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Myanmar Jewelry with Burmese ruby, sapphire, jade & more

Myanmar or Burmese jewelry styling is rather conservative, usually it is a mixture with ruby, sapphire and semi precious stones not in a very modern or art fashion. There is only limited interaction with the outside world but usually gem quality is good. To start shopping for precious products begin at the Bogyoke Market in Yangon down town. 

There at least 50 shops selling all variants of jewelry from the simple bangle to the most exquisite carving of imperial jade and other items .

Other body decoration items

are available too. There are several bigger companies manufacturing this beautiful objects. Some of them offer free tours to their factories and try to sell their creations to the tourists this way, standard items.

This is not all, very special are local pearl products, they usually come as gold, silver and white spheres in normal and baroque form. All this precious stones are set into gold, often with a matching diamond to create a real beautiful piece. Creations are currently improving

dramatically since the country is opening up and tourists coming in droves demanding creative designs.

There is no use to just create another standard necklace or bangle like before and the same style is also available in Thailand made from local ruby gemstones, its time to get creative and move into some kind of art to get the potential buyers to select a unique product.

Also the merchants should know that their price expectations are often just strange, why should someone buy certain items here when more or less the same is available in Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore for less, since most of the tourists are not only visiting one country on their trip they very well know what it costs in other country, also the internet is a good tool to find out items and prices.

Novelty fashion jewelry
jadeite jade jewelry
Ruby Jewelry
Pearl Jewelry Necklaces
Sapphire Jewelry Brooch
semi precious stones for jewelry
Semi precious


buy Myanmar jewelry
Buying Burmese Jewelry 
Buy loose gemstones
Loose Gemstones


Burma Jewelry
Burmese Jewelry of ruby, gold, diamonds and sapphire.
Burmese ruby jewelry broche

Buying Burmese jewelry needs plenty of cash

for the high end items, take enough with you because even they allowed credit cards again now it is not widely used and do a orderly bargaining. Change money at the Bogyoke Market inside, don't change money at the airport and at the banks. 

If you like a expensive item very much, maybe a nice jade jewelry lets say they ask for $ 1000,- or more, take a local person - you can trust - with you and show him or her what you like, check the price and go.

The next day send the person there and tell to buy but only for about half the price, but don't go with them, wait outside somewhere. The reason is, a local person usually gets the things for substantial less as you, this is also the same in Thailand. The four items shown here are from stores in the Bogyoke market main walk through section.

There are many creative gold items, people often buy bracelets and bangle as a investment other who have not that much money use plated jewelry

Ruby Bracelet
Ruby jewelry butterfly

ethnic jewelry
Santa Claus Myanmar style with a precious Christmas tree.

This decorative items mean gold with red, blue and green

stones, gold and silver are mined in the country, but platinum and titanium are not. Fashion items are made from less valuable materials such as spinel.

However, this pretty decoration has been made out of almost every kind of precious material. Although gemstone styling is usually rather conservative most items are distinctive designer jewelry.

Since there are only three bigger manufacturer in the country handcrafted objects is the normality. If someone is visiting the country for what purpose ever it is a good idea to have a look at Bogyoke Market which often have real trendy and fashionable stuff on display. A very interesting item to bring home could be a piece of ethnic jewelry where they blend different materials. This is usually real designer work and every piece is 

Burmese pearls
Gold Silver White and Black Pearls

unique. Some shops carry this pretty things for astonishing low pricing. Buy it if you like it you will never get anything as similar, as good and for that price again.

In the past all gemstone items were somehow very homemade, but this is changing rapidly.

The pearls come from the “farms” of the Myeik Archipelago in the south and sometimes Salone pearl divers bring up the huge ousters from the bottom of the Andaman Sea.

Before colonial times Chinese traders were buying them from them and after the British kicked out the Chinese.

But the shabby Brits gave the divers opium and alcohol in exchange for it, the former traded them against useful items.

Myanmar pearl necklace

After some Japanese helped the locals to get them cultured it took several years until they harvested the first spheres and there have been some indications that the way Japanese are working is not very compatible with the job ideas of local government employees, since few decades ago this was a cooperation with a state company.

After a few years they broke apart and the whole culturing came to a complete stop. Now since a few years they managed to get this running again and it looks as if they are on the right track now. When having a look at this beautiful spheres here it gives a positive impression.

Just look as the pretty gold, white and silver pearls, e.g. a south sea gold pearl pictures above with around 10-12mm diameter goes for about $ 200,- and this is excellent stuff.

semi precious stones pearl and diamond jewelry
Colored semi precious stones, gold and
pearl and diamond jewelry
Pearl jewelry, ear stud and necklace
myanmar fashion jewelry

Burma jewelry are often made from ruby, sapphire and jade.

Precious stones are abundant in the country This are ideal precious stones to create beautiful jewels because they come in many colors, just look at the picture at the right, all stones are sapphires.

The usual color is blue but they come in yellow, pink, without color, a bit greenish and so on. Most of them are used as fancy gems often as a add on to some diamond jewelry in particular pink sapphire look good and are look almost identical to pink diamonds.

Myanmar is one of the major producer of them, other are Sri Lanka and Madagascar and a few minor mines. This stones belong to the corundum family just as rubies do, the only difference between them is the color, physically they are the same. This precious stones have a high value depending at the clarity, size, inclusions and cut.

Burmese Sapphire Jewelry
Burmese sapphire jewelry with different colors
Precious stones, loose gemstones and cabochons
Trendy designer items
Trendy designer jewelry, rubies, gemstones and Myanmar jade

Since there is silver and gold production in the country silver for jewelry and gold for jewellery is rather normal. Silver is also used for other items of religious nature and tableware is also widely available that's includes decorative items such as small sailing ships (about 20-30cm) and more.

For semi precious jewelry

also pearls are often used, they are available in many shops at Bogyoke market and elsewhere in Yangon the same is for

Semi Precious Jewelry
Semi Precious Jewelry

jade items and ruby jewelry. This market is the best place to go shopping for unique stuff, such as local textile, silk, handicraft, local food, precious stones, pearls, mother of pearl and dozens of other items showing an amazing creativity since the country was opened up by the beginning of the1990ties.

When on a shopping tour plenty of cash needed since all shops price there items in dollars, its similar as in Cambodia, of course you need some local money, that's called "Kyat" and by far the best to change is also at this bazaar just ask for a money changer, keep in mind that nobody takes credit cards.

As you can see at the jewelry pictures here, the diversity, beauty and sophistication of  exquisite art and crafts, of course not all of them. Trendy things are not high priced, not only Burmese ladies like to glitter, body decoration is an almost essential item to be dressed, most popular are ear-rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and rings.

precious stones pendant
Pretty pendant with semi precious stones

 Usually a red-yellow mixture of 18.0-22 carat gold mixed with a bit copper is preferred, during the melting and blending process tamarind seeds that produced a non shiny surface with a slightly yellow reddish hue.

For certain type of precious items silver is used as base material. Since almost all material to create gorgeous precious items are found in the country this kind of body decoration is very  popular. Other materials are jade, pearls, ruby, sapphire and the whole spectrum of semi precious stones. Although gold is mined in the country usually by gold-washing most gold is imported so are most diamonds, diamonds usually come over the border from India.

Jewelry Pictures
Jade Jewelry from Bogyoke Market
Lavender Jade Pendant
Genuine Jade jewelry

is something special. In particular to Chinese people who consider the mineral itself has mystic properties.

This green stone was used for various purposes such as knives, arrowheads, stamps and other.

Since the material is very hard and durable, on the other hand it’s not easy to handle it.

Today these precious items are only used for body decoration, without one exception in Chinese medicine; they still pulverize the stone, mix it with water and take to (maybe) cure various ailments.

One of the best items made from is a Jade Buddha usually in green, white or lavender color.

This is the birth stone for people born during Virgo. It has been used in China for thousands of years and became part of their culture.

Jade Rings
Green finger ring jewelry
Green Buddha Jadeite Pendant
Buddha Pendant as Talisman
laughing jade buddha

Many use pendants as a talisman to provide health and happiness, strong roots in Buddhist culture is seen since many items are with a laughing jade Buddha image carved into.

One of the interesting thing with this material is it comes in plenty of colors actually almost in the whole rainbow spectrum. Most used are green, white, lavender, some red colors, such as pink and purple plus variants of blue.

Good quality items always have some translucence, the more, the better. Fine texture and no cracks. It needs to be careful because many crooks do all kind of nasty

Jadeite jadeite bracelets

treatment to enhance the mineral. Such as filling cracks with raisin and injecting colors via heat treatment and more.

The thing is, a casual buyer won’t see this and naturally they won’t tell. The problem starts after some years when the expensive piece starts to deteriorate and it can be thrown away.


is sometimes a cheap stone and sometimes very expensive, easily matching diamonds and other precious stones, e.g. at the Bogyoke Market bangles are available for around $ 10, - and up to several thousand dollars, this is genuine material.

The Chinese, Canadian, Australian etc. version  is nephrite which has a lesser quality than jadeite which is almost only mined in Kachin state Burma, great bracelets and bangles are made from.

Jade Bangles jadeite bracelet
Precious Myanmar jewelry has many forms and materials, most are minerals.


Ethnic Jewelry

Most ethnic jewelry have pretty colors and a somehow unique aura. Various semi precious materials and colors support a valuable appearance.

Since the country has quite a long tradition in working with this minerals artisans show great creativity with new ideas.

Myanmar's and Thai’s regard the head as the most sacred part of the body that naturally needs some decoration by necklaces and ear-rings to keep the hair together, this is for both sexes.

Mural paintings in various temples at Bagan and Mrauk U in Arakan or Rakhine State show women with this kind of body decoration.

At the Shite-thaung Temple at Mrauk U several dozen wall painting show different hair styles with various decoration, such as combs and hairpins to keep the hair in place they were made from turtle shell and ivory combined with various jewelry.

For everyday wear, colored cut glass and stones matching clothing are also used. At traditional jewellery polished cabochon from ruby and jade are used.

Visiting Bogyoke market

and have a look for gorgeous gems, that's possibly the best start. The diversity of items on sale is overwhelming in terms of volume and different materials.

Some creative designer also uses other materials to be included. When visiting the country one of the best daytrips in Yangon is a visit to this oriental bazaar.

This wonderful oriental shopping place is in the old traditions of the east, its absolute genuine you wont find this in any other Asian city anymore without all the technical marketing tricks everyone get confronted almost everywhere.

Burma Jewellery
Ruby gemstone bangles & bracelet 
Bracelets at Bogyoke Market

Myanmar designer jewelry

They are very popular since everyone wants to have something unique with a distinctive artistic touch as body decoration. The ideas and fantasies are limitless and shops showing the latest fashion ideas, they also have plenty of ethnic creations with great materials and unique designs.

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