Sexy Myanmar Girls

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To find sexy Myanmar girls


and also Indian and Chinese looking ones check the nightlife scene in Yangon's Chinatown. It's a typical local fun, with Japanese and Korean guys, other from upper Burma and some from the city. From time to time even some western come in if you want to have it real hot better try Thailand.

All places with the exception on Ahlone Road

look quite run down, don't come in before 8pm. Its worth to spend some hours there, no problem with dating.

Ladies are very similar to Thai girls but I would rather say here they are better educated, that's probably somehow still a legacy of the British system implemented ages ago.

Here they do some fashion show modeling and karaoke, all is focused to entertain the men, which is natural because this is the reason why they come here and pay for it. There is no much room for plenty of bla-bla on this subject because also the women know exactly why they come here and, very important, there is no pressure they come at their own will.

At Asia Entertainment City Yangon
At JJ Entertainment City Yangon

At Asia Entertainment City Yangon
Asia Entertainment City

Show at Asia Entertainment City Yangon

There are also several discos at Theingizay, it's the emperor disco, above is the palace disco, nearby are some other. They all show fashion shows after around 8 PM, beautiful young women are around seeking to have some fun.

Along that road in Yangon Chinatown is the ambassador building with a nice roof garden and the zero zone "rock restaurant", its on the rooftop. They have live entertainment, a band, several singer and a good barbecue and tandoori oven where they make great tandoori chicken, its an all-round nightlife location. Several fashion groups with plenty of fashion show girls come in after 9.30 pm to spice up the nightlife.

Myanmar Sexy Fashion Show Girls
Myanmar Sexy Fashion Show Girls,
model girls.


Pretty Myanmar Sexy Girl
Pretty Myanmar Sexy Girl if you like it a bit more sexy have a look for Pattaya Bar Girls.

Again the whole place looks not very "en vogue" but its a nice one where the Myanmar's until about 30 go.

You can see the fashion show video

with sexy Myanmar girls in the zero zone here Nightclub Fashion show. For the same in Thailand. We took the edge off !Located in the same building are some more Yangon nightclubs on a lower level - with a lot of exiting young Myanmar sexy girls trying to dancing the night through. But the dancing usually ends around midnight. There is no problem to take the ladies with you, if she agrees. The hotels are kind to their customers and make no problems, they will just charge for double occupancy. Just keep it on a low burner and everyone will be ok. There are some more nightclubs elsewhere in Yangon with plenty of sexy Myanmar girls, one of them is

Sexy Burmese Girl
Fashion Show Ladies
Sexy Burmese Girl Myanmar Sexy Girl Yangon
Myanmar Sexy Girl from the north

JJ entertainment, Power Light, Emperor Disco and more. JJ is a huge hall looks like it was planned as a cinema, every evening  around 50 sexy ladies "shake the body".

Some are with Chinese, India and European genes. This are very interesting places, because the girls are quite nice and wont give all kind of problems all the time. On location dating has many benefits. In comparison with the internet dating services, on location dating, maybe in Yangon, you see it 

Myanmar Sexy Mon Girl
Sexy Burmese Girl
Myanmar very Sexy Girl, some of the hottest are Girls in Phuket just about two flight hours south of Yangon. Sexy Burmese girl, sexy Myanmar girls.

in real and no major problems, in the nightclubs and discos in Yangon and elsewhere hardly lady will passing by without a second glance. You wont being alone -if you like- or having to settle for ugly or average looking women.

No need to be annoyed, the sexy girls outnumber the guys about 5 to 1, means enough are around and a big choice. No need to be scared of the Myanmar dating scene in the nightclub just look friendly and they will approach you. If you see a particular one don't be shy to ask here if she joins you for a drink. It wont matter if you are ugly, bold or fat, just be a nice guy and you will find a nice girl.

Fashion Show Ladies at Zero Zone Rock Restaurant
Pretty Nightlife Pretty Nightlife Entertainment
Hot and sexy in Yangon
Hot and sexy in Yangon
Sexy Nightlife Show
Sexy Nightlife Show

Dating a Burmese girl

in a nightclub is not hard at all. General the guys always think to much. The good news is that, chances are excellent for a date. People naturally are interested in others, and even more so people like being romantically involved with other people. It's the nature. Just relax and find out if she is positively reacting to the conversation you both are engaging in or with appropriate

sexy burmese girl
Sexy Burmese girl at Yangon.

body language giving positive signals, then they are in agreement with what is happening. The chances dating them in real time are in your favor, when you think its decision time, the girl is usually ready for a question, like you go with me and most likely they already have an answer, in most cases its a positive answer. Keep in mind that they are usually short on cash, so prepare a little present and talk about it, remember, in order to get something, you have to give something.

Don't think to much on this question, the ladies in the nightclub more than likely expecting that you will ask her if she like to come with you, don't think you will catching the girl off guard. But even if everything feels right, don't ask too soon. Here are Sexy Chinese Girls

Sexy Burmese girl dating on location in a nightclub in Yangon has always been fun. No need to go through the long list; the blonds, brunets, redheads and so on. In Myanmar all girls have black hair, maybe with a little yellow coloring here and there but basically all black with a sexy touch, not always but most. Dating in one of the nightclubs in Yangon breaks the monotony of Europe, US, Australia etc. It spice up your world. Bring in variety and diversity and the exotic nature of dating.

Sexy Burmese girls

are legendary nothing beats a great Myanmar and a Thailand girl. Do not shy away from the racial, cultural and ideological differences. Venture into Asian dating for a whole new experience. Something invigorating, something that will give you an adrenaline rush and Myanmar sexy girls are more than eye candy, they will make you feel to be on cloud seven.

Myanmar Thailand are some of last remaining enclaves in the world where dating, love and relationships are real nice and easy. Even if your intentions are just to have a date and some follow up action with a beautiful sexy Myanmar sexy you will quickly feel the intensity of the  

Myanmar cute Sexy Girl

passion, you will get yourself head over heels in love with your date. The magnetic attraction of the Myanmar and Thailand sexy girls is real great. You can also have a look in the Internet to try and get a fitting match, but nothing beats dating at location and this location at best is a is a nightclub in Yangon Myanmar.

The genuineness of Myanmar dating

is great, it will make you feel like a butterfly ready to fly. Give Myanmar and Thailand dating a shot and you will feel better. It is so easy and simple to find dates at the nightclubs of Yangon. That means the best way of dating great Myanmar sexy girls is still, do it physical, go to Myanmar and Yangon and have a look. This is the real Myanmar dating of sexy girls. All others lack the excitement and vibration to meat the

pretty ladies face to face. They wont cheat you just give some presents in form of dollars and they make you happy. A Burmese sexy girl is one of the best around in SEA.. They usually look younger as they are. Their complexion varies from white to all shades of brown and usually their face are cute, Asian girls are among the most beautiful women on the world, they are very popular these days and a sexy Burmese girl is special.

Sexy girls at Power Light
at Power Light Yangon attractive singer
something going on where is the big spender
entertainment ladies at Power Light Yangon
Some more model girls at Zero Zone Rock Restaurant
fashion show nightlife ladies
at Zero Zone Sexy Myanmar Girls
Sexy Myanmar Girls Sexy Myanmar Girls  
pretty women
pretty women in blue

Here is some more "hot stuff" from Yangon
  Pretty entertainment
Pretty entertainment

Sexy Burmese girl
Exotic Asian girls and more about  Myanmar Girls


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