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Myanmar fashion show, tribal, Chin dress, Naga dresses


Local fabrics and ethnic jewelry is probably the most interesting concerning fashion. Ethnic clothing is popular in the country side, far away from the big cities there they just copy what they see in Thai and Chinese TV.

The most basic fashion item almost everyone wears is a "longyi", women and man use it, its a piece of cloth used as a wrap skirt. Probably the most opulent clothing can be watched during a wedding party. Many parties of that type are at the Summit Parkview Hotel in Yangon.

From time to time fashion shows are on when some designers introduce their new creations which are almost all inspired by Thai and Chinese fashion.

Interesting is fashion jewelry

available at several shops at Yangon's Bogyoke market, they have great ethnic and fashion jewelry on display, cheaper items are often made from freshwater pearls. Since there is nothing really interesting in terms

of fashion clothing in the big cities its best to look into the tribal fashion scene which is the real interesting part on this subject. The material for modern clothing sold in the big city or markets comes mainly from China. In the remote areas items are made locally, this is tribal fashion. Local materials are cotton, silk and imported Chinese fabrics and other textile material. If you want to get an idea on the creative show visit one of them, there are shows at nightclubs and discos as entertainment. You will see a lot of creativity and if you like it just buy it on the spot, it’s very low priced. Myanmar model girls show newly created fashion at several Burmese evening shows at nightclubs and restaurants in the evening, of what they see in some Thai soap operas and Chinese movies, all this is category of average minus.

tribal fashion lady Tribal Fashion

or ethnic fashion is different, creative and unique, it beats the copyist by a huge margin, just have a look below and you will see what we mean.

Interestingly almost every tribe has some kind of local material and style, on the other hand, considering how remote the people live, it's normal, more.

silk fashion

Silk fashion

is usually used on special occasions such as weddings, pagoda festivals or other festivities.

The fabrics are local made and are similar to Thai silk, the pattern are very conservative and geometric they don't show lots of creativity, but this is all woven, not printed, read more.

Naga Dresses

are somehow similar to Chin, actually Naga are a sub tribe of the Chin but they use quite some different accessories, also the men.

Body decoration is not for women only just check the pictures.  Also the guys wear fashionable stuff, read more.

Chin Dress,

this are probably one of the most creative tribal wears, somehow similar is clothing from  Kachin and Naga. Most tribes have their own fashion but the fabrics Chin are producing look good and has a good quality, more.

tribal style
chin hakka native style
Chin Hakka native style

Girl with Thanakha cosmetic

Tribal fashion

At the pictures left and right women wearing Hakka Chin ethnic fashion is shown. Hakka is a group within the Chin tribe living in the north west part of the country near the border to India, this a very harsh and rough terrain, the people are in constant trouble with the government, one of the reason is, the British brought in Missionaries during colonial times to convert them to Christianity to make them a better instrument against the Buddhist majority, just as the old Romans did with Brits > divide and conquer.   

This is beautiful native tribal fashion items with natural materials, excellent fabrics and uniquely patterns of the materials. Very special fashion items are the beautiful metal creations used as bangles at the arms and leggings, all very colorful and impressive.

Unique styling, creativity and it looks good, it is amazing how many creative talents are around in the remote part of the country creating items in very particular style, this is not only in terms of the cloth, costumes etc. but also of the accessories.

Tribal wear can be enjoyed by visiting the various tribes of Burma, most of them have their very distinctive ideas and creations as you see in the photos here.

Also note the fashion decoration of the girl in the upper picture, she just put a flower over the ear and in the lower picture, the girl on the left has a bunch of plants in the hair. There is a lot of native decoration done. One of the very creative products is jewelry as you can see at the pictures here and at Myanmar jewelry

Another part of Burmese fashion is cosmetic such as thanakha, this is ground from tree branches, sold as a powder, mixed with a little water and applied on the skin, thanakha protects the skin against the sun and has some more positive sides to the skin.

Thanakha is heavy used in Myanmar Burma, here it is visible that there is also a "cosmetic life" with native products beside of the chemical bombs the big cosmetic companies are selling.

tribal style
Tribal style

tribal wear
Chin tribal wear

Fashion Show

myanmar model girls
Myanmar model girls
show girls
Myanmar fashion show in the nightlife scene at Chinatown
Myanmar fashion show
Myanmar fashion show at Yangon Chinatown
fashion show
Catwalk ladies in the nightshift
Burma fashion show
Pretty local women
Tribal & ethnic trends

From time to time there is some movement in fashion. It’s coming when you realize the people are wearing different clothes. The trigger usually is that the people see something different at the Chinese and Thai soap operas they watch every day. The Chinese are very popular to get some ideas on different hair styles and the Thai stuff brings some more modern ideas.

The latest Myanmar fashion trends always come from outside the country, regardless of the fact that the different ethic groups have hundreds of variations in their fashion and this are not only cloth, there is also some kind of ethnic fashion jewelry with great fashion jewelry with different rather cheap materials such as colored stones, some silver and mother pearls show how a broad imagination designers can have. The country has some creative designer showing newest creations at fashion shows at Yangon and elsewhere. Nobody is designing stuff which looks like coming from Vivienne Westwood, the most opulent, luxurious, stylish and expensive dresses are always visible at weddings.

Simple clothing can be seen every night in various shows at nightclubs and discos. Far-traveled material from China, India and elsewhere with exotic designs are available at the

Tribal and ethnic fashion for sale


cloth shops in the Bogyoke Market. Yangon has the charm of a colonial village but the flair of a Asian metropolis and this is visible every day expressed through fashion.






Tribal costume
Tribal local made dress

traditional design fabrics
Traditional designed fabrics

tribal fashion
Chin Fashion Myanmar
fashion jewelry
Tribal Hair styling
tribal dress
Tribal Chin fashion with silver body decoration
Tribal Tattoo
Tribal Tattoo and body art
This ladies are also from the Chin state
but not from the Hakka tribe. Part of the fashion is heavy tribal tattooing on the face.
tribal dress
Tribal fashion and tattoo
naga man with special buffalo head gear
chin hakka men head fashion

Since we shouldn't

only fix the attribute  to the women what about some men's fashion, left is a men from the Naga tribe - northwest Burma, border to India - and right are 2 guys from Chin state.





Chin Fashion Guy Chin follower of Fashion

myanmar show girl
Girls from Kachin State in snow

Myanmar Fashion

from Kachin state. A part of Kachin state are the Myanmar Himalayas with south east Asia highest peak Mt. Hkakabo Razi with 5881 m.

I haven't seen winter fashion in Davos or Kitzbuehl but I think Myanmar winter fashion is for sure more attractive.

At right an Chin beauty with hand-woven fashion clothes and a silver fashion belt plus plenty of jade chains necklaces and headgear.

This is tribal fashion which includes tribal tattoos at many remote areas, its always amazing to see what a creativity Myanmar people have considering the circumstances the live in the remote areas. It is necessary to keep in mind 

Myanmar model
Kachin fashion lady with local dress
that the country is as big as France and England combined and has about 130 ethnicities.  
Myanmar Tattoo
Naga Face Tattoo on lady

Myanmar people are very fashion conscious and creative. Even the very remote tribes have their own styles with a lot of ideas in it.

Some gurus in Milan and Paris could learn something from them, because this is back to basic, simple pure and beautiful, not this stupid decadent bla bla that they show you on the fashion shows in Europe and New York. Material for clothing is usually cotton, either imported or locally created with native pattern and designs.

Tribal Tattoo
Chin Tribal Face Tattoo
Local silk fabrics

In the big cities such as Mandalay and Yangon silk clothing is worn on special occasions.

Actually there are no sophisticated cuts, styles and patterns in Myanmar fashion.

The silk fabrics are more or less worn on the body in a sarong style, this is for men and women.

Fashion fabrics woven from silk.
  Myanmar silk fashion
Fashion at a wedding
Fashion jewelry

is often very creative this is similar for ethnic styles and usual jewelry, styles vary but not very often, ethnic styles are more bought by tourists, local people usually just wear a gold or gold plated necklace, sometimes with a pendant and various precious stones.


Ethnic Jewelry necklace
Ethnic jewelry necklace at Bogyoke-Market

fashion jewelry
Locally made fashion jewelry, bit bulky but pretty.
silver stone necklace
Silver fashion jewelry, mother of pearl and stone necklace
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