Myanmar Nightlife

Myanmar Nightlife Girls Pictures & Yangon Entertainment

Most bigger hotels offer some kind of entertainment in the evening from time to time even shows with folklore dancing and orchestra plus some artistic performance. Pubs and bars in the big hotels offer just more or less the same as elsewhere in Asia. A other variant are plenty of disco, karaoke and pub – restaurants in certain places such as Chinatown, but not only there.

Some of the best places are also at Ahlone Road, a new bar, disco, restaurants and lounges cluster emerged around the International Hotel and the other side of the road already years ago but it looks much better now.

The nearby Summit Parkview Hotel has a pretty nightclub with live music, they even sometimes have a Pilipino guy who try to teach Chinese ladies how to dance, I sometimes wonder what else he is teaching them.

A bit further off towards Kandawgyi Lake is Power Light Restaurant and a few minutes drive is Asia Entertainment City and JJ, both are in two high rise buildings and several nightclubs and karaoke bars are there.

Have a nice oriental night dedicated to pleasure and pretty women I guess this is exactly what most guys want, well and here it is in the tropical heat.

Yangon is a great Metropolis it it will become even greater, the sad thing is that now under the democratic government they start to censor more than under the uniformed guys, is this the new style? Especially with a couple of nightlife themes which nowhere in the world except the Taliban related groups usually take notice, this is here in the internet and also at youtube.

Asia Entertainment KTV
Asia Entertainment KTV at Kandawgyi lake

disco at yangon international hotel
Disco at Yangon international hotel

yangon game at ahlone road pool bar
Yangon game at Ahlone road pool bar

Myanmar nightlife pictures
Here are plenty of Myanmar nightlife girls pictures to see what’s going on.

Zero Zone Entertainment at Thaingizay Road located on the rooftop of the Ambassador building, just ask there is a elevator, they have entertainment with fashion shows where pretty models show “homemade” fashion with background music. Location: Roof level ,2 Thain Gyi Zay, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, Pabedan T/S Township, Tel: 240600 ext. 4252, 371800 ext. 351There are two quite run down discos at the opposite side of the road, that is emperor and palace disco, although this two are quite rotten they have very pretty girls every evening. This is a good mixture for entertainment from 8.30 pm to midnight, with pretty entertainment ladies.About 5 fashion show groups come and go during the evening, have a look it’s worth it and try their barbecue buffet with chicken, mutton, fish and more, real good stuff, some food is Indian style, very tasty. It’s natural, they do the cooking more or less in front of you. I’ve also seen a tandoori oven, you can enjoy a evening there, read more.

Power Light Entertainment

Power Light Entertainment is a nice place located close to Kandawgyi Lake but they have no fashion shows but entertainment  with around 50 young ladies who sing and dance on a stage which is in the center.This venue is a crossover of a restaurant and nightclub, they have good food and many people come there every evening including families with their kids, there is no “hanky panky” business although you can buy some flower garlands to one of the girls who are singing at the stage and she will have a look for you, read more.

Chinatown at Theingizay

Chinatown Yangon have been the place where most entertainment was going in the past, this is changing now. There are several discos, restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and crossover located at Theingizay and around close by is Maha Bandoola Street and around the 19th street.Some more eateries and street food is available at the other small roads around, it reminds to Khao San Road in Bangkok. Be very care full by eating anything there, especially the street food, read more.

Pioneer Disco Yangon

Ahlone Road at the Yangon International Hotel address No.330, Ahlone Road,
Dagon Township, Yangon, Tel: 951-216001-4, Fax: 951-229228 and Summit Parkview are several nightclubs, lounges, discos, bars, pubs, restaurants and something in between, this place is a genuine night center where everything is available people are look on a trip in the darkness, don’t worry there are plenty of flashy neon light.
At the other side of the road is a slow pace music lounge with life music and a pleasant atmosphere to unwind and relax.At the front and is a restaurant which closes around 10pm the lounge is a the back means don’t turn away when the front might be a bit darker, read more.

JJ & Asia Entertainment City

JJ & Asia Entertainment City address at  Mingalar Market Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp this is the place for a hot night with all amenities sexy oriented Asian nightclubs, discos and karaoke bars have available.Probably the best spot to find a nice lady for the time after. There are dozens of them in each of the venues which are in two buildings with a couple of floors. Here is “high tide” every night the place is teeming with joy, laughter and fun every day, they have very pretty positive motivated girls not the one who make a “monkey face” all the time and are negative on anything, read more.

Myanmar nightlife pictures with bars and pubs

Yangon Nightlife in general is rather in slow motion but very active by itself and it has all facets of great Asian fun which includes everything you can think about, when you exclude go-go and the huge massage shops it’s very similar to Bangkok although a dimension smaller.The night in the city gets more interesting every day since many people sniff money to be made on a growing economy because of the opening up of the country. Also the tourist and travel business have high grow rates, what they want to do at night? Yes having fun who wants to hang around in the hotel all the time? read more

Exotic nightclub ladies

Now “icing the virtual cake” are exotic nightclub ladies for all variants of entertainment, actually it’s visually not as attractive as lets say in Phuket or Pattaya but “under the hood” it’s very similar. This are pretty ladies who just want to enjoy the good time as you, what should they do? Hang around at home and watch TV? This are not bored nonsense talking individuals, they are energetic youg women who are waiting for the catch, well and what is the catch? Yes, the handsome guys who also like action and not being bored by stupid TV shows and commercials and getting fat and ugly by just doing nothing, read more.

Here is Waka Waka

Most big hotels have some kind of an nightclub

which often includes a disco, pub or lounge.

Hot Shot Club is in the
Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, Kan Yeik Tha Road at the Lake.By location this is probably the best one in the city because the panorama over the lake can hardly be beaten. Although the place is a bit off the center and always needs a taxi it can be difficult to get one in the night and if you find one they try to milk you merciless.

The Sedona Hotel has a pub andseveral restaurants one of them serving Italian food has a nice few towards the swimming pool. Location: Sedona Hotel, 1 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road.Kitchen is excellent, after just walk in to their pub which has a good atmosphere, that’s the location for a pleasant “integrated evening”, because there is quite a diversity available.

The Music Club at the Park Royal Hotel, open from 7pm to midnight. That’s a crossover between a disco and a nightclub, they also have tasty snacks available.Location:  33 Alan Pya Phaya Road. Sometimes girls are around to bring you into the right mood. For local parameter a bit pricy but a nice place for an evening.

The Savoy Hotel has a busy barwith some music and food, plenty expatriates come in every night. Location 129, Dhammazedi Road
Tel: (+95) 1 526289, 526298, 526305This is the only hotel and bar which is still in genuine teak style as it was during colonial times. A nice place located in Windermere district, although a bit off the center, it’s genuine, the place is really pretty.

The Trader Hotel has a lounge and some kind of a sports bars at the first floor. A pleasant atmosphere which spins’ you quickly into good mood.The hotel is probably the number one in the city and is excellent managed, the people show real commitment, there is also a lobby bar. It also has a distinct local flavor when compared to other places from this company also the location right in the center is excellent.

Silver Oak Cafe and Restaurantat (83/91), Bo Aung Kyaw St. a nice place to beat the time with some music, drinks and good food, it’s a bit off but with a taxi it’s not far. It is always a bit difficult to reach and leave the single places.This is a local style venue. The best is the restaurant, people are working although it could be faster but what can we do in the evening people relax.

Palace Disco location is at: 6th Flr, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Rd., Thein Gyi Market, this is opposite the Zero Zone.This is a rather rotten place but they have very pretty girls in the evening if this is your destination come before 9pm because after they are taken, open until 11pm.Just ignore the mess around this is local style use the elevator.

Emperor Disco is in the same building as the palace but one floor below. Both bars have some guys standing at the entrance to pull you over.From the interior they are the same. Here is the Dagon Bar and at the opposite side is the neon sign from them.

Nightlife ladies are very popularsince they entertain the people with some activities such as fashion shows and maybe some more who knows what’s up in tropical heat?But the main attention is just simply the beauty of them and if they have the right outfit which lets your imagination come up well that’s even better, read more.



Burma nightlife is slowly advancing and open up to a wider variety

some fun at myanmar KTVfashion show ladies

catwalk show with pretty thingsshow and entertainment in the evening

pretty entertainment waitinghaving fun in the evening

Pretty Myanmar nightlife girls at a rooftop show in Chinatown, a nice place for a pretty evening.

entertainment with exotic asian womenentertainment with exotic asian women (1)

entertainment with exotic asian women (3)entertainment with exotic asian women (2)

What about a bit of a gay scene? Have a look at San Francisco DJ club at Tarmway Plaza. Cover charge is Kyat 5000,-.A rather hot spot in the city, start is around 8pm, close around midnight. There are some events every now and then, everyone is welcome, the gay direction is rather among other.There are lots of similarities to Thailand nightlife, Birma in German language has really interesting stuff, it needs to explore it that’s the idea of this website. The next step is pack up your suitcase and go, it’s surprising what’s up there, interesting and up to date entertainment is waiting.


Yangon institution is the Mr. Guitar cafe at 22 Saya San Road. Founded by singer legend Nay Myo Say and bringing live music from around 8pm to around 12pm.
Mr Guitar Cafe
This picture is from their Facebook page.


Want to know how they do nightlife in the neighborhood? here it is.

Myanmar nightlife pictures from Yangon Chinatown
Buffet style at Mahabandoola and 19. street

dinner at chinatown
Old fashioned BBQ with street food

dinner at Yangon Chinatown
Yangon nightlife dinner in Chinatown at Mahabandoola and 19. street


Most people think there is not much going on here, but they are wrong, it’s not as flashy and styled as in Bangkok and capitals in the region but this city has a absolute advantage to all other, the colonial flair is still around, although in decay, still going strong. Myanmar’s are very lively people, ok, some are lazy, as everywhere but many are really moving by any means. In particular now (begin of 2014) there is a real departure with determination into the future. What is the result? prices are rising and hotel charge double and triple the rate as before, everyone wants to get a quick adventure of the new times, the best places to feel this new atmosphere are restaurants.It’s a rather slow moving evening with is passing until around midnight, food is not bad, music is good and ladies are nice just the right stuff to have a great oriental night.

entertainment with exotic asian women (4


Actually nothing must be missed during a stay in Yangon. Nightclubs with life music and / or a DJ, folklore show are on plus Indian Bollywood style dancing and Myanmar entertainment.Pls. note some of the photos on this page are not very good, because its quite dark there, but have a look in the video section, there are some nice movies of a fashion show and dance show from the Zero Zone Rock Restaurant and elsewhere, it’s hot at a Yangon night and this is for sure not only from the air.

Yangon Nightlife Shows at Asia Plaza Nightclub
JJ Entertainment & Asia Entertainment City plus naughty girls


To have a look for great Myanmar model girls  a good start is Zero Zone, they have a good blend of everything and the location at the rooftop is simply the best in the city. Within the same building are about a dozen more bars, nightclubs and restaurants, its a very lively scene. At the opposite side of the street are some more nightclubs, they look quite rotten.

fashion show entertainment
Yangon nightlife fashion show

but that’s almost everywhere in the country. This is a disco with a lot of nice young ladies having fun there, the place is a little bit rotten, but this is almost everywhere we shouldn’t apply inappropriate standards, read more.When one come out from the elevator just cross the street, there is Palace Disco and Empire Disco the left elevator lifts to Palace Disco the right to Emperor Disco. Both discos have plenty of girls and a fashion show around 11 pm.All discos charge entrance combined with a drink its usually 3000 – 6000 kyats (1 dollar is about 8400 kyats – black market rate- in the moment June 2012). All this places are very save, no problem with drunken guys, security guys take out every troublemaker immediately, one wishes like this is everywhere.


This is Burmese nightlife

and in most discos, nightclubs, karaoke bars and fashion show lounges plenty of girls are around, having fun with dancing and many of them are not negative to go for some speed dating.

This are somehow not very erotic places, they are usually quite run down but the right spots to pick up some pretty young ladies.

burmese nightlife with show

Burmese nightlife

Burmese nightlife at Ahlone Road

Burmese KTV for some singing

nice time at Ahlone Road

yangon pool bar

Burmese KTV is quite popular most guys come for the ladies.


There is a lot going on in the city at night, e.g. try the nightclub at the Summit Parkview hotel, they have live music and often some Filipino guys can be hired for dancing, they do a good job, actually this is rather unusual in the country but normal in Philippines. Another restaurant style entertainment is Power Light near Kandawgyi Lake, they do it a bit different by having around 40 young ladies parading and singing on a stage in the center.

This is no karaoke they really sing and do some dancing, this is a nice place to spend the evening there are even families with kids, so don’t believe this overblown bla-bla, it’s entertainment, not more.



Shooting picture or video

Yangon Nightlife Ride
It’s time to move to the next waterhole


do it quick so that it wont draw attention, basically they have nothing against it.The nightspots are very cautious on this security subject since if there is any bigger trouble they get closed down for at least 1 month, they have a couple of very good regulations, this makes the country one of the most safest in the world.During your Burmese nightlife tour have a look for nice young ladies who hang around at the mentioned places to have some fun, maybe with you, give it a try.

From very white girls from the north to the dark girls usually of Indian origin, but this complexion stuff has nothing to say they all are very nice and many real pretty ladies.

yangon at zero zone
Barbecue zero zone restaurant

This is the barbecue of that restaurant,a nice place, not stylish, a little run down, but what can we do, this is everywhere in the country. One thing is for sure, the food is good, better than in other similar places and it costs about 30% of the price in a hotel restaurant.On the two plates on the left picture is one fish – about 30cm – and two chicken legs plus 2 big bottle of tiger beer is around $ 6,- that is quite cheap together with a fashion show, a nice evening, don’t forget to give some flower garlands to the dance girls, that’s THEIR income and that is rather slim, think about your “social vain” and distribute some money to others who have less than you. Today everyone is talking about social stuff but it looks as if all this hipster have no idea what social means. What does it mean? Yes, but not only bla bla, help a bit, you will gain merit, trust me! Don’t we have already enough of this bla bla fools? It’s time to help physically not by silly talks.

Here we have 3 days in the Zero Zone by pictures,

Myanmar Model Girls on stage

Zero Zone Entertainment and fashion show

Zero Zone Entertainment

Power Light Restaurant & Yangon entertainment

Burmese girls at Power Light Restaurant & Nightclub, this place is a safe one for a slow pace evening.

Power Light Restaurant Nightclub Entertainment

Power Light Restaurant Nightclub Entertainment

You can enhance and enjoy your time even more by giving some “flower” to one of the girls you find attractive, she will have a look for you.Between their nightclub show a life band is playing and some girls sing some modern local songs. If you like one of the dresses don’t hesitate to buy it it’s very cheap usually only a few dollars. In the same building are another dozen or so bars and clubs-,  just one floor below – with a lot of exiting young ladies trying dancing the night through. But Burmese nightlife usually ends around midnight if you want to take one of this pretty women with you check it out, some are positive, others not don’t be shy, read more.

Myanmar nightlife show at Yangon Chinatown


Sometimes they show some Bollywood dancing from India in the Zero Zone pub. Its a good dance performance with some Myanmar girls of Indian origin. They wear nice India dresses. India they have a lot of tradition in terms of dancing and some is also very popular in Myanmar.On your nightlife trip finding a companion is no problem, the hotels are tuned for it, they just charge you 10 dollars more but some wont lets them in. For this situation there are short time accommodation, if you go in this direction probably the best is take the hotels at Ahlone Road or the Asia Plaza. Just keep everything in a way like anywhere else in the world and nobody will have any problem. There are maybe some people who might call this a particular variant of  tourism. This people we tell before they complain, clean in front of your own house first before you want to blame others on anything.

Cycle rickshaw Chinatown Yangon

Cycle rickshaw in the night is still very common in the city and no folklore.


This is only a glimpse into the local night scene, have a look on your own, you wont regret, its one of the most pleasant places in Asia.
Taxi Yangon Chinatown
Myanmar nightlife taxi’s are often nothing but moving trash, touching the tarmac etc.
Myanmar nightlife pictures at Chinatown
night at chinatown burma nightlife show show group on the road
Here is another famous Asian Chinatown and this is the best night action available in the country, there is a bit at Mandalay and at the border towns to China where Chinese people come over to enjoy cheap and interesting stuff, the guys usually come over for the bar girls and what they also like is KTV.
night at Chinatown
Yangon nightlife zone at Chinatown with nightlife and entertainment
girls working at night
Girls working at night
Yangon Nightlife
Sexy nightclub fashion show group
Since the country is rapidly changing tell the audience what’s up now plenty of people are interested, don’t be shy tell what you think about Myanmar nightlife.