Naga Tribes of Burma

The four main tribes and the 49 clans

have their settlements south of the sources of the Chindwin River until up to the Indian boarder and deep into India. Naga are proud people, men wear headgears decorated with tusks of tiger, wild bears, bear fur, birds feather and human hairs. The women wear only very light dresses and tattoo their foreheads and chins.

The Naga New Year Festival

is well known as a coming together of many tribes, clans and interested observers. Their celebration dances are somehow in Kung Fu style. The Myanmar’s are very close to the Indian, actually the border area in the far north west is more or less only a border the British have drawn at colonial times.

Naga Warrior take breakfast in the misty morning

Myanmar Naga warrior

Burma Naga Warrior with magnificent Head Gear

Burma Naga warrior with magnificent head gear

Naga Men with tusks of tiger head gear

Naga Man with Buffalo Head Gear

Men with tusks of tiger head gear

Its a source of continuous conflicts since the locals don’t respect this border in the middle of their land just drawn by some ignorant British.

Unfortunately they are caught in a conflict and are the one who pay for it, since no one give any attention to their needs. The latest hit was the granting of forest destroying to some Chinese companies, which are cutting and destroying one of the last complex Asian rain forest, there is almost nothing left, all forest’s gone for quick money by hit and run.

The ones who actually are doing the destruction are greedy businessman who bribe the local authorities for a quick hit and run.

That this a habitat for the nature since thousands of years they don’t care they only want to satisfy their greed, add another Mercedes and another house and maybe some more jewelry.

Is it worth to completely destroy huge parts of a country just because of a useless materialist thinking of never getting enough, I wonder where they are putting their money when they go to the graveyard, its a real shame for the human race.

There are really enough human made ecological disaster.

A example of the greed, the other day I was in Myeik – Mergui and watched a trawler unloading lobsters. On the other side of the pier a Chinese guy was already waiting for the load, the locals always sell this seafood immediately to Thai and Singapore Chinese people. This ship had several thousand lobsters in the hull. I asked the captain to sell me ONE lobster. When the Chinese guy saw this he started to scream at the captain…all this belongs to him ! I finally got my lobster for 1 dollar anyway but it shows how people are thinking.