Myanmar Jade jewelry

Myanmar Jade jewelry come in many variants

Popular are jade bracelets and bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings also have a good market.  Every better jadeite item is Myanmar jade also often defined as Chinese because they either smuggle or export the rough jadeite from mines in northern Myanmar to China an experts in carving will create something nice and pretty out of it. Actually this is usually not done by carving but by drilling.

Most popular colors are lavender, white and green for gorgeous body decoration. This type of jewelry is very popular among Chinese women who interpret all kind of mystic ideas into the stone plus a good portion of superstition.

This are usually stand alone pieces, means there is no other material included. But sometimes yellow gold, white gold and silver is used to create a special piece of art.

When browsing jade shops

in cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Hong Kong and other in recent times (2012) a steep price hike of quality jade compared to the last few years is obvious, this is not the cheap stuff you can see at Amazon and similar online shops. Since people have more money in the pocket demand of the green stone is soaring. Actually there is no real reason for that because there is enough jadeite and even much more nephrite.

Why Chinese People give such a high value to this mineral? Because it has some mystic values which can’t be put into numbers plus the art component because many objects for decoration are real artwork.

Jade Jewelry Bracelet

Green Jade Pendant
Green Imperial Jade Pendant costs about $ 17.000


is available in various forms; there is natural jade of various colors without any treatment beside of washing with plum juice and using bee wax for polishing.

Another type is low quality material is bleached and impregnated with polymer resin plus treated with a hydrolysis process and undergoing a oxygenation treatment which is changing the physical structure of the stone and create different colors it also enhances translucency.

Imperial Jade Necklace
Jade Ring
white green jade buddha pendant
White green jade Buddha pendant with very shiny translucent texture


The worst is when combining the process indicated before and add a dye session. The treated mineral looks great for about three years after it will deteriorate, loose color and actually can be thrown away, imagine you bought an expensive bangle for let’s say $ 3000,- and its worthless after some time? Means when buying jade jewelry it needs to be very careful.

Jade bracelets and bangles

The more translucent jade is

the higher the  the value. It is sometimes a real challenge for a jade buyer to guess what could be in the stone he or she buys. It’s not possible to look into the stone which means a lot of experience and luck is needed to select the the raw material to get a great piece of jewelry out of it afterwards.

This is crucial when buying at an auction such as the Yangon emporium where most of jadeite is sold on a worldwide scale, its a risky business. Some seller cut the boulder to give a better insight, also drilling into the stone is done frequently since really nobody can look into.

Drilling is very normal also when creating jewelry because jade carving usually means drilling, there is no real carving, this is already one of the hardest material on earth how to carve, they drill.

In the age of electric machines it works at a reasonable speed but imagine how they created this items before, they used manual machine moving the drill by a string back and forward this was one of the reason why creating Chinese jade jewelry took always a extreme long time, even today some Chinese artist use this method. Some real beautiful and expensive objects are made although with the stone the prices are usually always mainly related to the quality of the material itself premium prices are paid if a well known artist creates the object of desire and the people are willing to do this extra price add on.

Myanmar jade jewelry
Myanmar Jade Bracelets and more for sale

Jade BanglesJade Rings

Myanmar Jade BraceletsJade Pendants

Jade Sculpturejade pendant

Here are jadeite items such as banglessculptures and more.

Jewelry store at Yangon’s Bogyoke Market

the shopping season is whole year around except Mondays and open hours are 10am to 5pm. There are plenty of interesting things in this great oriental market and one of them are all varieties of great jadeite jewelry. The items on display are overwhelming, there is no other market on earth with such a lot of jade stores and different items. On a place like this one get aware what all is made out of the green stone, today it is different to the last two thousand years before.

Before jades were also used for household items, daggers, knives, burial decoration (Chinese) today its jewelry of all kind. Now we visit this shopping center at Yangon’s “high street” right in the center and get mesmerized by all this beautiful and sometimes quite exotic items in all possible colors, shapes and forms. Colors are from white to lavender, pink, yellow, green, brown all the way to black which is rather seldom.

The shelves are full with real artwork, not all the time, but often, there are jadeite pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles and so on. Expensive items are a Jade Buddha in various forms and sizes, Hindu gods carved from solid jades also in different colors, white is common, lavender and green jade are more expensive so are various statues which got encrusted with ruby and gold dust, this is real stuff, no imitation.

Jade Jewelry Stores
Jade necklace with gold and diamonds

The question arising natural is how to buy jade,

the answer is simple, look for the color, saturated emerald green is best, check the translucency, the more transparent the stone is the better the quality and the higher the price, take 10x magnifying lens with to see cracks or other things, it is common to hide this impurities by injecting resin etc. but the resin only holds for around two years after the stone deteriorates and the item is worthless and look for the texture, is it fine or coarse.

To bring it to the point, if you intend to buy a jadeite item up to around $ 300,- your careful check will probably be enough. Over this amount you need to take a consultant with you who can be hired on a hourly base. Because there are so many tricks to make great looking items out of low quality one and this will only become visible after around 2 to 3 years. Chinese are very creative to pull you virtually over the table. This is not so relevant in Myanmar or Burma because the military acts real harsh to crooks and that makes them afraid but in countries like China, Thailand,

Singapore etc. nobody really cares when you get cheated. The thing a casual buyer should understand, this guys have more than 2000 years experience to manipulate this green stones, they know what they do.

Singapore Jade Shop
Singapore Jade Shop at the Marina Sands Casino Mall, it’s expensive but pretty.


This quality Singapore jade shop

has great items and is trustworthy, they are located in the mall of the Sands Casino at Marina Bay.

lavender and green pendants
Lavender and green pendants look real good, a sure eye catcher
on any women.