Myanmar Restaurants Eating Snake and more

Myanmar Restaurant Eating Snake and more


The Myanmar restaurant scene is not very developed, beside of the big hotels there is a big hygienic problem. Naturally Myanmar restaurants serving local flavored food from different ethnic regions such as Shan food, seafood is plenty, Thai food is popular so is Chinese, other serving European food, means Italian, French, Spanish and more. Singapore noodle shops are popular, because tasty and cheap.

There are Indian restaurants serving northern and southern Indian food with all kind of varieties, Pakistani Halal food is available, so is Jewish type food. Korean restaurants offer their sometimes strange food and there is a very typical restaurant offering very special food, food prepared from all kind of local animals.

That are snakes, monkeys, pigs, anteater, flamingos, peacock, frogs, bats and many other Food in Myanmar can be quite exotic just to have a look at the Myanmar menu of the roof top seafood restaurant in Chinatown Yangon. Such as broiling anteater-roast, or should it be bats in Chinese herbal-soup, supposedly well against Asthma because the bats don’t eat insects but only ripe fruits’ The decision is not simple, another delicious python steak would be there, tastes good like tuna, fried rabbit or the roast of a wild cat, that still now shyly from the cage looks.

Or maybe the small monkey still vigorously jumping around at the hand-rail and tries in vain to wipe the hold-rope, they say if it’s grilled it’s delicious. Frog-thighs and rare mussels as well as small turtles last not to despise either. Two flamingos and a peacock swagger through the table-rows.

A  eagle balanced with his claws on a fence-pole beside it, they are grilled served today or tomorrow. Meanwhile the flamingos serve a good purpose, they peck insects and remains of the ground and hold the restaurant so purely. In order to supply all this to the stomach without problems, there is Myanmar beer or a full red wine mixed with some snake-blood, this should help against Asthma and cycle-illnesses.


After eating all this the ” showdown ” occurs.

As aperitif, snake-schnapps is announced in this Myanmar restaurant. The liquid is not especially fragrantly and burns like pure alcohol in the throat, but Chinese swear on it. I also have a few Russians sighted taking the stuff by the bottle, it should enliven the digestive-organs, maybe Russians need that, they look strange all the time anyway.

The bottle in the middle is of newer date and filled with snake penis, some cobras and vipers lie, replenished with alcohol this shall decease after pleasure with the man to standing brings and the Sextrieb promotes (this is Chinese believe)

Myanmar restaurant eating snake whisky
Myanmar restaurant eating snake whisky made from snakes lizards and alcohol.

Myanmar restaurant eating snake

Myanmar restaurant snake whisky, eating snakes, lizards.


To the support of the general well-being like the wine with snake-blood. The snake-schnapps from the right darker bottle. Here, different high-poisonous snakes are conserved in alcohol like vipers, cobras, banded-kraft, that yellow – white striped, plus Geckos, big bugs and a few other small animal-types, normally a half year until that for the first time schnapps is taken. The schnapps is gotten with the suction-appliance from the bottle and is emptied in a finished whisky-bottle.

According to preference of the customer, snake-babies are brought in, to increase the condiment, snake-schnapps is drunk and the girl I watched didn’t die after it !  The bottle left is filled with alcohol and miscellaneous snake-heads, this should be for the blood-circulation well. Some use snake as food and others use snakes for spiritual reasons as you can see in the famous snake temple in Penang, Georgetown.

Of course there is still each quantity of other delicacies,

it is the grilled Lobster long one half meter, eels, the club of the pig or from the game-bear, different fish like sea bass, pomfret, stingray, swordfish etc. plus other Frutti di Mare. A naive might think it’s a zoo here. The restaurant is in the roof-garden of the ambassador building in Downtown Yangon, that’s the place eating snake, drinking snake blood, eating cobra and more.

Almost all of the offered liquid is slurped after three points of view primarily.

Now, the normal-human being wonders natural, where has the poison remained’ The answer is… it’s gone. If the snake-relics are boiled away to the soup, the poison vanishes with the high temperatures , after 24 hours they say its gone for sure anyway, but again actually not quite away, something remains over, comes with the snake-schnapps into the body and develops positive processes there, available at a Burmese restaurant.

Burmese restaurant
Burmese restaurant

Myanmar restaurants
Myanmar restaurants, eating snake, eating cobra and drinking snake blood

Myanmar restaurants eating cobra
Myanmar restaurants eating cobra,
exotic restaurants, snake restaurantnative restaurantsnake liquor,


Bats wait for the cook, he takes the night flyer with the long tongs from the cage, the animals bite like displaces and screeches in high sounds, snatches them at the body solidly and severs the head with a blow of the knife, the blood splashes, everything without gloves.

Whoever wants to eat one anteater must already have an amply strange taste. Wildcats are a true delicacy for Chinese and others, I don’t now want to portray the way of the cage up to the grill further, it probably gives overdose to cat lover that with such horror to the toilet, but we want however objectively-proves the train of thought in the head kept – other countries other manners. That includes animal-pads, we shouldn’t always try to colonize other people with our thoughts, the others also cope without us quite well and as long as it is not a threatened type. A anecdote on this subject, some time ago some of this self declared clever UN or NGO people in Yangon (who mainly drive around in the latest luxury off-road cars from Toyota and pretending doing something, if you don’t believe me, have a look in the parking lot of the Trader Hotel), urged one of the government branch to close down a very typical Chinese restaurant on the rooftop of the ambassador in ten gi zeh. The description of the restaurant is above. Why ‘ because they offered snake dishes, snake liquor – snake whisky – and other animals like monkeys etc. all those are so many in the country that they are happy to get rid of some. But this UN & NGO people only look through their tainted European, American etc. eyes without caring at all to the local habit and custom. The effect was, 12 girls and 5 cooks out of work, those are the poor ones who earn roughly about $ 30,- per month. Outmaneuvered by a bunch of white people who earn about 5 – 8 thousand dollars per month on the back of the poor people, for no realistic reason, only because of some totally useless so-called safe the planet philosophy. Is it necessary to tell that the western taxpayer is paying their salaries and what they get for?


Some Myanmar Yangon restaurants

have great dinner show, its called fashion show.

Along the main east – west through roads in downtown Yangon are plenty of open air restaurants Myanmar style. This is along Bogyoke Aung San Street, Anawrahta Street and around. Have a look here for Yangon downtown street food restaurants. We made this video some time ago and uploaded it to youtube. You will see typical Myanmar fast food restaurants along the before mentioned roads.

But keep in mind if you don’t want to have stomach problems, don’t eat this stuff. The hygienic circumstances and food material used is not the best one, including the water from the public tab. It’s better to go in a bigger hotel and eat there, you have a good chance to be free of problems afterwards. A excellent choice for a good and worry free dinner is the lobby restaurant in the Summit Parkview hotel. There is also a Suki restaurant in the annex beside the swimming pool. In the Summit Parkview Restaurant they offer a buffet with a various theme 3 or 4 times per week on the scheme, eat and drink what you want for around US$ 10 -15,-. Since this also includes excellent red and white, not every time, -as much as you can drink- it will be a excellent dinner time. There is also dinnertime at Yangon Chinatown.

Some superb restaurants are in the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel in Yangon-Rangoon, Myanmar, right in front of Kandawgyi or Royal Lake. Among other do they have excellent Thai food, probably the best Thai Food in Myanmar.

The Sedona Hotel has a very good Italian Restaurant, just opposite the swimming pool, it’s real good stuff and very reasonable priced. The Savoy hotel also has a excellent restaurant.

The Chatrium Hotel ( former Nikko) in Yangon Myanmar is somehow a exception to the other hotel restaurants in Yangon since there are several restaurants with different themes. Like Yangon Japanese restaurant, Mexican restaurant and other restaurants. Actually they change the restaurant theme from time to time. Trying a Myanmar restaurant is a great things to do. Many people I know, however, stick with certain ideas of a restaurant and wont change.

dinnertime at Yangon Chinatown
Dinnertime at Yangon Chinatown,  exotic eating,
Myanmar restauranteating snakeeating cobradrinking snake blood.


With so many restaurant choices in Yangon, Mandalay and elsewhere in Myanmar where to start’ Here are a few tips to help you expand your dining choices. If you do a restaurant search, ask yourself, are you in the mood for Myanmar, Indian, Chinese, Japanese or European food’ Once you pick this decision, it’s all downhill from here. Narrow the search results to account for your price range and location. Review the choices given and pick a restaurant that you think you would enjoy. If you are having a hard time narrowing down your choice to just one Myanmar restaurant place, the best thing to do is just choose once and try the other choices next time!

You can still find some great Myanmar restaurants even on a budget. Considering a dinner buffet in the Summit Parkview  hotel in Yangon, with a mixture of excellent seafood plus wine and beer, as much as you can drink and eat is really a bargain for about US$ 10.-

Trying something new! Like a fast food skewer restaurant in down town Yangon Restaurant at Chinatown, or the Singapore noodle restaurant.

Yangon Restaurant at Chinatown
Yangon Restaurant at Chinatown

It needs to be careful on the hygienic issue, because the stomach problem after the dinner makes everything before useless. Information on restaurants in Myanmar, Burma, Birma, Yangon, exotic restaurants, snake restaurant, seafood restaurant, Thai restaurant, Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, Chinese restaurant, Indian restaurant, native restaurant, snake liquor, eating snake, exotic eating, exotic restaurant, restaurant dinner show, dinner show, snake restaurant, sea food restaurant, seafood restaurant, native food restaurant, native food restaurant, Summit Parkview hotel, Sedona Hotel, Italian Restaurant, Savoy hotel, Chatrium hotel.

Travel in Myanmar automatically brings you in contact with cuisine of Myanmar which took over, among other, some Chinese ideas such as eating snake, eating cobra and drinking snake blood. At Myanmar restaurants they usually serve you food with a very exotic twist or you just take fried chicken, hamburger and something around these themes. It is necessary to differentiate the hotel restaurants where tourists go and the other Myanmar restaurants. Unfortunately in most hotels somewhere on the road there is a lack of even the basic hygienic, means a high probability of stomach problems after eating. Be very careful with all kind of dishes where sauces are involved, it could be a great aroma, a great taste etc. but it is necessary to thing beyond this. The best thing in Myanmar is go only in a Myanmar restaurant with a friend or someone you know, because if you come with a Myanmar the restaurant kitchen will think 3 time not to throw junk into your dish.

Myanmar restaurants are offering all kind of curry dishes and seafood. Seafood in Myanmar restaurants became quite expensive since most is exported to Singapore and Thailand because much higher prices are fetched there.

Aside of native Myanmar restaurants are Indian Restaurants, Thai Restaurants and all kind of European style restaurants such as French and Italian restaurants which are usually run by expatriates. Other restaurants such as Shan Restaurants, let you get a idea about the diversity of Myanmar food. There is also foreign grown cooking such as steaks and burgers.