Myanmar girl

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Myanmar girl & Burmese Girls

in general, have no easy life unless they are from a rich family. Burma girls are in the best tradition of other Asian. The style of  it is a bit different and most of the time they are wrapped up from neck to bottom, seldom much skin is seen. They wear a universal piece of cloth, the longyi, a special garments worn by both men and women, most have a slim body.

Yes, there are also some fat "sugar dumplings" around but what can we do, its somehow normal time is changing. Until a few years ago the authorities didn't even issue passports to women, most are not difficult and rather easy going.

The influence of different ethnicities

coming to the country over the centuries, particular during colonial times, such as from India,  the Middle East, Europe and Chinese is the source of pretty and exotic blends. Some have a strong Indian appearance and Chinese background is mainstream, this again is blended with the 130 ethnic groups.

Women face lots of problems due to the economic problem in the country and the education at all levels could be better either.

In rural areas the kids at around 10 years

are already doing some real work within the family and cottage industry e.g. they help to produce cheroots (local cigarettes) which are mainly handmade and other items, actually its not in such a big industrial scale as in neighboring India and Bangladesh and this wont stop at the cheroots just see the the pics from the roadwork's here and in the countryside in the paddy fields etc. kids are very often in real bad shape.

Luckily they have the monasteries for the boys and similar for the girls, actually there is continuous screaming about democracy and such things but the same who continuously shout against everyone and everything never move a finger to help the kids. This bla-bla is ridiculous why don't go this talkers and help the people in real terms, it's obvious, to emit hot air everyone can do without qualification, knowledge or whatever, but to do some real thing it needs some ability to think and work who has that?

working girls on the roadside

Working Girls, it is a sad experience to see kids working at the roadside carrying heavy things like stones which they had beforehand broken into large wide plates on the head and throw them down where they are needed. Another branch where the kids are heavy used is in the agriculture sector especially planting and harvesting rice.

Even when they are chattering and laughing it is possible to see the negative physical impact, we do not know the impact on the mind, read more.

working girls in the paddyfields
burmese girls

Burmese girls have plenty of problems and it is a real challenge to survive in a good way. Since jobs are relatively lousy paid and rare there are not many alternatives to earn money.

Two of the higher income possibilities are either to work in the nightlife business, do some dancing in Yangon and Mandalay or at the Chinese and Thai border, there are quite a lot of possibilities.

The other is to visit a recruitment office where they have jobs in hotels, mainly in middle east, available. Some of the big international hotels in the city run this job centers, read more.

little dancer
yangon girls

Yangon Girls have no much hope for a career, there are only a few options, get a job in a office, store, shop, manufacturing or maybe in the night shift since there are quite a lot of entertainment venues in the city. Most of this via the so called "fashion show" business where groups of more or less pretty ladies are carried from place to the other do something like a fashion show and try to get some money when the guys buy them flower garlands.

This has nothing to do with prostitution, that's entertainment, read more.

yangon girls
Burmese Girl Yangon Girl At Bago  
bagan beauty

Bagan Girls is a very interesting place because it is the major tourist spot in the country and people come from all corners of the. Have a look around but there is no nightlife as it is in Yangon or Mandalay everything is quiet and culture oriented.

Most of the female youngsters are employed in the lacquer "cottage" industry where they sit around the whole day and create beautiful decorative items and furniture, read more.

bagan girls
beach beauty at Ngapali

Beach Girls, although there are incredible beaches there is not much to do, maybe you take a your friend or a companion from Rangoon with you for not becoming bored.

This is for all beach areas at the west coast and in the south. When compared to places in Thailand it's a big difference. Myanmar is a bit old style but that is maybe not so bad, read more.

beach girls
Chin Girls

Chin Girls wear very interesting and creative fashion where everything is made locally.

The fabrics by hand operated looms the clothing which is made from that material and plenty of native ethnic jewelery mainly made from silver. This is probably the richest part in the country in terms of "everything local made" read more.

Chin Girl
Kachin Girls

Kachin Girls also have their very own styled costumes because of rough climate in the mountains which is just like in the Alps in the winter and that means it can get very cold. They have very creative clothing, looking at this it always needs to consider in what a remote corner of the country are they living. They are real mountain people with a somehow difficult behavior. It sometimes looks as if they are on the "war path" with everyone, before it was with the British and since then with any local government.

Kachin Girls

ferry girls

Girls Photos show the real thing, no need to explain a lot they tell more. It is a real exotic environment with vibrant colors and a rather old oriental style.

The country is not yet overrun by Western, Japanese and Chinese styling as contemporary Thailand is where they really copy everything possible in particular in he fashion business. As is can be seen in the pictures here in Burma they still have their own values.

Girls and opium poppy photo
Salone or Sea Gypsies

Salone Girls are living in the Myeik or Mergui Archipelago of south Myanmar and the kids and women there have a somehow different appearance as the rest of the country since they are not of Chinese origin.

They are negritos of the south sea east of Indonesia who came here about 1500 years ago, exact data are not available. Living on houseboats and mainly from fishing, hunting and pearl diving.

Salone or Sea Gypsies
Myanmar girl Burmese girls

Children and women are the most vulnerable group in the poor population group of the country. s of the world is the women and the child. Itís a bit different as in India and China where girls get less attention than the boys, in terms of education and knowledge building within a family both are rather equal.

Myanmar people

are suffering during their daily struggle to maneuver through the hardship of poverty, it takes a lot of effort. Imagine that a skilled worker, a average software programmer gets around $ 200,- per month this is not much at all considering the costs of daily life which is relatively high.  

Yangon girls
Myanmar girls
are nice women an quite cooperative.
pretty lady Yangon women photo

Most food eaten are vegetable and some chicken from time to time and thatís the main reason why almost all people in the country are rather small, to grow orderly it needs pork, beef and potatoes. The daily challenges to 

cute girls

overcome poverty in particular at rural areas are difficult to overcome. At Yangon, Mandalay and elsewhere in the country plenty of cuties are around usually dressed up with some fashion style in mind but most common is still the longyi, hairstyle is usually long and straight.

Many have very long hairs sometimes reaching down two third of the body size. Make up is not used very much beside of the usual thanakha paste which functions as face decoration and rather secondary as a skin protection against the sun. The decorative purpose is clearly visible at the pictures on this page.  More girls photos

The use of thanakha is also visible in southern Thailand but there usually Burmese ladies working in Thailand are the users.

Many girls are experimenting different fashion styles and some jewelry different fashion styles and some jewelry, but usual Is only a small gold necklace which is often only plated with gold. In general there is no much difference to other Asian girls probably the most similarities are with Cambodian women and Thai ladies, not only by appearance but also by behavior, Yangon ladies are probably the first you will see after touch down in the "Golden Land" at Yangon airport. It was not only Kipling who sensed some special oriental feeling when he wrote about.


A Myanmar girl working under various conditions

collecting flower near bago
Countryside near Bago harvesting flowers
working paddy fields
Planting paddy near Dawai
carry water at inle
At Inle Lake carrying water home
roadworks at bago
Roadwork at Bago, this is real hard work and
shouldn't be left to more or less kids

pilgrim at kyeiktyio
At Kyeiktiyo, carrying the kids to the golden rock pagoda

oxcart at shan state
At Shan State moving with the bullock cart

women working at myeik
Near Myeik working in the paddy fields


asking for doantion at mawlamyine
Near Mawlamyine asking for donations to renovate a pagoda.
pilgrim at kyeiktyio
At Kyeiktiyo getting the things up to the shop at the pagoda
visiting temple at Mrauk U
Pilgrim at Mrauk U temple praying to ancient Buddha's
working near yangon
Working Paddy Fields near Bago
that's about 120km east of Yangon

All girls have big dreams but most of time they are blocked by the social and environmental situations in the country. The rural kids are already working girls who struggle with the family through a hard time which is not so much dominated by traditional means but by sheer poverty.

at Golden Triangle Poppy Fields
Myanmar girl in the golden triangle

kachin young lady
Kachin in full fashion gear

pilgrim at kyeiktyio
A Pilgrim Tour to Kyeiktyio take some effort

at Irrawaddy River
Selling to ferry passenger in the Irrawaddy Delta


Myanmar girl at Kandawgyi Lake
Yangon at Kandawgyi Lake

Yangon Girl

Burmese Girl at Kandawgyi Lake

Shwedagon Kandawgyi Lake
Sunday afternoon at Kandawgyi lake
myanmar girl sunday afternoon at kandawgyi lake
Burmese girls having fun
and friend at the lakeside
Bagan Girl
Bagan Girl in the pagoda fields
Myanmar girl in latest fashion
Myamar Child

At Bagan they come from different places
in central Myanmar to find a job in the tourism business. That's one of the very few possibility to earn some money, another possibility is to get a job in the lacquer ware "cottage" industry which is very active at Bagan.

Plenty of lacquer workshops are around and in the backyard usually around 10 to 20 Bagan girls are creating Myanmar lacquer ware.

Other are working in the souvenir shops at the monuments such Ananda Temple and Shwezigon Pagoda.

After finishing school the best job for them are in the tourism industry where they work in hotels and restaurants

Most people in the country have a rather difficult life and many enter a monastery (boys and girls as novices) to live there, the monastery supply shelter, a place to sleep and school.

Monasteries also function

as orphanage if no one cares about the kids anymore. Unfortunately there are much to many kids calling the monastery their home, this are not the ones who are at a temporary visit to a monastery.

The boys take the monk dresses and often during the day they try to get some income outside the monastery. The monastery supplies shelter, food and education in their own school which is a Buddhist school where teaching is centered on Buddhism

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Bagan Girl Painting
Myanmar girl dressed as nuns
Two kids dresses as novices
Bagan Girls

Selling some lacquer ware






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