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Myanmar News


Her you can read what other Myanmar people are thinking who are whether connected to the current government nor the other parties, they only think without ideology.


A Strong Message of Protest to MR. Gambari

Dear Mr. Gambari
We are shocked to hear your biased comments against our sovereign government of Myanmar, with your vividly supporting remakes to unlawful assemblies, demonstrating violently on the roads in Yangon.


You never know how our security forces had minimize the use of forces in dispersing the rioters. You spoke sympathetic words

favoring the law breakers and violators. You should do only what you are supposed to do and nothing else. You were instructed to act as a mediator only by U.N security council and secretary general of U.N. Be impartial and act and talk according do the rules of conduct of an U.N special envoy. Do not talk like an apposition leader and you should never forget that impartiality is the major criteria for an U.N special envoy. If you are biased, nobody will ever trust you in the future trips to Yangon.

Myanmar News on the USA and the Bush's 20. Oct. 07.
Let me tell something about American Constitution to Laura Bush


A tropical storm -Cyclone Nargis-  with up to 220-km-per-hour gusts(120-mph) crashed into the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy delta area between Yangon / Rangoon and Bassein / Pathein and other places in Myanmar early Saturday May 3. , tearing off roofs, uprooting trees and knocking out the remaining electricity, actually in Yangon there is no electricity most of the time anyway.

The cyclones direction was into Bangladesh on Friday, but changed the path  into Myanmar instead.

In the Towns of Laputta und Kyaik Lat in the Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwady -Delta 70% of buildings have been destroyed until 350 peple have been killed by the cyclone

Cyclone Myanmar
Cyclone Myanmar
Cyclone Myanmar Yangon
Cyclone Myanmar Yangon
The cyclone brought down water, electricity, telephone and internet. 4 ships sunk in Yangon harbor, Yangon airport have been closed down, aircraft has to use Mandalay airport.
Cyclone Myanmar 1
Cyclone Myanmar 1
Cyclone Myanmar 2
Cyclone Myanmar 2
Cyclone "Nargis" destroyed paddy field in the delta region and in Mon State. The government is distributing basic food aid to the people, shelters have been opened.
Cyclone Myanmar 4
Cyclone Myanmar 4
Cyclone Myanmar 3
Cyclone Myanmar 3

We never know before that there is Deputy President of U.S besides vice President in America. You made a direct phone call to secretary general of U.N like a receptionist counter in a hotel or your employee.U.N Secretary General is not your personal employee. You are not granted any power of authority to instruct a N.N secretary General to do this or to do that.
U.N charter never mentioned that wife of U.S President is empowered to give instructions to an U.N secretary General.


Your American Constitution never empower the first lady of U.S to order Secretary General of U.N to do this or that. You are after all, a housewife in white house. Do not act or talk like U.S President yourself. You are nothing but a housewife only.
You have no rights or legal authority to act and talk like an elected President of U.S. If you want to act like a President, amend your U.S Constitution and add up wife of U.S President as additional President of U.S of America.
We had a deep shock to hear what you have done to U.N secretary general with regard to Myanmar. Beware of one thing. Our country is Myanmar, not Burma anymore as you said frequently.

A Prominent Myanmar Legal Specialist on Constitution

To Mr Gambari

You had insulted Myanmar Legal Experts, lawyers and law professors by saying that your U.N will assist us in drafting a Constitution for our motherland. I firmly believe that our legal knowledge and professional skills are much higher and better qualified than you and your colleagues. Our legal knowledge is up to the international standard, we know each and every details of Constitutional laws existing in this world.
We are highly qualified and capable of drafting constitutional law of any country in the world. Forget about your legal advice in drafting our constitutional law and keep quite. It is none of your business. You are not assign by U.N General Assembly or U.N Security Council to render advice

us on how to draft our Constitutional law as you don't have any clear picture and knowledge about our country. We know how to steer the course and chart our way for our own country. You go around the world, met world leaders and talked nonsense rumours and gossips of our country and discrediting own national dignity. Your slanderous accusations put our country into a difficult position which is really undesirable. Instead of cooperating with us, you are opposing us.
We regret to see that you become almost a messenger of U.S President rather than discharging your delegated assignment in the capacity of an U.N special envoy and fact finding diplomat in Myanmar affairs. But you deviate from your main functions and acted and talked like a white house staff.
We Myanmar people are very intelligent and cannot be fooled and bear thus issue in your mind, heart and soul.


On USA  from 24. Oct. 07


"Endearowing the Survivality and Security" by a Prominent Legal Specialist

Present Myanmar Government is just endeavoring the Survivality and Security of our nation and nothing else. Every government in the world is pursuing this policy whether rich or poor, small or big.

Myanmar government has the prime duty to preserve our national sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation. But we don't dispatch our troops to other countries to defend our own national security and territorial integrity.
U.S is stationing almost 878 declared military outposts and bases all over the entire globe to protect the national interest and national security of U.S. We never comment anything about this extraterritorial military pro-action. We never bother about it even. But when we use very little force to restore law and order within our territorial boundary, U.S and her allies including U.N organization are yelling at the top of the voices as if there is going to be a world's doomsday. What a shame Mr. Bush. We are shame on you. I wonder why you got this opportunity to lead such a powerful country in the world with your mentality.
If there is an uprising or upheaval in U.S you are also going to use force. Because we know very well how triggerhappy. Americans use to be. Even in Iraq, you are killing Arabs like insects or mice. Shame on your Bush.
You need to ponder yourself and your polices before trying to change or alter the national policies of other countries which are defending their national security and suvivality of their nation not to get disintegrated into pieces like during the American civil war. We don't like to use force but if there is a necessity, we ought to resort to force.

"No Need of Four Country Talk" by a Prominent Legal Specialist

Mr Gambari,
Talking rubbish is not a wise policy. But you are repeatedly talking a lot of unrealistic rubbish most of the time, such as the holding of 'Four Country Talk'. Remember one think clearly in your mind Mr. Gambari we are not Korea. Our country is not a divided country and our country is well united and strongly consolidated country.
Our political system and way of political thought is entirely different from Koreans or any other countries in the world. We have our unique way of political philosophy and line of thinking.
One thing is for sure, we never follow American (Uncle Sam's) dictators and commands. We know how to solve our own problems. Your way of interfering in our national political affairs is nothing but mere infriengement of U.N charter and Public International law. U.N charter prohibits the U.N not to interfere in the purely domestic affairs of any U.N member country. Myanmar is a Sovereign country with our unique legal system. We are not obliged to listen to the commands of U.S or any other super power. Every sovereign nation is equal before Public International Law.
Myanmar people are getting sick and tired of troubles created by CIA mercenaries who led the recent demonstrations in Yangon, Pakakku and Mandalay. They earn their livings by receiving salaries, funds and pocket money provided by CIA and her affiliated so called NGOs which are CIA agencies.
Our leaders know how to tranquil the nation in conformity with valid and existing laws and regulations. Actions were taken in accordance with the prescriptions of law. We strictly adhere to our own Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code.
Don't blame us blindly like a brainless person with out actually understanding our national political problems. We never care those paid political demonstraters who are indoctrinated with CIA and external political influences imbued with hegemonism.
Myanmar never interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries, particularly the neighboring countries. But other countries never reciprocate our good faith, good intension and good neighbourliness.
Don't harass our national stabilities and economic harmonizations, We are not igniting any nuclear bombs or producing weapons of mass destructions.
We know how to tackle our own problems and seek the solutions which suits own nation legally and logically. We solve our problems with rationality. Don't complicate our problems by getting others countries to get mixed up with our domestic affairs. This will neither ease the tension or solve the problem. But it will make the problems intricate, complex and more perplexing. Finally the problem will never he solved and remain stagnated and perpetuated.
If you could not solve the problem, keep quiet and stay aside. But don't disturb our nation by talking sheer nonsense. Currently, Myanmar had been restored to normal in terms of commerce, social functions, office functions, routine matters and daily activities. So don't worry, everthing is brought back to normalcy.
Myanmar is peaceful as usual.


Comments are from timeframe 20-24 October 2007 and made from private Myanmar persons who care about their country and are on the same level of education as any similar person in the UK, US or elsewhere. There is ABSOLUTE no Myanmar government influence.

Serious Myanmar News are not very easy to obtain.

Now we try to change this a little. We concentrate more on the news related to Myanmar in general and put less value on the news a la daily newspaper screams.

The Myanmar news on Naypyidaw the new capital of Myanmar is here: 

The Road to Naypyidaw:
Making Sense of the Myanmar Government's
Decision to Move its Capital. A in depth analysis and explanation of the background to move the capital from Yangon to Naypyidaw more in the center of Myanmar. Actually moving the capital is nothing new in Myanmar this has happen many times in the past and the reasons are explained in our Myanmar News on this subject, its here.

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