Medicinal Plants of Myanmar / Burma
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We offer the first e-book on Myanmar medicinal plants (a compilation of medicine knowledge gathered over centuries and a knowledge bank for todays medical research, there are effective plants no one has ever known outside the country, profit from it) for download. The book has 246 pages and a scientific exact description, including photos of more than 100 useful medicinal plants, plus register and index, a must for anyone who is working in medical therapy or research, printing is possible.

Pls. note, there are a few blank pages in the e-book, this has technical reasons, because it is a variation of the printed book and we have to keep the page count similar due to index pages etc.

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Myanmar is one of the most beautiful countries in the world blessed with supreme natural environment and resources as well as religious and generous peoples. Peoples in Myanmar have inherited their own traditional medicine and practiced it for over millennia of golden Myanmar. Recently medicinal herbalism became more popular than before in the world. Over many years, modern scientist began to search the medicinal plants all over the world with special attention to their medical usefulness based on the background of traditional experiences of reliable effectiveness and safety. Plants in Myanmar, however, have been put in a black box for a long time because of lack in the reliable documents on the plant flora around this area, although the researches among the other Asian and tropical countries are rapidly progressing.

This book contains very precious and beneficial information for the researchers in the fields of medicinal plants and natural environment. In the tendency of present boom in herbal medicine and environment conservation, this book of highly organized documents on the traditional medicine in Myanmar will be a best guide for the researchers in the world. It is also relevant for environment policy makers, pharmaceutical manufactures, medicinal herbalist and other health care professionals. We hope readers will be content with our efforts to supply a reliable guidance for plant flora in Myanmar with medicinal benefit