Myanmar Model Girls

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Myanmar Model Girls & Burmese Model Girls

Models and pretty ladies are working in the nightlife business, they do a good job as fashion models in nightclub and bars. Its more entertainment than a real fashion show but up to this level its allowed. Since women have no easy life at all this is one of the job to get some quick cash into the pocket when the guys spend some flower garlands since they find the ladies attractive. Because of the mixtures from the different ethnic croups over the

centuries and in particular during English colonial times there are a lot of very good looking ladies in the country. They often have Indian roots and other who have clearly a European background, they are a legacy of several hundred years of colonial influence.

The more than 130 different ethnic groups

bring a lot of different variations of women who work, among others, in fashion show groups, that is local entertainment and it's a nice one.

The complexion of them is all the way from the darkest - usually - with Indian roots to the very white ones of the city ladies and the ones from the regions of the north.

In between are the different shades from many tribal areas, all contribute to the "melange", what about some nice bar girls?

Naturally pretty women are like flowers who attract plenty of guys from all over Asia and some western to have a look, they are just like butterflies looking for sweet attraction. But the majority are definitely locals who just want to have a nice evening, maybe the whole night. It needs to say this is for about 90% a domestic business the few foreigners count not much in relation, it' not like in Thailand.

The few visitors to the country come from everywhere, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, just name it and they like some entertainment in the evening. Women working at fashion shows in Yangon City are usually real attractive, have a look at the model photos and pics below and the elsewhere in our website. They usually are quite shy and not extrovert and another positive issue is they don't look like a coat hanger.

Even on the catwalk in the club you wont see size zero ladies, its always shocking when watching fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York etc. when this mannequins look like skeletons with a thin skin. The fact is that this big brand fashion companies only book this unnatural looking ladies. I guess the

pretty ladies
Many Myanmar model girls work in the nightlife business to earn some money, there are not many jobs available since nothing much is going on in the country, this might change now after the democratic door opened. 

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Model Girls
A pretty one is often open minded

problem is that almost all people in the fashion, media and movie business are lady boys, they have a strange mind.

Its the same in Thailand where practically all serious nightlife are run by ladyboys, they are very easy recognized.

A modeling girl

is often not of the stick-thin type, that includes well known actresses and celebrities. Even as Asian females mostly look sometimes a little bit fragile and skinny, they are not underweight. There's been a lot of talk about banning size zero ladies in western 

Gorgeous with an exotic touch.
There is nice music and a pleasant atmosphere at the rooftop garden of the Ambassador building.
burmese girls
Modeling girl at a fashion show in a Yangon restaurant.


Most are young ladies around with real attractive bodies and a important thing is with ladies you can find in the bars and clubs in Yangon's nightlife you can play some games on your interracial dating trip. The question is now, where do you find the ladies and get thing going.

The answer is, have a look in the nightclubs, bars and discos there you will find dozens of pretty ladies at as here at the Zero Zone Restaurant at Yangon Chinatown and other places, they are real "eye candy".

Burmese Model Girls
At Yangon's Chinatown, that is evening entertainment in the country.

yangon ladies
Shooting at Ngapali Beach with a pretty native beach women.
salone or sea gypsies
Burmese Girls, Salone or sea gypsies from the south of the country.

Some Myanmar model girls

are real pretty, have a look around in a great country with plenty of varieties by any means.

Established models means the real models have quite a good social position since there is not much going on in the country in terms of glamorous life and actresses are the only females exposed to the public.

A step further are the other who work in the nightlife business, they aren't known to the public but usually very pretty oriental ladies. There are gorgeous women dreaming of catwalk success or at least in a beauty contest. You will find many women with a real great look at a show. One of the first things you should keep in mind when you travel is, leave your girl friend behind, there are so many beautiful ladies around.


Bagan Girls


Burma what to see

yangon modeling

Myanmar what to see

at Power light Yangon

Burmese model girls at Power light Yangon
Power light Club Yangon

The show girls move down the catwalk with a twist, turn the body and hope someone will find this attractive and invest in some flower garlands its just a few dollars, do something good for them and for yourself and everyone will be happy. To get her to the table for a little chat, how that works you can see in the videos.

Actually there is no particular capital or center in Asia they all do it in their own way, sometimes more soft sometimes more rough, (China / Singapore) a interesting version is Malaysia.

To start as a fashion models is no easy task, but with the right size, appearance and mental strength it's possible to cut your path through everyday life. Yangon model girls move from one fashion show to another one with a small truck or pick up.

Yangon Bar Girls

Chin Fashion
Chin ethnic fashion on a local lady, plenty of silver jewelry, must be quite heavy.
Naga Fashion
Naga fashion, this are Burmese girls from the north west of the country.



Burmese ladies pictures are usually stunning and attractive somehow sophisticated, fun loving and knowing how to use the body to please. They have black hair and dark eyes, actually there are some punks who have green hairs, but that’s not a problem or? There are sensuous woman around who are really customer driven, so? Get your flight, otherwise you miss out something.

There is something waiting for the lonely traveler in the nightlife scene, absolute highlights in a country which is unfortunately in very bad overall conditions, browsing the Yangon nightlife scene has plenty of interesting facetted even as most of the entertainment places are in a very basic condition.

Little money, a lot of stress and a few minutes on the catwalk luck. Rushing from run to run to get some flower garlands while on the stage, that’s the basic life in the nightlife business, glamour is rarely. Before each show starts dresses are checked and the hope for a bid spender is high, since they closed down the major nightlife sot, which was the Asia Plaza Nightclub.

A newer place in the same direction is Power Light in Yangon (see above), but that's not a nightclub, that's a restaurant with a stage.

They are somehow semi professional and all over 20 they will never reach "Vogue" but it brings some quick cash every evening when rushing through the nightlife scene, from one bar to a restaurant and so on, doing their run for about 20 minutes and move on. Sometimes a closer encounter with one of the guys is fixed for some later extensions. Attention brings money, adjusting the dress, blouse, re-checking the nails, restructure the hairs, freshen up mace up, everyone wants to look good.

modeling girl
Myanmar girls at a fashion show in Yangon's Chinatown.
catwalk ladies
Burmese Girls in "home made clothing" at a fashion show.
myanmar models
Fashion show in Yangon's Zero Zone Rock Restaurant at Theingizay in Chinatown
Yangon Nightlife
Yangon Nightlife Ladies are around in restaurants, nightclubs, bars and other places.

Myanmar model girl

rush down to the pickup after the show where the driver is already waiting to rush to the next run, there are around 7 stage runs per night, sometimes more sometimes less and in between some quick food is taken.

If one of the ladies is particular pretty she might get a chance for a casting session but the competition is tough since there is not much business of this type anyway. Any party to move after? There a lots of places with private parties, some appointments of that kind per week are common. What happens tomorrow nobody really knows.

The lady boss has them driven home and tells the plan for the next day. The uncertainty is somehow part of the program since no lady know if anyone is

Nightclub Models Pretty Models Yangon nightlife girls Yangon Power Light Entertainment  


Pretty Burmese Girls

Pretty Yangon Girls

spending flower garlands and maybe pass some cash. For them working at Zero Zone and Power Light, it’s a stressful evening and not necessarily lucrative.

There is some more money in campaigns and catalogs. In this Asia wonderland filled with plenty of marvelous places, and stunning scenery they are icing the cake. This is somehow a new dimension for people from Europe, US etc. and it’s for sure nothing new for British and Portuguese, Chinese and Indian traders and travelers all left their marks and one of the people who told it to world was Kipling.

It let you experience a great feeling which is not so often anymore this days. The ladies 

Myanmar Girls

around here are of rather moderate type, more quiet but nice. The heat is not only because of the tropical environment its because of tension you can feel when getting closer to this oriental beauties.

Its time to give it a try and choose a new vacation destination, for this Burma is ideal. Go on a exploration tour for modeling girls and have a good time, some of the best nightclubs, discos, bars, restaurants for that purpose are at Chinatown at "Theingizay".

The women are quite young and open minded, usually no problem with them. It only needs

some cash because how to go shopping without cash? Another positive feature is they are not so "westernized" yet, actually they are  more on the Thai and China side.

Their values and culture roots are still very local and this is for sure an positive asset, but the point is everyone want going shopping, imagine all this pretty shoes, handbags, dresses, stylish hair, cosmetics and so on, that's one of the reason for working in the evening.

A new TV and other entertainment gear wont hurt either, there are plenty of temptations for pretty ladies to do some freelancing without problems. This women somehow still think different (in a positive meaning) they are not as straight forward as elsewhere doing the job two flight hour to the south. Here are a couple more fashion girls from a local club.

fashion girls
More models

show lady

Cute Girl

Asian Model



pretty women beauiful girl Modeling Girl Modeling Girl  






top model girls

top model

top model girls

modeling for girls

  Yangon Nightlife
Yangon Nightlife

They do look pretty and sexy

by the way who like this skinny catwalk models anyway. There are all kind of variants, like Chinese, Indian and rather European looking since the country had a long colonial period. Maybe sooner or later you also love one of this attractive sexy bodies, who know, only the sky is the limit and the key is dating in real time in the nightclub, don't be shy.

For dating on location you can find them in nightclubs and discos, among other places, where they have fashion shows for entertainment. This is somehow a substitution for the stage shows, they are only a bit shy to show some skin. In general when you like more real hot stuff it might be better to have a look at Bangkok nightlife

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