Myanmar Photos

Myanmar Photos

They tell the story of an exotic country behind India and convey a image from a ancient world, today, you will hardly find a other country on this planet with such a diversity  on colors, subjects and objects. Virtually on every corner a new great motive for your camera pops up. It’s exotic, it’s great and a top experience.

Panoramas open up views of a “lost world”

with temple and pagoda cities such as Bagan and Mrauk U. Bazaars showing life as it was some hundreds years ago, typical is Bogyoke Market Yangon and the area around the Mahamuni Temple at Mandalay. Interesting people of many ethnicities are around assuring great shots for still and videos.

Exotic and very pretty ladies with a soft touch are great objects to picture. There are no restriction to for pics shooting just don’t take the uniformed and if a person close up is the object ask first or just do it very quick.

You can see almost all in full scale in our e-books, made with high resolution digital cameras but pls. keep in mind the copyright is still with us.

Myanmar Photo Shwedagon Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

This is a great visualization of a country with a rich history and culture, just browse this gallery. If you want any of our top quality shots for commercial use, you have to pay for it. Its only little money, for this you get top results.

Some of them can be printed up to 70 cm wide without substantial visible loss of content. Our experience is that people continuously copy them and use them on their websites. If you want to do so, ask first, one of the basic conditions, if we agree is to make a active link to us. Buddhist Nun  –  Buddha Photos  –  Pagodas & Temple  –  People Pictures   –   Kawthaung  Chindwin River   –   Islands  –  Elephants  –   Children Inle lake leg rower myanmar burma monastery of jumping cat Inle Lake leg rower monastery of jumping cat Kyauktan pagoda syriam yangon Kyauktan Syriam Thanboddhay Temple Monywa Thanboddhay Temple Monywa Shwedagon pagoda platform yangon rangoon Shwedagon pagoda platform pagoda near Mandalay Near Mandalay

Kaung-hmu-daw Pagoda Sagaing Kaung-hmu-daw Pagoda   Sagaing Hsin Byu Me Pagoda Mingun Mandalay Hsin Byu Me Pagoda Mingun

Burmese girlsBurmese girls Burmese girls

U Min Thonze Pagoda Sagaing U Min Thonze Pagoda Sagaing

Settawya Temple Mingun Mandalay Settawya Temple Mingun Mandalay Part of Maha Muni Temple Mandalay Mahamuni Buddhist Temple Mandalay Myanmar Photo Bagan Panorama Bagan Panorama Ananda Temple Bagan Ananda Temple Bagan Ananda Temple Inside Buddha Statue Ananda Temple Inside Buddha Statue Ananda Temple Inside Ananda Temple Inside Buddha Statue Bagan golden Pagoda Bagan golden Pagoda Bagan Pagodas late afternoon Pagodas late afternoon Bagan Pagoda Buddha Bagan Buddha Sculpture Bagan Gubyaukgyi Pagoda Window Gubyaukgyi Pagoda Window Bagan Pagoda Golden Dome Bagan Pagoda golden Dome Bagan Monastery Bagan Monastery Myanmar Monastery Thatbyinnyu Temple Bagan Thatbyinnyu Temple Pagoda on the Ayeyarwady - Irrawaddy River At the Ayeyarwady – Irrawaddy River

selling birds free the birds earn meritin bago In Bago Pagoda Yangon

girls collecting donations Near Kyaiktyio, collecting donations mergui myeik salone beach Mergui Myeik Salone beach pics girl selling Lacquerware in Bagan Girl selling Lacquer Bagan Oxcart Oxcart in the sand Bagan Pagodas and Oxcart Pagodas and Oxcart Bagan Irrawaddy Boat Pagoda Irrewaddy River Boat Bagan Women fill water Women fill water from the Irrawaddy Author - Photographer - Moviemaker and friend Author – Photographer – Moviemaker and friend Buddhist Nun Here you will find some of the most attractive panoramas Inle Lake photos Inle Lake is always spectacular when the leg rower balance in their tiny canoes to make the catch, read more. Mandalay Photo Mandalay  convey the image of an old world with plenty of pagodas, temples, monasteries and the Mandalay palace, read more. Bagan Photos Bagan Photos make a sunken world visible, a fascinating place with a mystic aura plus Mount Popa nearby, read more. Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Bago Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Bago colonial style villa Colonial style villa at Bago On certain places such Bagan, Mandalay,Yangon etc. it might be usefull to hire a local photographer to assist you in finding the right places for the right picture shot or video, at the right time. The reason is simple the local person know all the good shooting places, that includes naturally also for videos. They show you what you probably never find, since usually also the tourist guides are not very up to date on this subject. This becomes especially virulent when you don’t have more than maybe a couple of days.

For picture shooting

around Bagan and Mt. Popa the best choice is Mr. Bagan Maung Maung, you can find him or one of his family member at the Ananda Temple, they have a sales booth in one of the entrance of the temple for souvenirs, just ask, everyone know him. He is one of the most famous photographer in the country and will also show you his rich collection he made over the years. Its really worth it, you will have a visual experience you never dreamed about. If you are on a longer trip you can hire a one to come with you, try Mr. Bagan Maung Maung or Mr. Ko Oo in Yangon, if you want contact just ask us. Its just like you hire a tourist guide, its worth it, doesn’t cost lot of money and makes sure you will find the REAL places will see the hidden stuff and save a lot time, you wont find the real interesting spots and views by yourself.

A Burma picture guide

in Yangon and other places, is Mr. Ko Oo, a excellent choice, you can reach him through the e-mail of this site via contact. All other places have their own local guides, ask at the hotel or us, the main reason for this is time, with a good guide you can do in one day what usually would take you several days or you wont find the subject at all. We also have a pool of writer available who can do a excellent text on almost any subject. Shwezigon Pagoda Shwezigon Pagoda Shwezigon Shwezigon Bagan Abeyadana Temple Abeyadana Temple Bagan Crossing Irrawaddy at Sunset Crossing Irrawaddy at Sunset Tharabha Gate Tharabha Gate Bagan Ananda Temple Panorama Ananda Temple Panorama Bagan Pagodas plus Balloons Pagodas plus Balloons Bagan Temple and Pagodas Temple and Pagodas Mount Popa Abode of the Nats Mount Popa Abode of the Nats Mt. Popa abode of the Nats near Bagan. Mt. Popa, about one hour drive from Bagan.Mount Popa is a extinct volcano with a monastery on the top at 1500 meters. Bagan Irrawaddy Novices Bathing Irrawaddy Novices Bathing Bagan Irrawaddy Kids Irrawaddy Kids swimming Irrawaddy River Life Irrawaddy River Life   Bogyoke Market Pictures bogyoke market Bogyoke Market Bogyoke Market Shop Bogyoke Market Shop   Chin People Chin Fashion Lady Chin Fashion Lady Chin Girl Chin People Chin People   Burmese Model Girls Myanmar model girls     South Myanmar Kawthaung Kawthaung images in south Myanmar   North Myanmar Mount Hkakabo Razi Mount Hkakabo Razi