Myanmar Golf Courses

Myanmar Golf Clubs and Vacations

Golf is a passion of many people, especially in Asia and particular in Myanmar  and one of the best golf course worldwide is the Gary Player designed Pun Hlaing Golf Club in Yangon plus one of  the most interesting is the Bagan Golf Resort between the pagodas of Bagan  with 18 holes. Since colonial times golf is played in the country, the British established the first club in Yangon (Rangoon) in 1909.

You could do a real exotic holiday around here, its something different to any other destination because of the wide variety of the cultural background which keep you and your non golfing friends busy for a while. You must also not be worried about not enjoying your time on a exotic holiday and getting rusty on your swing.

The country is a cultural heavyweight with a great heritage. Having a game on the Pun Hlaing Golf Club in Yangon have impressed even the most seasoned and well-traveled.

Mr. Gary Player did a excellent job by designing this beautifully located place and there are apartments and villas for sale in beautiful settings on an island in the Hlaing river, another is the YCDC Club closer to the city

Stores to buy gear and resorts to stay are around

Places are not galactic but with the right equipment, shoes, bags etc. you can have a good time for a game at almost any handicap. Since this is somehow also a mental game it fits Asian people very well because no huge packets of muscles are needed to get your game done. The result you produce is mainly what you did on your own, of course you have your “little helper” who carries the stuff for you, but the swing is yours only.

Pun Hlaing Golf Club
Pun Hlaing Golf Club

Pun Hlaing Golf Club Yangon
Pun Hlaing Golf Club Yangon

The Pun Hlaing Golf Club, a 18 hole course with some challenging features, is probably the best place in the country for a game.

The Asian PGA tour is a regular tournament here and people from all over Asia come. Set into a great environment with all luxury amenities including luxury homes and apartments for sale, more.


Bagan golf resort
Bagan golf resort

Bagan golf resort and pagodas
Bagan golf resort and pagodas

Bagan Golf Resort

is another distinctive golf destination only about minutes away from most of the interesting views.

The idea is, play golf with a pagoda panorama, read more.


There are around 70 courses in the country from Putao at the northern end to Kawthaung in the deep south, just across the bay from Ranong Thailand.

Some better known Myanmar Golf Courses and Golf Clubs beside of the two with the link above are:

Yemon Island Golf Resort, on the highway from Yangon to Bago after about 1 hour drive from Yangon on a lake, it is possible to stay overnight but the accommodation is very basic.

Thayet Golf Club at Pyi, Phone 95-068-21006, the first golf course built in Myanmar during colonial times by the British in 1887.

YCDC Golf Club, a relatively new 36 holes golf course. Implemented in 1994, with wide fairways and quite large green suitable for players with various handicaps. A 30 minutes somehow bumpy drive from the center to the north will bring you there.

Yedagun Taung or Waterfall Golf Club, in Myanmar’s second largest city Mandalay offer 18 holes to play.

Located near the Mandalay-Pin Oo Lwin -Maymyo- road it takes around half hour to reach the golf course. the place is in somehow reasonable conditions and offer hotel facilities a good place for golf vacations.

At Mandalay there are 2 more gold clubs, the

Shwe Sar Yan, a 18 hole golf course built in 1997 over 200 acres, located on the Mandalay – Pin Oo Lwin -Maymyo- road along the Myit Nge River, a attractive place and  the

Shwemann Taung Golf Club,  it takes a half hour drive over 8 km from downtown Mandalay to reach the golf course, the 18-hole course was opened in 1975 is is still excellent for golf vacations, phone: 95-2 60570