Myanmar Jade

Myanmar Jade or Burmese Jade and Buddha Statues

This is jadeite country, nephrite is the other green stone mainly mined in China, Canada and other countries. It comes in different colors such as lavender, green, white, pink, purple and all shades in between including black, the more translucent it gets the more higher the price. Jewellery made from is very popular among Chinese people.  Local gem shops have plenty for sale, also as fashion items and carved art.

The green stone is mined at Mogaung, Lonkhin – Pharkant Area and other sites in Kachin state, plus at Khamti Area in Sagaing Division. It is said that before British colonial times it was so abundant that chunks of  stones were used by Shan noble families as door-stoppers. Some people think the mineral and tattoo complement each other.

In 2001, a giant stone was discovered in Ptiakant of Kachin State. It was found at about 13 meter under ground and was covered by serpentine as being the dyke. The stone has various colors including pale green, green, violet and others.

Its crystal is with good composition, the most valuable is imperial jade. The estimated weight is over 2.000 tons. The findings of other serpentines nearby indicate that there are other dykes in the surrounding areas. Color ranges from white to black, common are yellow, red, blue, green, lavender, depending on its composite chemicals. With full luster and good translucency it can be very valuable, the material is heavier, harder and brighter than other stones of the same size. Great jewellery is made from and when its crystal composition is smooth and delicate, it’s accepted as a quality item

The Emporium for precious stones is now held at Naypyidaw twice per year

Six-hundred and twenty-six gem merchants representing 227 companies from fifteen countries attended the fair to inspect and buy gemstones at auction, an the astonishing variety is on display. It was a jewelers dream to see slabs of of various colors and sizes plus rough blocks ranged from a small 2 kg rock of a remarkable deep green piece valued at a staggering US$200,000 to a two-ton boulder of light green lined with dark green veins at a reserve price of US$170,000, our photos and pictures tell more.

Jade Jewelry Bangles
This jewelry is pretty, comes in different color and has often a high value, read more.

Laughing Jade Buddha
Buddha images arecarved from the mineral a variety of colors and sizes are available at every shop,read more.

Jade History
History of jade is a interesting one, practically dominated by Chinese and a bit influenced by Burmese jadeite, read ore

Burmese Jade Necklace
Burmese jade tell much more about this precious stone in various forms, shapes and colors, read more.

Jade Bangle
A bangle is probably the most popular item, Chinese ladies love them, this gorgeous pieces of a somehow exotic jewelry, read more.

Black Jade Pendant
Pendants are some of the most popular items at any shop since they are relatively small, which wont mean they are cheap. Good imperial jade items can easily reach $ 20.000,-  read more.

Jade Art Work
Art objects carved from the mineral have a very representative character and are valuable items, also very decorative,when they have been created by well known artist, read more.

Imperial Jade Necklace
Necklace of high quality,
often become very expensive quickly in particular because when there is some gold and diamonds involved as enhancementsread more.

Jade Market with jewelry
One of the best market,  is the Bogyoke Aung San Bazaar in Yangon read more.

Jadeite is a high priced material, a  staggering US$300,000 was asked for a two-ton boulder green with dark green veins at a reserve price of US$180,000 read more.

Jade Elephant Picture
Pictures tell much more since it is not possible to harness this into a frame of words in particular the colors, read more.


Jade mine

Raw Lade Stone at Emporium
Emporium in Yangon

Buddha jade images
Stone arranged images

Jade, amber, sapphire  and rubies
Jadeite Rings
Rings in silver and white gold.
Jade Bangle
Burmese jade bangles in the lower price range


The hall held treasures to dazzle even non-experts such as in pebble form or rocks, it took over the ground floor corridors of the hall and the sprawling outdoor compound.

This is the biggest jadeite market on the globe, even the pillars of the hall, built in 1993, were built entirely of small tiles! Since the days of the ancient Burmese kings, foreign traders and merchants have been drawn by the country’s superb gems and ruby gemstone to produce beautiful jewellery from. The story goes that the first French gem merchants were astounded by the quality of some Nga Mauk rubies and declared them to be priceless. The awe of the French gem traders is best captured in a magnificent mural that decorates the lobby of the Gems Emporium Hall. It is amazing how a country can have such a dominant position on one mineral. Buddha jadeimages tell the whole story about what a good designer and carver can do. In our website are also pics of mines, shops, jewelry, sculpturing and stones plus photos from Bogyoke market market the number one shopping mall for jadeite in Yangon.

In the hall a mural features Myanmar miners at work, treasure chests and salvers filled with gems and kings and noblemen displaying the green and other gemstone to foreign visitors who are wide-eyed with amazement. Standing tall in the middle of it all is a bejeweled green queen representing Mother sprinkling eugenia sprigs as a sign of welcome. The esteem for gems continues to this day, bangles are very popular.

For this reason, hundreds of visitors arrive each year in Yangon to participate in the gem fair first held in 1964 and which is now held twice annually, in March and October, most of the goods exported become Chinese after. Many reference books acknowledge that the country is the foremost producer of first-class mineral material. Indeed, the world’s commercial quantities are now believed to come only from here.

It was a varied crowd that swarmed the exhibition grounds and hall on the occasion of the gems andpearls Fair. There were portly middle-aged men whose eyes glowed with the quality,


Yangon Emporium
Yangon Emporium and auction.
gem traders
Gem traders at Emporium auction.
Cabochons at Bogyoke Market
Jade Bangles
Myanmar jade bangles with various colors, textures and shining.

Raw Jadeite


elegantly dressed women dripping with jewellery and young men attired in beach shorts, t-shirts and sarongs. They checked the precious stones others were regular visitors. They smeared the blocks with water, “…to bring out the color and its intensity”, explained a jeweler from Hong Kong, examined stones with a flashlight to check for cracks and a magnifying glasses to study gems for inclusions.

There are some attempts to show a green Buddha statues and other items in a better looking way but there are no real fake items around.

Emporium visitors came from Asia including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singaporeand Thailand, the green stones and rubies were the main attraction. Said a buyer from Taiwan: “I am only here to look for jadeite, because my customers back home prefer it to other gemstones”.

Explaining the Chinese preference for he added: “The people believe that China Jade is a living stone; its color deepens as it is worn over time.” The fondness stems from an old legend which tells how an ancient king was once cured of an illness by wearing this mineral. So many Chinese like to wear this jewelry because of its alleged protective and curative powers.

The fair is divided into two sections. The ground floor features displays of uncut as well as cut and polished gems as well as jewellery pieces.

Jade Jewelry
There is a jewelry store at almost every shopping centers in a Chinese environment since they love the mineral and interpret plenty of mystic and superstitious ideas into the stone. That’s going on since hundred, even thousands of years.
Jadeite Jewelry

Myanmar jade pendants in lavender and green



Jadeite fetches higher prices than nephrite because it is harder, has a better translucency and is rather rare.

The color is from white via lavender, brown, green, bluish and other shade in between, the deep green variety is defined as Imperial Jade this is a very tough stone but it can break when it falls down on a stone floor.

Diamonds are ranking at 10 on the Mohs scale, the mineral ranks seven. Nephrite is popular as a mass article because it is abundant and relatively cheap since it is mined at many places throughout the world, nephrite color is usually from grayish to tainted green by no means matching jadeite with it’s clear colors and transparency. Ruby and Sapphire are in between and nephrite is softer – at 6.5. Very reflective polished and transparent is the top quality sought after, the clearer translucency and deeper green the higher the value is, multicolored stones are also in demand as fashion items.

Jade Jewelry Bracelet

Burmese Jade Buddha encrusted with ruby and gold dust
Burmese imperial jadeBuddha


Be aware that Chinese do all kind of tricks with it to cheat, they dye, heat treat and use chemical solutions to cheat buyers to get a higher price. It is very advisable to bring any piece lets say over thousand dollars purchase price to a independent lab for testing, don’t believe anything what the sales persons are telling, they only want your money and once you paid it is difficult to do anything because there are no agreed parameter, everyone can interpret into it what they want.

Also a Buddha encrusted with ruby and gold dust is for sale, if this is exported it usually becomes Chinese jade. This are very valuable items costing easily 20-30 thousand dollars and the people are buying it means there is a lot of money out there to be spent for a magnificent Buddha statue.

Usually colors are green, white and lavender and this are beautiful art objects and also very decorative, a ideal object to adorn a home. This items are also bought to show …we have money since everyone know the value of this sculptures.

green and lavender jade buddha

Green and white are the most popular

white jade buddha with ruby and gold

Buddha with ruby and gold dust

fat white jade buddha laughing
A excellent decoration in any home

Chinese jade buddha
Carving in white and green.

laughing buddha
Laughing fat Burmese Buddha

carved jade Buddha
Carved sculpture with white and lavender color.

jade art

jade art

There are sapphire and ruby pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and pearls set in gold, with or withoutdiamonds plus inexpensive pieces for sale such as ring for US$1, baroque pieces for US$3, bracelets for US$30 and for the indulgent, chopsticks atUS$80.00 a pair.

There are more expensive pieces of course, US$3,500 for an exquisite tea set consisting of a pot, six cups and a tray, splendid carvings from simple animal figurines to more complex Buddha. There are ruby cabochon rings set in 18-carat gold going from US$100, sapphire rings from US$150 and pearl rings from US$90. For those with larger budgets there are ruby-encrusted gold pens for US$2,000.

All jadeite, gems and jewelry

on the ground floor may be bought over the counter from the vendors who represent joint ventures between private companies and the government. Items on display are of good quality and feature surprisingly contemporary designs. Authenticity is assured and a certificate for customs clearance is issued with every

Jewellery Pendant and Buddha Jade


jadeite Carvings

Sculpture in green and lavender.

purchase. All told, 129 lots of gems, 38 lots of jadeite, 5, pieces and 5,261 pieces of carving valued at US$4.16 million were available for sale over the counter. The second floor features gems, pearls, raw green stones and carvings exhibited by government-owned mines and sold only by auction.

Burmese Jadeite Jade
Carvings with flowers.

All this is auctioned

in a competitive bidding process sealed bids are received for each lot and the highest bid over the reserve price wins the particular order. Some gems were so coveted that the bid was several times the reserve price! A single imperial semi-cut piece for instance, weighing 66.1 grams with a reserve price of US$3,500 sold for US$10,000.The emporium auction began at a slow pace in the morning of the first day but in the afternoon, the pace quickened. There was still much examining every time a lot was called for bids.

rough jade stones
Stones cut open to see the inside
Gems Elephants
Gems Elephants are very popular as decoration
Burmese Jade Pendants
Gems Pendants in various shades of green.

Pieces of Myanmar jade

A mind-boggling 339 lots of gems, 621 lots of the mineral and 120 lots of pearl valued at a total of US$18.6 million were put up for auction.

Not all jadeite stones lots received bids. The percentage of gems and jewellery successfully auctioned off varies from fair to fair.

Emporium turnovers are up to US$ 15 million and more, twice per year. It is estimated that some 60 to 80 per cent of all lots on display are sold at each emporium auction.

Said a gem merchant from Hong Kong who was on his 15th visit to the Emporium, this is the only place where you can find the mineral in such quantities. Some years, I have found really good quality at reasonable prices; other times, I couldn’t find anything I liked or the prices were too high. But I have to come  here every year anyway to see what’s in the market.

Myanmar Emporium Auction
Myanmar Emporium auction presentation
Yangon Emporium Auction
Yangon Emporium 
auction for all precious stones
jadeite necklace

Colors of Burmese jade

Despite some reservations about price, most of the visitors to the gems emporium agree on one thing, the gems are of superior quality to those found elsewhere and many dealers and jewelers are willing to pay the price, at the biannual emporium plenty is up for sale.

For instance, slabs of of various colors and sizes. Piece of of about 2 kg and other rocks and boulders with up to several tons are available.

Myanmar jade history

There is also blue material used by Olmecs and Mayans in the then “middle age” it was rediscovered in Guatamala close to Zacapa city. This blue stones occurs as cobbles and boulders in some rivers and is therefore called “river jade” that drain the Sierra de las Minas which forms a highland along the northern side of the Motagua Valley.

Olmec blue jade is unique and was also found in the Tambor river, a waterway that drains the highlands south of the Motagua Valley. Blue, green and lavender color were found.

Burmese Dragon Jade PendantsBurmese Jade Pendant RoundBuddha jade pendant

Lavender Buddha Jade PendantBurmese Jade PendantsMyanmar Jade Buddha Pendant



Jade Jewellery

Jewellery for sale made from Burmese jade

with pretty combination and is pure imperial. Most will end up in China and being resold and manufactured into body decoration, sculptures, Buddha’s and more.


Burmese Jade Bangle

Burmese Jade Bangle with popular colors.

There are more expensive pieces of course, US$3,500 for an exquisite tea set consisting of a pot, six cups and a tray, splendid carvings from simple animal figurines to more complexBuddha images, statues and small figurines.

Bangles adorn many women with the younger crowd pendants are more popular. They are very pretty body decorative, looking good and come in many varieties, colors, as carved items in in a wide price range which spans from around $ 8,- for a genuine (no yoke).

It’s available at the Bogyoke Market in Yangon and Mae Sot, Thailand, street market and other places one to several thousand dollars, it depends on the texture, color and translucency.


Buddha jadeite and nephrite

are probably the most famous types, most people don’t know the difference and put all into the same category.

The most prominent products are jewelry and Buddha sculptures which usually comes in white or lavender color plus in smaller sizes in green. This items for sale are abundant in Yangon’s Bogyoke Market sold as,jewelleryraw jade and carved, check the pictures they tell more.