Myanmar tropical vacation at the beach or mountains

Tropical vacation in Myanmar are exotic and different to any other destination on this planet, mainly focused on cultural themes such astemples, pagodas, Buddhism, monasteries and so on butslowly the country is emerging as a destination for beach, adventure and mountain trekking, jungle hiking etc. But if you rather prefer action and nightlife better travel toPatong Beach in nearby Thailand.

One of the best vacation trip is diving, it starts at Phuket Thailand via a live aboard trip with a yacht into the Andaman islands of the Myeik Archipelago, this could be the trip of a lifetime. This is pure adventure travel, they opened this area up only a couple of years ago and the last Europeans etc. there were the British at colonial times. The ships of the British East India Company also stopped there on the trip from Penang Georgetown to Madras India.

Travel brings you to more than 2000 km coastline with beautiful beaches, plus the Myanmar Burma Andaman Seawith hundreds of pristine islands and a lot of pretty scenes in the country give for sure a attractive holiday destination. You can find holiday packages here for inclusive trips. Get a full spectrum of holiday variants, more ideas you can get when you explore our web site, in general you can expect worry free holidaysbeside of some little problems which are everywhere. You can find reasonably priced vacations and very expensive luxury vacations, it is for everyone.

Bagan Shwezigon Pagoda

Bagan Shwezigon Pagoda at a vacation trip


The top destination is Bagan

after its Mandalay, Yangon, Ngapali, Ngwe Saung or Chaungtha beach vacations, trekking tours, mountain outdoor adventures, visiting pagodas and temples plus more. Do a little travel planning by using our website and the content which offer excellent information and great pictures plus videos in the video section. Since our website is photo – picture oriented you will immediately see what you can expect. Great travel in a somehow similar environment can be experienced at Thailand vacation.

Myanmar Beach Vacations

Burmese vacation have a wide spectrum of possibilities


When you plan your holiday; you already know where to go. But, perhaps try something new for a change, something for pleasure and something for culture, an ideal combination.

To sum up your money for a tour won’t make you sweating, because in relation what you get its worth it and on to of it you can have some real talks afterwards to have been in a country, only very few people, traveler and adventurer have been visiting before.

The Islands are probably one of the most attractive destination, there is everything what a normal vacationer wants. A pristine nature, beaches, the tropical water of the Andaman Sea.

Meet the natives which are the Salones or Sea Gypsies, interesting people living on houseboats and five from fishing, hunting, amber collection.

Some are still pear diving although they have pearl farms in that area which produce beautiful gold and silver pearls.

The main culture oriented destination is Bagan but there are plenty of other such as Mandalay which is not only the hub for upper Myanmar but the the center for creating art works.

There are dozens of famous pagodas, temples and monasteries around which show the dedication to Buddhist culture. This extends into Sagaing on the other side of the Irrawaddy and further west to Monywa on the Chindwin river and the tribal areas of Chin and Naga. Which are very interesting.


Pristine Islands

culture oriented travel

For Beach & Diving the west coast with Ngapali, Chauntha and Ngwe Saung plus the islands and coastal region in south Myanmar are the places to travel.

All this destinations are quite unknown to the outside world but easily match other holiday places in the region. Some are a bit primitive but the up market resorts are all run by foreigners who know how to handle the hotel and resort business. The big adventure the country has is, it’s tainted yet, nice people and a pristine nature although with some negative sparks such as a continuous problem with electricity.

Tropical Fun, this is a country near to the equator and that means its always rather warm and between March and September it get hot to a level where there is no fun anymore. The escape is go north and east as the British colonialists did, they had their hill station at Maymyo and did some traveling to the northern mountains where there is eternal ice and snow up to almost 6000m.

But most travelers are probably connect the tropics with beaches and islands, there are plenty of them more than 1000 in the whole country.

Pristine Islands

culture oriented travel

A River Cruiseon the Irrawaddy is almost a must during any trip to the country. No need to go on a lengthy floating such as between Mandalay and Bagan (that’s the most popular) it would be enough to rent a small boat and have you driven up and down for an hour maybe around Sagaing and Mingun or take a fiver ferry at Yangon.

Either hire one of the boats at any jetty or check here the address: Himalaya Trekking Travel Agent  Room 201,Summit Parkview Hotel, 350 Ahlone Road, Dagon Township, Yangon,Myanmar Phone 95-1-227978

This address is also ok for Mountain adventure, or use the contact email above.


Trekking and hiking   Adventure in the Sea   Nagaland trip   Chin State Adventure Tour

Plus in difference to the blab bla what the ‘western media’ propaganda bring you will be able  to go anywhere you like except some border areas where insurgents make trouble from time to time and some military owned areas which are off limits in any country on this planet, so it’s nothing special.

Myanmar adventure vacations

Myanmar adventure vacation


Myanmar adventure vacation

are well known as trekking, outdoor vacations and/or visiting the biggest Myanmar National Park Alaungdaw Kathapa near Monywa. Burma is for sure not a big name destinations such as the Bahamas, France or Bali but the country can easily match all

Myanmar or Burma is the only country in South East Asia which has snow, glaciers and a real winter. They also have the highest peak in SEA which is around 6000m high.

Only conquered about 6 years ago by a joint climbing team of Japanese and Myanmar climber.


Kachin People

Kachin People doing their job

Trekking Myanmar

Trekking in the north

Myanmar Snow Trekking

Eternal snow in the upper region


the above mentioned and other, it’s a secret almost nobody know it. The biggest problem is the infrastructure, electricity, roads and good standard accommodations in remote areas which are not common on the “tourist radar”.

This remote corner in south east Asia,

bordering the Indian Ocean, the Himalayas, Thailand, India, Laos, China and Bangladesh, sound already exotic. The country isnot very developed, but it’s exotic, very safe, has a great culture, ancient monuments, a great Buddhist religion and very nice people. This travel will for sure be different to any other but could be just your dream vacation, if you are either culture oriented, a beachcomber, a island freak, want to meet some exotic ladies or just relax very far away from everywhere maybe in the mountains of the north or the remote islands in the Andaman Sea means Myeik Archipelago.

Andaman Sea Island Beach

Andaman Sea Island Beach

Andaman Sea Island Beach

Island Beach

Myeik Archipelago

Myanmar Vacation at Myeik Archipelago

Burma travel island cruise

Burma travel Island cruise

make your dugout

make your dugout


Enjoy islands with a package tour or go on your own. If you want to do a trip for one or two weeks to see the most common and interesting destinations better take a organized one. Here you can find information plus great videos and dozens of pictures showing you a real dream. You can choose culture, adventure travel, scuba diving and more.

go fishing

Go fishing

fishing in the Andaman Sea

fishing in the Andaman Sea

beach food

beach food

Burmese vacations packages

e.g. Inle Lake and more are available from us. Exotic tourism can be all inclusive vacation or individual but still all inclusive. Traveling in Asia this days is very much the same no matter where you go but Burma is defiantly different.

Book a package including a river cruise, beach holiday, or adventure vacation, or culture tours to have a look at all this ancient monuments plua great pagoda and temples. Exotic beach vacation might be just the right for you in a corner of this planet where others never have been before, but you can get just the same luxury beach vacation like in Thailand, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, just name it.  The difference is Myanmar is unique, they other are just another “kid at the block”.

At Inle lake

At Inle lake


Myanmar great outdoor,

are rather soft adventure, do your vacation trip on your own. Just look through our website, there is a wealth of information right here.

Buy a good map and maybe just go to Google Earth and check it out. Great vacation wait for you, trust me. Pls. don’t mix this up with politics, vacation is one subject, politics are a other and both have nothing to do with each other. Every normal citizen in the country is happy when you come because this will bring them urgently need substantial support in form of  money, they already have enough problems and money can help to come over this. Burmese are political educated but are not politicians at every minute, they need  money to buy food, to live and can get a better life, now, not in 10 or 20 years, they already suffer to much for too many years to be victim of abstract political gambling, by the influence of the British colonialists with disastrous results and the USA who pushed them into WW2, Burma had nothing to do with WW2 before and the US and English still keep on playing their dirty games.

The more tourists are coming, the faster and better the situation will turn into positive territory which will finally the change for better. Escorted vacation could also be a alternative to travel the country. Go to Yangon, go to a travel agency, hire a tour guide, male or female and they will go with you.

A escorted trip in Myanmar

is probably the best way to travel and it’s quite affordable. If you consider  to spend about US$ 120,- per day for a car with a driver and a tour guide you can get this easily. You must not think about them in terms of hotel and other related, they will take care about themselves. Add hotel costs, lets say $ 35,- to $ 50,- for a good hotel anywhere in the country, but be aware there are many places with no hotels at all, in particular if you are on a trip in the northern mountains, they use tents, do some camping in the Himalayas plus maybe $ 10,- for your food. Burma travel is something special.  And, very important, don’t think your Burmese travel guide has anything to do with the authorities and don’t start political talks with him or her, they have heard this hundred of times before and most of the tour guides are not very interested to do it once again. They wont tell you.. leave me alone since they are nice people. Going on vacation you can experience Myanmar hotels from islands in a tropical environment. There are not many big and commercialized resorts around it’s all very individual travel, also no nightlife like in Thailand but many people just like a quiet place and Burma is for sure the right place for this. You will have a good time at the beaches, see monuments and have, if you like, marvelous outdoor adventure in the north Most waterfront accommodations are closed during monsoon since the weather is simply not good.

For a golf tour pls. check our golf section.

This is not cheap stuff since they are mainly for the individual traveler.

Everything is in place also for exiting kids holidays, to make the smaller ones happy. In our website you will also find tons of exiting vacation pictures to give you a idea what you can expect,

colonial times like the famous Candacraig Hotel at Pin Oo Lwin or Maymyo pictured at right. There are not only this old style hotels plenty of new hotels are around at the tourist spots, local guesthouses and other accommodations are available.

Many small family hotels can be booked in almost every city, but don’t expect that everything is in the way you know it from home, Burma is different.

Dream vacation are waiting,

excellent beaches suitable as family vacation. The Andaman sea is the place for exotic

burma vacation

Candacraig Hotel at Pin Oo Lwin or Maymyo