Myanmar Monastery, monks and novices

Myanmar Monastery, monks and novices

This is a country with countless Buddhist monasteries One is the Shwe Kyaung (the golden Monastery) in Mandalay, it was built by the last Myanmar King Thibaw (1878-1885) in the year 1880. The place is splendid decorated with artistic woodcarving both inside and outside with carved panels enclosing a verandah running along the whole platform. The walls are also carved with more panels and there are facias between the tiered receding roofs.

Bright and gorgeous arches end in slender finials that crown the gables. These gables held the bargeboards in the same motif in a smaller scale.

Inside are figures of celestial beings such as Indra guarding the doors and the Birth Stories of Lord Buddha are depicted thereof.

The whole array of figures is interwoven into intricate

 and picturesque tapestry by floral arabesques. Out of 150 timber posts, 54 are decorated with Naya Dragon as buttresses.

Myanmar Monasteries usually have been and are today in the form of light wood buildings. Others are brick built, like the Pitakat-Taik at Bagan Myanmar , the library for the sacred Texts in the 17th 18th century.

Location of the Shwe Kyaung Monastery in Mandalay.
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The numerous buildings and monastery complexes form a remarkable side of architecture. They are not always rich or active enough to build a temple, sometimes it is just a house for monks. They live here and if the wealth and importance is increasing more buildings are added, like stupas, pagodas, temples, libraries and so on . A better one always has its own wells and pond and stands in a shadow grove.

 monastery shwe kyaung mandalay myanmar burmamonastery shwe kyaung inside mandalay myanmar burma
Shwe kyaung monastery Mandalay                                                               Shwe kyaung  inside

   monastery shwe kyaung veranda mandalay myanmar burma
Teak veranda and monks

The 4 pictures at the right side show the  famous monastery at Sale near Bagan
Sale Monastery Buddhist Scriptures Chest
Sale Buddhist Scriptures Chest
Sale Monastery
Sale Monastery near Bagan
Sale Monastery Inside Sale Monastery storage chest

The Shwe In Bin

In the year 1815, master craftsmen were commissioned to construct a very enormous, exquisite and elegant wooden monastery by two wealthy Chinese jade merchant. The wooden monastery is exceedingly ornamented with elaborate wood-carvings and wood-work along the balustrades and roof cornices and horizontal moldings in relief. It is just west of Thakawun monastery and south of 35th Street. Just as Khmers sometimes copied and translated wood-carvings into stone, Myanmar translated some masonry elements into wood. 

monastery shwe in bin mandalay myanmar burmamonastery shwe in bin cross section mandalay myanmar burma
Shwe in bin monastery Mandalay                                                                            and cross section
monastery shwe in bin wall woodcarving mandalay myanmar burma
Wall woodcarving at the outer wall

Old structure made from teak at Bagan

In the Buddhist Monastery Bagan Myanmar
Monastery Myanmar and novices
Novice in the Buddhist Monastery Bagan Myanmar
at a Buddhist monk monastery
Bagan Monastery monks and novices eating
Monks and novices
Bagan Monastery monks and novices eating hall
at eating hall