Myanmar High End Jade Pendants

A jade pendant  is a very popular form of light jewelry which looks good, is available in a wide price spectrum and often mean something since most of this precious items are Buddha images in various shapes and reliefs, pretty accessories of tasteful body decoration.

This is not only beautiful jewelry

Chinese people also believe it protects the body from negative influence and has some positive health properties. A item carved out from this mineral can be very expensive and also very cheap, it depends much on the translucent look, the pattern of the color, the texture and is it free from cracks etc.

This few parameters can make the price difference of a few thousand dollars. Hold the item against light and see if it somehow shines through, the more translucent it is the better it is and the higher the price, this actually is with any jade item. There are two varieties this piece of a great stone come, one is jadeite (the better one) the other is nephrite. The stone come in almost every color which is very often a “mélange” with other colors, here again the most uniform color the better it is.

Jadeite is almost only mined in Myanmar’s Kachin State, nephrite

is found at different locations throughout the world, the biggest production of nephrite is currently in Canada, hundreds of years ago it was China, today the country plays only a minor role in production of the green stone but is still the biggest jade market

Laughing Jade Buddha Pendant
Jade Buddha Pendant White
worldwide, this has something to do with history.

This mineral can be found in wide variety of styles, forms, application and colors from tradition styles to very modern artistic styles, the Chinese are probable the master in jade styling, their creativity is unmatched.

But they are also the worst cheater when it comes to “enhance” the stone to squeeze out more money from the buyers.

There are all kind of techniques to pop up color, texture and look.

The problem is that this “enhanced” stuff

looks good in the first 3 years after it deteriorate and is more or less junk, if not considering this when buying jade it can be very expensive junk.

It’s amazing what kind of symbolic meanings Chinese interpret into necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants and even earrings made from this precious stone.

Jade Pendants Green Jade Pendant with Bird Jade Pendant Lavender
Jade Pendant Buddha Head Jade Pendant Chinese Warrior Jade pendant mythical bird
Jade Pendant Green White Jade Pendant Jade Pendant