Myanmar Nightclub Girls

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Myanmar Nightclub Girls & Burmese Nightlife


Beautiful oriental ladies and sexy photos are special and quite attractive. This beauties are definitely not dull, they can charm you and get you a positive feeling. Since they try to understand you to make the whole encounter somehow more interesting this is for you to explore. It wont need lots of pleasure skills to make you feel special, the ladies from the nightclub know how to handle you.

This is what most men loves about this Asian beauties, they are exotic and erotic, sexy and somehow spicy enough to turn you towards them instantly. They try to make you happy by turning on the heat on. When traveling to Burma as a single guy it is for sure a good idea to have a look into the Yangon nightlife scene and checking out what's going on in the bars, nightclubs and discos there.

Busy night spots are plenty

and pretty women are around who have their roots in different backgrounds. Many ladies have Chinese and Indian backgrounds, some even had English and Portuguese background in the past but this is nothing negative it even adds spice. Not only slim women and others with a little more flesh on the body are the most usual but not the only. If you like it real hot in the night you better try Patong Beach at Phuket Thailand.

If you come as a tourist, traveler or on business you can easily have a look around and find a great nightlife scene. Cute ladies in the nightclubs, bars and discos in Yangon and elsewhere in the country.

You can enjoy a girlfriend like experience with ladies of your choice, hold hands and have a look around the city plus having some fun in the hotel or elsewhere with some special massage etc. The main question is, where do you find this beauties to get the thing going.

sexy Burmese nightlife girls
Burmese Sexy nightlife girls at Zero Zone Theingizay in Chinatown
  Burmese Sexy
Other hot stuff check it out
Burmese Sexy
Nightclub ladies and modeling photos

Positive thinking exotic ladies can be found as fashion models in the nightclubs, bars and discos of Yangon. In every of this places are dozens beautiful Burmese girls with the right touch. You will find real eye candy there by all means and interestingly its not only ladies, there is a also a lively Myanmar gay scene, but this needs a little more search, its not as open as with the women or as it is in Thailand.

Actually beside of ladies

at fashion shows in bars and nightclubs there are no go-go bars or strip clubs and

Myanmar Sexy Girl
Some are real naughty girls
Burmese girls sexy

other nightclubs with any of this variants. There are several nightlife spots where you can find this are the nightclubs at Theingizay in Yangon's Chinatown among other is the Zero Zone restaurant. The difference is the Zero Zone is a real restaurant with fashion show to get your exotic imaginations and maybe more. Where the group come in, do their fashion show and after about half hour they are gone, there are about 4 groups every evening. The other place is JJ Entertainment & Asia Entertainment City.

If you happen to be one of the guys who like Myanmar sexy your next trip probably will be to  Burma to have a close look for some Burmese sexy ladies. Plenty of exotic and sexy beauties are around , in particular at the nightclubs and bars of Yangon. Smiling 

pretty faces make them desirable to the foreign visitor since the ladies from the nightclubs are also very cooperative to play some naughty games. It is quite easy to find just the right girl you like, of course there should be some mental sparks to ignite a great evening. It is less a question where to find them, it’s the nightlife places at Yangon. Want to have a look, travel to Myanmar is very easy and a visa is also obtainable without any problems at any Myanmar embassy, at Bangkok it works within a day.

Yangon nightclubs

where fashion shows are on from about 8 pm to about 12 pm with probably up to 10 groups. If you spend some money on garlands for them they will

Yangon nightclub
Myanmar Sexy Girls, fashion show at Zero Zone Rock restaurant Yangon, Chinatown

come to you and do some entertainment, its somehow real time speed dating. Aside from fashion show girls there are other pretty ladies around to have some fun, its great by all means. There are plenty of other nightclubs, bars and discos in Chinatown (the main street for nightlife is there, it's Theingizay ) and some other nightlife spots. Most of this nightlife spots are looking very run down, but that's the way it is.

Yangon's Asia Entertainment City

burmese nightlife girls
Myanmar nightclub girls at a show in Chinatown

The most important is to have a good time and this is for sure. Its also relatively low priced, at the Zero Zone restaurant, its on the top of the Ambassador building you can have a orderly dinner with 2 big beer for less than $ 10,-. Its just the right place to have dinner and enjoy the great "vista" of some beautiful ladies passing by.

Spend some money on flower garlands and the lady will sit down with you, so' give it a try, don't be shy! they are tuned for. As almost everywhere in the world looking good is a top priority for them, they probably aren’t flawless beauties but they have a pleasant look and some great features.

Myanmar nightclub ladies

are especially appealing to single guys who are ready to fall in love with exotic beauties. It’s a somehow innocent looks with very feminine features. Maybe you are lucky and get in touch with a great looking girl, actually chances are good, and your dream come true, they really know how to charm and are ready to seduce with their great exotic look. Find then at the fashion shows places, such as certain restaurants, discos nightclubs and karaoke bars.

Every evening they do their shows and you will find they have real model like shape and are ready to do some funny games with you, no yoke !

Burmese girls in the nightclub business

are usually down to earth, and quite attractive, there is no shortage of themr. What makes them specially appealing are the mixtures of the over 130 ethnic groups.

Spiced up with others having Indian and Chinese roots, during English colonial times there was constant migration of people into Burma, the result are great looking is a interesting "melange". Also the British themselves and Portuguese left a huge legacy over hundreds of years, check it out.

A real beautiful and sexy girl can spice up your travel and vacation or holiday, maybe a dream become true. When you're looking for that

exotic lady you can have a great time, just head to Burma and track down a beautiful one with black hair, big brown eyes and a smooth skin coupled with feminine figures, what about that? When you found that pretty "thing" have a trip to one of the great beaches e.g. to Ngapali and have fun with your beach girl.

A sexy travel destination

Fitting perfect with romantic sunsets and vibrant energetic nightlife in a great Asian country. This is for sure one of sexiest country in the world, but most people don’t know this, since they are preoccupied with all the negative stuff they get served by the media, but the people who create this media content are only focused on the political situation but life has other, more important parameter than politics.

What is more important than politics? almost anything else, let's say, a nice evening, good times, nice girls, great nightlife, some beer and maybe a bottle of champagne. It's sickening to hear this fools called politicians on their mudsling campaigns where they do all kind of useless nonsense only to satisfy their silly ego to make others miserable. Is this the stuff they get elected for? that they emulate some old poison spiting women who don't know what's on? I guess everyone can forget this people unless they do what they are elected for and not nonsense old the time.

Anyway, this is one of the last frontier in tourism check it out before it gets conform to the other.

sexy myanmar girls
Myanmar Beach Girl
At Ngapali Rakhine or Arakan.
sexy nightclub girls sexy Myanmar nightclub girls Sexy Myanmar Girl at Yangon
sexy myanmar girls
Burma Girl
The nightlife hotspot

is Yangon the former capital, you can find every interesting stuff here, just dance your half night through with a pretty women in one of the discos in Chinatown and elsewhere, at all this places dozens of them wait for you. The nightclubs are well known to attract them, they hang around there listen disco music and you can watch them doing fashion and dance shows.

Other popular places live bands or as discos. They play international and local music. If you are one of the guys who are a little bit shy to approach them, here is the answer since they are quite open minded and you don’t need to look like Leonardo. Most of them have their natural beauty and the soft nature of South East Asia Girls.

Spice up your holiday or vacation, no need to be fluent with the language, most of them know some basic English and that’s usually enough since you wont go on a philosophic discussion and one important thing don't start to to engage them in some political discussion they simply are not interested because they have better things to do. Here is real live not the bla bla stuff we know in Europe and other countries in the western world.

Just be nice and try to go along with them, they will do the same with you and don't forget most of

them have no real income so pass some dollars or kyats. To make it easy memorize a couple of local words or sentences as an icebreaker. It's not a very good idea to come on too strong with the ladies, do it the slow way and show some respected. Do it slow at first, and you will be rewarded beyond your dreams later.

Asian girls with soft skin, long hair,

dark eyes and seductive smile are some of the most beautiful. They are also make great partners in various positions. How can you meet these fascinating ladies and have some fun? go on location dating in, no need for dating on the computer, you want something to be done physically, more.

The beauty of them is well known since hundreds of years, not only since Kipling wrote  about. No women from the country made it to the Miss Universe title yet but there are many different

Burmese sexy
Burmese sexy lady
Sexy Lady Pretty Lady Sexy Asian Lady Cute ladies Asian Girls sexy girls
  Sexy Models
Myanmar nightclub girls at Yangon Chinatown
myanmar beauties
myanmar beauties
show girls
myanmar show girls
myanmar show girls
Yangon girl with Thanaka cosmetic
Sexy Manmar girl with Thanaka cosmetic, it protects from the sun and keeps the skin white.

ethnic groups to come up with just the right blend. They are not extreme followers of fashion, almost all of them are somehow wrapped up in a longyi, they are always pretty dressed and try to make the best of their appearance. The easiest way to find a great lady is to look in the nightclubs where they have a fashion show in the evening.

They are brought up in a traditional way, using Thanakha for cosmetic purpose, often live with the family until getting married, they put their family before themselves. Most of them are passionate lovers and don’t make problems all the times, they are very loyal and will stick with you. You have good chances of wooing these beauties, check it out.

The country is probably one of the most diffuse travel destination in Asia but one is for sure its worth to go travel there. The beauties are rather quiet and sometimes vibrant, fun loving and readily welcome foreign tourists in the nightclubs, bars, disco and pubs elsewhere, your party will be a hit.

During the daytime do a culture and shopping oriented trip and after the sun drops, have fun. Don’t believe anything what you hear in western media about this subject non of the people writing about never have been there. They go to the internet collect some stuff together illustrate it with some photos from Google images and voila here we have the specialist delivering the content. The problem is that for some reason most it to the top listings, the other who write the real stuff are not even mentioned, this is Google quality, everything is based on quantities and nothing on quality.

Another fact is, contrary to what they usually say, the country is a very safe, one of the most safest in Asia and nobody give you any problem unless you are starting to make problems to them.

Yangon, Mandalay and Pin Oo Lwin are some of the few cities which still has the flair of colonial times in terms of architecture and people, there is a great mixture of native and plenty influence from India and China. Actually from a architectural point of view Yangon is more on the Indian side than any other south east Asian metropolis. Also the British had quite some influence since they rebuild during their occupation of the country.

Pretty Lady at Bagan




Asian Beauty
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