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The country has lots of good and not so good hotels, here are some information. At Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and other places plus excellent beach resorts at Ngapali, Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha and some elsewhere. Actually in every bigger city are some accommodations but the quality is very diverse. In the big cities deals can be made and most are shown in the hotel portals

At Ngapali beach are great resorts and at Inle lake real romantic lake accommodations. Sedona Yangon and Mandalay are probably the 2 biggest hotels in town in terms of size. Budget places for vacation in Yangon are the Queens park hotel and many family owned guesthouses.

For the best accommodation deals

always visit several websites to compare prices. When looking for the best deals check the smaller travel websites focusing at a particular region such as Asia or south east in this case, they usually maintain their operation more specific. Booking websites are in tough competition means they sometimes can make some special offer with a particular place in Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan that fits your budget.

There are no grand hotels and if you would prefer areas with action and nightlife better use Thailand. They also wont matchSingapore but the scenery around compensates this somehow.

At Bagan many of them are right within the pagoda precinct of the old quarter. Actually there are probably most of the top level hotels in the country. From most its a easy walk, cycle – or coach ride to visit the monuments. The best there is the Tharabha Gate Hotel, a real oasis and excellent managed, its not the cheapest but this few dollars more you pay for the room are a good investment to your well being. The  Bagan Golf Resort, even has a golf course.

Accommodation in particular at remote locations  are mostly rudimentary, this is where adventure starts. One should consider that Burma is about the size of  England and France combined with about 130 different ethnic minorities.


Myanmar Accomodation Grand MeeYaHta Hotel & Apartment Yangon

Grand MeeYaHta Hotel & Apartment Yangon


This is a huge country but only little developed among other the biggest infrastructure problem is the absence of electricity in most of the country, except the big cities like Yangon and Mandalay plus Bagan. Also most roads are in very bad condition, at many roads nothing has been done since British colonial times, the Strand Hotel is the most expensive in town.

Use air travel whenever possible and pay a few dollars more for a good place to stay away from trouble. Great bungalows and cottages are at some of the lakes such as Inle Lake with floating places, cottages and other accommodations.

Take cash in dollars with you no one is interested in any other currency, that’s it ! Currently, mid 2013, they started again to use credit cards but there are continuous problems and you cant depend on it otherwise you might get stranded.

Bagan Hotels Spa at Tharabar Gate Hotel

Spa at Tharabar Gate Hotel


Bagan Hotels Spa Jacuzzi at Tharabar Gate Hotel

Jacuzzi at Tharabar Gate Hotel

Spa Massage at Tharabar Gate Hotels

Massage at Tharabar Gate Hotel

Myanmar hotel deals at Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Yangon

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel

Chatrium  Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Chatrium Hotel

MiCasa Hotel and Apartments Yangon Burma hotel

MiCasa Hotel

Sakura Hotel and Apartments Yangon Burma hotel

Sakura Hotel

Sedona hotel Yangon

Sedona Hotel

Yangon hotel Grand MeeYaHta Hotel and Apartment

Grand MeeYaHta

Myanmar hotel deals at Queens Park Hotel Yangon

Queens Park Hotel

Hotel in Myanmar Apartment Espace Avenir Yangon

Espace Avenir


Mandalay Hotels

Myanmar Hotel Sedona Mandalay Hotel

Sedona Hotel


Bagan Hotels

Myanmar Hotel Sedona Mandalay Hotel

The Tharabar Gate Hotel


Kyaiktyio Hotels

Cheap Myanmar hotels Mountain View Hotel Kyaiktyio

Mountain View


For beaches only Ngapali is accessible by airplane.

All other require a long and bumpy ride, usually between 5 -7 hour to reach one on the west coast near Pathein. But road travel does have advantages such as a view of the real countryside.

You won’t get such an experience via any other means, especially the grand venture towards the west coast through Pathein to Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung Beach. Chaungtha is more for the local vacationers except the Max Resort, that’s “top notch”. Ngwe Saung Beach is quite attractive and easily reach western standard.

On the other end, there is a typical reasonable low budget hotel in Yangon is the Queens Park Hotel.

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Yangon

The Kandawgyi hotel in Yangon is probably the most idyllic one of any city in Asia. It has a great  location directly on the Kandawgyi or Royal Lake and a outstanding architecture makes this a absolute top favorite for your stay, more

Sedona Hotel Yangon Myanmar

The Sedona is a typical business hotel, also in terms of prices. The place is separated from the Lake by a four lane road, more

Max Beach Hotel at Chaungtha Beach

At Chaungtha Beach the best is Max Hotel a few hours road travel to the west coast of Burma is needed, more.

Golden Cottages at Inle Lake Myanmar

The “golden Cottages” at or rather in Lake Inleare the first choice during a Lake visit. Very idyllic, with very nice people. Actually the cottages are a little bit -primitive- but gives a certain local touch.

The cottages belong to a cooperative of the local Pa-Oo tribe and offer a great down to basic budget accommodation. If you like you can go trekking with them in the beautiful hills around Inle Lake, more.

Ngapali Beach Hotels

The Bayview at Ngapali is a good beach hotel, prices are rather high.

All Ngapali has the advantage to be accessible by air because as indicated before the roads are bad, but this also is indicated in the prices.

Ngapali Beach Hotel

Myanmar Treasure Beach Resort Ngwe Saung, is and excellent one a bit south of Changtha, more.


The Ngapali resort, a excellent Myanmar beach hotel was known as the “Strand Sandwa’, It was first established by the Steel Brothers Company on March 15th 1961. It was transfer to the Ministry of Trade in 1965 under the name of the Ngapali Beach Hotel and again transferred to a private company, ‘Lone Ma Lay’ under the same name on November 1st 1999, more.


The country is a slow rising star

on the travel market with interruptions from time to time. Vacation packages includes usually all above mentioned ploaces. A tour to Burma is an exotic journey with many interesting and uncommon views. A great tropical nature, a large variety of wildlife, visiting Buddhist temples and pagodas, ancient palaces and monasteries plus the mountains etc.

Central Hotel Yangon

In the mountain areas the tour operator will take tents with and you have a nice campingexperience in Myanmar.

The two places indicated here, the Central Hotel and the Asia Plaza are 2 midrange accommodation for about US$ 80,- the Central and about US$ 80,- the Asia Plaza. Both are in the very center, actually the Central has probably the best location together with the Trader Hotel both are only 50 meters apart.


The Asia Plaza has 2 floors with good rooms but maybe one day the water doesn’t work, next day the elevator wont work and everyday all the emergency exits are blocked. So if anything happen, where you go? The only real assets is the location and the room rate.

A good alternative on the very budget level is the  Queens Park, the rooms are very basic


Asia Plaza Hotel Yangon

but everything works and this for about US$ 35,. Actually its always recommended to either book a tour or if you want to be on your own and explore the rather remote areas take a guide with you, that is not expensive and keeps trouble away, on top of it you will see the interesting stuff you probably wouldn’t see if you are on your own, because you simply don’t know, also the language can be a barrier.

Cheap Myanmar Hotels Queens Park Hotel Yangon

Cheap Myanmar Hotels Queens Park Yangon


Alternative accommodations

If you are somewhere in a remote corner and you won’t find a place to stay, have a look if there is a monastery somewhere nearby, the country has probably the highest density of monasteries in the world, monks and novices are everywhere. The reason is, usually you can ask to stay there overnight, just give some donation afterwards and everyone will be happy.

Some Ngapali Hotels and Beach Resorts


Ngapali beachHotels Ngapali

NgapaliNgapali beach hotel

Ngapali beach resortNgapali beach restaurant

Ngapali Beach Myanmar

Below are some more Yangon Hotels

Ambassador Hotel
100, A, Than Lwin Rd. 525414

Airport Inn
18, Airport Avenue-1 St. 667738, 662151

Asia Plaza Hotel
277, Bogyoke Aung San Rd.,
Cnr of 38th St., KTDA 391070-1 Ext: 1800

Bago Star Hotel 
69, Thain Gyee St., Oh Bo Ward 535563 

Bahosi Hotel
63, Bahosi Housing, 225812

Beauty Land Hotel
9, Bo Cho St., Bo Cho Ward Ill, 540092, 549772 

Beauty Land Hotel
188, 192, 33rd St., 240054, 240227, 243952 

Bo Myat Tun Hotel
Maha Bandoola St., Corner of Bo Myat Htun St., 
298184, 290575, 291105

Nice Day Hotel
92196, 14th St., Bayint Naung, 663856, 663953, 723577