Myanmar Marine Products

Myanmar Marine Products

Myanmar has plenty of marine products and seafood. One of the positive features is that all the waters around the mainland are very clean, there is no pollution from heavy industry or large cities, so the marine products-seafood is real good stuff. If it comes to artificial breeding out of ponds it is necessary to be careful, since in many of this fishery JV there are Thai companies involved, they bring in their feed and the usual habit of carelessness, using all kind of banned antibiotics (e.g. the Thai mix heavily antibiotics of the cifloxin type into the feed (that’s the same stuff which helps against anthrax and venereal diseases).

If you eat too many prawns in Thailand your body get overloaded with the saturated prawns and if you need those antibiotics you are already immune and it wont help anymore) and chemicals to mix into the food for the animals to have them raised faster.

Also the fishermen are somehow conscious not to destroy the natural environment for the marine products like it is done in other countries in the region, where all kind of banned fishing methods like certain nets and the use of dynamite and poison is common, beside of the fact that they all assure you they don’t do it, but if nobody looks they do.

Marine products available:

1.                  Sea Water Fish                    Fresh Water Fish

                    1. White Pomfret                  1 . Rohu (Gutted)

                    2. Black Promfret                 2. Pangash (Gutted)

                    3. Chinese Pomfret               3. Ayer ( Gutted)
4. Spanish Mackerel             4. Mrigal (Gutted)

                    5. Hilsa

                    6. Grouper

                    7. Javelin

                    8. Red Snapper
9. Threadfin

  2.              Shrimp

                  Black Tiger – Head on

                                   – Head Less

                                   – P.U.D
3.              Lobster

  4.               Surimi

Native Fishing for marine products


Andaman Sea Island Beach

Pearl diver

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