a slapstick performance, which was funny enough — even when not a word of the dialogue could be understood.At regular intervals a dancer came in and sang and danced, she was a tiny, doll-like girl.

As soon as she began to dance she became transfigured. She had all  the fire of a Spanish flamenco dancer, plus the snake-like head and eye movements of an Indian entertainment dancer.

To this she added the specialty of thrusting out her arms in such extraordinary positions that they appeared to be dislocated at the elbows.

Yangon entertainment

Nat Pwe and Yangon entertainment


As she leaped and cavorted she repeatedly kicked away from her prancing but invisible feet the long skirt and train of the ancient Burmese court-dress she wore — a difficult feat which has been incorporated into the formal movements of the dance.

Sometimes the clowns joined in, dancing in  mimicry of the actress, who, as soon as she had finished her piece, would suddenly relapse into a set pose, turn her back on the public, make up her face or drink tea.

This performance would go on until late in the morning, when straight theatrical shows, lasting until dawn, would begi

entertainment girls

Pwe Myanmar entertainment dancer sing and dance

myanmar entertainment at yangon

Dancer & singer


in other parts of the pwe-ground. For over four hours these clowns would pour outa stream of extempore wit and topical allusion.They adore comedy and although the strait-laced classical plays of neighboring countries have been introduced in the past, they are soon so completely transformed as to become unrecognizable.

Thus the Ramayana, the entertainment play of Sanskrit origin, which runs to some sixty thousand verses and takes three days to present in an abbreviated form, could never survive in Myanmar.

Most up market hotels

in Yangon and elsewhere offer some kind of nightlife entertainment. Some offer native shows with dancing and a Myanmar orchestra as background music and maybe some artistic show like in the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel every evening

Myanmar nightclub

Myanmar entertainment at a restaurant


During the day a large stage had been put up with a proper drop-curtain, and for about an hour before the show started a full-scale orchestra had set to work to attract an audience.


The music instruments

consisted of a heavily carved and gilded circular frame containing seven­teen gongs of various diameters and another housing as many drums.

There was a large and very decorative, boat-shaped xylophone, several big drums and several pairs of cymbals.

The air was sketched in by a player upon a hne – the flute terminating in a horn, which produces notes of a singularly penetrative quality.

Through the wide cracks in the makeshift stage-carpentry, the puppet-masters could be seen, engaged in prayer for some time before the show began.Presumably these prayers are to the thirty-seven nats, the gods of ancient Burma, to whom they also make offerings of food.

When the curtain rose

Myanmar music a large and very decorative boat-shaped xylophone

A large and very  decorative xylophone

Myanmar music

Myanmar entertainment at a Puppet Show

Myanmar Puppet

Myanmar Puppet Show

Puppet or marionettes show


When the curtain rose the senior puppet entertainment master leaned over the low backdrop and sang to the audience a lengthy description of this drama to be presented.The curtain was then lowered, and when it was again raised, the stage was occupied by a puppet dressed as a peasant carrying a large sword, and a dragon of the Burmese or serpentine variety.

After solo dances, followed by a vigorous combat, the dragon was defeated and, since to show the taking of life – even that of a mythological monster – would have been an impropriety, the Burmese St. George mounted the dragon’s back and rode away. This curtain raiser was followed by a dance by two genial-looking giants and then a series of dances by various birds, a white horse and a monkey. Each of these performers had its signature tulle which was crashed out by the orchestra whenever it made its appearance.The dances were extremely funny, the puppets or marionettes being handled with amazing skill. In particular there was a kind of Disney stork, an animal of grotesque benevolence which opened and shut its bill and flapped its eyelids in time to the music. Everything that was essentially stork-like had been captured in this caricature.

Myanmar Dancer

Chin Dancer


On the other hand, human puppets, when the intention was not comic, were manipulated with such fidelity to observed human postures and movements that spectators far back in the audience could easily have had the illusion that they were watching flesh-and-blood players.After these animal interludes the main performance began, a traditional ‘royal play’ with the king himself, princes and princesses. the ministers and, of course, clowns. It is interesting that the semi-divine kings did not object to these representations of themselves, insisting only that the court dress, manners and customs shown should be correct in every detail. A quite different show is going on at many occasions  when ethnic minorities celebrate their entertainment or festivals like in this case the Naga.


Naga New Year Show

Naga New Year Show

Naga New Year Show Girls

Naga New Year Show Girls