Myanmar Music Video

Myanmar Music Video

Myanmar has a hot contemporary music scene,

most of the music is presented via video – movies, music – karaoke.

Sometimes there are some concerts to present the new stuff to the fans, but the main vehicle is the cd and the video – movie karaoke. Myanmar hot music, Myanmar modern music, Myanmar rock music, Myanmar rap music, Myanmar girlie music, videos, music videos, general videos, landscape videos, videos on monuments, videos on Bagan.

Plus karaoke videos,

music videos, videos on travel in Myanmar, Burma, video clip, music video, free video, video video, free music video, video gratis, vivid video Some video – movies on our Myanmar music video page are for free some are not. After download pls. pay and we send you the password, just insert this and open with window media player, that works always. Watch the music videos and the other videos at least from a distance of about 1 meter.

Bagan and the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy River


Mandalay palace and maha muni pagoda

Mandalay Ride you wont forget this !

Water festival Video Songs, Karaoke at its best.

Boyoke Aung San Bazaar Yangon

Myanmar Model Girls

Myanmar Model Girl

Myanmar Cute Model Girls

Myanmar Nightlife Video

Myanmar Nightlife Entertainment

Myanmar Model Girls

Myanmar Model Girls 1

Here are some of our video clips we have uploaded to Youtube